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Where to stay in cairo

Where is the best place to stay in Cairo?

For an unforgettable holiday or a pleasant business trip, you can stay on Gezira Island, the best area of the Egyptian capital.

Gezira Island (Gezyra Island), located in the Nile River and very close to the city centre, is the best accommodation option , both in the southern area of the island known as Gezira quarter, and the northern area known as Zamalek, a prosperous residential area of Cairo.It is an island that offers security to visitors and a wide variety of options: museums, restaurants, sports centers, parks, a majestic architecture such as the Tower of Cairo and a wide range of accommodation offers with rooms that offer impressive views of the Nile River.

Learn about the tourist attractions and the many cultural and leisure activities offered by Gezira Island, the privileged area of Cairo.

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Gezira Island, the best area to stay in Cairo

Gezira Island

Some people call the city Cairo, the city of chaos because of the traffic and the large amount of people that circulate around the city daily, especially in the central area.To escape the noise and the hectic life, we recommend travelers to stay on Gezira Island, located west of Cairo’s center and Tahrir Square, connected by the Nile River through the Qasr al-Nil Bridge and the October 6 Bridge.Its name in Arabic means peninsula and there, live the wealthiest families of Cairo, being the most expensive place to a curious fact, the island was called Garden of Plants (Jardin des Plantes) by the many exotic plants.

The Gezira

The southern part of the island, is known as Gezira and there tourists can admire the imposing Cairo Tower, the tallest building in Egypt, with 187 meters.Considered the second most famous monument in Egypt, after the pyramids of Giza, it is a television tower, located at the foot of the Nile River, designed by the Egyptian architect Naoum Chebib inspired by the lotus flower and was built in the mid-fifties, with the same material used in ancient Egypt, granite.

In Gezira, you can also enjoy the performing arts at its best by visiting the Cairo Opera House, which is part of the National Cultural Centre in Cairo and is the home of many of Egypt’s musical groups.A few meters away, you can also enjoy the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art also known as the Gezira Center for Modern Art, which is also part of the National Cultural Center, along with the Cairo Opera House.More than 1,000 paintings and sculptures of 20th-century Egyptian art are on display, as well as works by Ibrahim Mohammed Khalil, the pioneer of modern Arabic calligraphy in Egypt.

The Mokhtar Altitch Stadium is a must-see, with a capacity of 8,000 people, where football games are played and, over time, has been used for training by the Al-Ahly sports club.It was named after the famous Egyptian football player Mahmoud Mokhtar, nicknamed El-Tetsh.Originally a British military club, it has undergone major changes and is now one of Egypt’s all-purpose attractions, occupying almost half of the island, where sports such as golf, tennis, squash, croquet, horse riding and cricket are practised.


To the north of Gezira Island, you can find the most exclusive residential mud in Cairo and one of the richest.It is recommended to walk around the area to enjoy the atmosphere, its green areas and its architecture, it is also the ideal way to move, because parking lots are scarce. The landscape is full of palaces.Many of them have been converted into schools, hotels or embassies, by the way, in this area a good part of the consulates are conglomerated. As an interesting fact, the palace of Prince Said Toussoun, is now a branch of the Council of Ministers, and the palace of Prince Amr Ibrahim, is now the Museum of Islamic Ceramics, a highly recommended place to visit.

For those who like to enjoy local culture, the Sawy Culturewheel is an excellent choice as a private cultural centre, receiving more than 20,000 visitors per month and hosting concerts, plays, exhibitions, workshops, fairs and a wide range of artistic and cultural activities.It is a space for the presentation of Egyptian groups and artists and for reading, as it has several libraries. It was inaugurated in 2003, and was built just under the May 15th bridge, which at that time was a refuge for homeless people.

In Zamalek you can find many cafes, bars and restaurants. The nightlife is one of its main attractions, with clubs and shops with outdoor terraces. It is also perfect for shopping, with a wide range of brands, art, boutiques and antiques.For all tastes and pockets.



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