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Where to stay in cape verde

What are the best places to stay in Cape Verde?

The archipelago of Cape Verde, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Senegal, is an emerging tourist destination.You will be forgiven for thinking that you are somewhere in the Caribbean, but keep in mind that each island has a unique atmosphere and lifestyle.

In addition to the good climate in Cape Verde, the diversity of the islands is what many travelers like best.From the green mountains of São Vicente to the white sandy beaches of Santa Maria , Cape Verde offers a rich history and spectacular sunsets that are half the price of what you will find in European destinations.

Tarrafal promises to entertain those who enjoy water sports, in Praia you will be entertained from dusk to dawn, while Sal Rei is an excellent option for a quieter stay in Cape Verde.

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The best destinations to stay in Cape Verde

Tarrafal (Santiago Island)

Tarrafal is located north of Santiago Island in Cape Verde.The small village is mainly known as a fishing port, however Tarrafal is much more than that. The popular palm lined beach is small and intimate with white sand and the fantastic cool breeze from the Atlantic relieves the heat during the summer. Tarrafal beach is the perfect place for water sports: snorkelling and boat hire is available from a beachfront restaurant known as Pizzeria Alto Mira.

The most surprisingly modern place to stay in Tarrafal is undoubtedly Vista Mar, which has a privileged location in the sense that you go directly to the beach from your room.

In addition to full day island tours and various walking tours (with a trusted local), try the most popular fusion cuisine restaurant in Tarrafal.Maracuja prides itself on its commitment to delicious seafood and grilled fish dishes served with a delicious French touch.On weekends there is usually live music creating a lively atmosphere as the sun sets over the bay.

Hotels in Tarrafal

Praia (Santiago Island)

The capital of Santiago is a small and lively city that seems to never sleep.The city centre is known as Plateau and, as the translation of its name suggests, is built on a plateau that has some of the most magnificent houses and buildings from the colonial era. This old neighbourhood will keep you happily busy for a whole day, as there are simply too many moments to capture, ideal for a photo for Instagram.

Praia offers visitors the exact mix of guest houses, apartments and luxury hotels, making the town very popular with a wide range of tourists with different budgets.

Places of interest in this vibrant city include the small Sala-Museu Amilcar Cabral, the famous Sucupira Market and the lighthouse named after a Portuguese queen, Faro de Dona Maria Pia (which offers the most impressive views of the coast).

Hotels in Praia

Santa Maria (Island of Sal)

Situated at the southern end of the Island of Sal, is Santa Maria with one of the most sublime beaches of white sand and blue water, Santa Maria is a place renowned for world class windsurfing and a wide range of fun beach activities.This small town is all about beach life and there’s not much to see or do beyond the coast.

Santa Maria is the place to relax and get a tan.A wealth of restaurants and outdoor bars spread out on the sidewalks parallel to the beach making this small town one of the best in terms of convenience.

Newlywed couples will find that Santa Maria is simply the perfect choice for their honeymoon.However, Santa Maria is not just for newlyweds, it is a perfect choice for a quiet stay in one of the best locations in Cape Verde.

Hotels in Santa Maria

Mindelo (Island of São Vicente)

The beautiful port city of Mindelo is located in São Vicente, an island known for its music and vibrant nightlife.Lively celebrations of Brazilian influence often take place in the streets lined with colourful colonial houses built on the border of the port of Porto Grande. This captivating Mediterranean city promises an unforgettable stay and experiences to remember long after you’ve gone.

Accommodation options in Mindelo range from old colonial hotels to slightly more modern options.the Prassa 3 Boutique Hotel has the most consistent rating in the area and is possibly the most popular to stay in Mindelo, but it is the Pousada Montecara that gets the highest ratings in popularity and environment.If you are looking for something closer to the beach, be sure to check out Solar Windelo.

On excursions to the Monte Verde mountain you can take a hike which offers the best panoramic views of the bay.For a day at the beach, opt for Baía das Gatas, Calhau and Salamansa, the beaches of Mindelo can be very windy, but this makes it perfect for windsurfing and kite surfing lessons operated from the Kite Surf Cabo Verde beach hut.

Hotels in Mindelo

Sal Rei (Boa Vista Island)

On the northwest coast of Boa Vista Island is Sal Rei, the main urban settlement in the area and a place that seems to be expanding with the appearance of more hotels and resorts.As the interior of Boa Vista is desert-like, you can expect to be driven through the peach-coloured dunes in all-terrain vehicles. A short drive south from the town centre leads to Praia de Estoril, a small beach with blue water and white sand.The bars along the coast serve the best seafood and drinks, so take a sunbed and lie in the sun.

Before going down to the beach, be sure to visit the scary village of Curral Velho, which was abandoned due to a severe drought and walking along the sandy ruins is a contrast to the pristine coast.Don’t forget to visit Morro Negro, a lighthouse located at the top of the most eastern point of Cape Verde.

The guest houses, bed and breakfast establishments and 3 star hotels make up the majority of the accommodation in Sal Rei.There are some 4 star options available and around 6 luxury hotels for those looking for a higher level of stay.

Hotels in Sal Rei

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