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Where to stay in mauritius island

What are the best places to stay in Mauritius

Mauritius is certainly an island of unbridled beauty unfolding before your eyes.This small island, rising from the waters of the Indian Ocean, is the place to develop itineraries full of memorable excursions, and is the perfect choice for honeymooners, families, and those traveling alone.

Every coast in this tropical park has something to offer its visitors. Costa Norte is full of beautiful beaches and has a better nightlife for young visitors to enjoy.Families prefer the quiet nature of the Costa Oeste , and also newlyweds appreciate the magnificent coasts and spectacular sunsets of this area.

In the Costa Este , the reputation of luxury of the island can be appreciated at the moment that you can see the beautiful properties situated by the sea.Let’s not forget the slightly rugged beauty of the South Coast and the many adventures it offers. The Central Plateau, also known as Central Mauritius, is a great place to start your journey and insert yourself directly into the authentic life of Mauritius.

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The best destinations to stay in Mauritius

The North Coast

The North Coast of Mauritius was the one that opened the way for tourism and from the beginning it was a real winner for having the best beaches on the island with its soft and white sand.Initially, the northern part was the closest visitors had to a tourist town, today it is full of bars, restaurants and shops.

Grand Baie is the hot spot and your stay will not be complete without experiencing the best nightlife, restaurants on the island and its world class dive sites.Despite continued expansion and development, there’s a tranquility and comfort that you feel as soon as your toes touch the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Once you’ve enjoyed your fair share of water activities, you’ll find plenty more to do and see.the North Shore is home to botanical gardens, historic ruins, beachfront bazaars, sugar cane fields and sure to visit the Port Louis Bazaar, where local vendors and artisans gather to sell their wares.

North Coast Hotels

West Coast

Most visitors will agree that the West Coast is probably the most popular place to stay on the island: unsurpassed beaches ranging from the fine white sands of Trou aux Biches at the northern end to the quiet and secluded peninsula of Le Morne at the southwest end of the island.Le Morne is the place where couples on their honeymoon find a very romantic setting: a long sandy beach, a lagoon protected by reefs and fascinating sunsets that fall at the foot of the mountain.

In addition to enjoying the world’s most incredible beaches, you’ll be well placed to explore key attractions such as the volcanic crater lake at Grand Bassin and the waterfalls and ravines of the Gargantas del Rio Negro National Park.

This region is popular with families, and offers excellent water activities and the opportunity to sunbathe in a relaxing atmosphere.

Hotels on the West Coast

East Coast

Along the East Coast, things change a bit. The magnificent beach of Belle Mare and Ile aux Cerfs are the main attractions of this region.

This particular region is a fantastic place for kite surfing, and by far, the most attractive option for golfers.

Those who want to embark on a true marine adventure should consider kayaking, a physical but feasible sport that will take you across the lagoon, through the mangroves, and around the still-preserved Isle of Ambre.If that sounds like too much work, then you can book a trip to Ambre Island where you can swim, visit the ruins, walk in the forest, relax and have lunch.

Hotels on the East Coast

The South Coast

The South Coast, also known as Savanne, offers some of the most extravagant and attractive scenery on the island.The basalt cliffs, protected sandy coves, hidden waterfalls and traditional fishing villages shape the south, but it is the beautiful beaches and the best resorts and hotels, including the Bel Ombre area, that make this an appropriate destination for any tourist.

This region is definitely an area known more for its adventure activities, and less for its beaches and water sports. Take a walk through its fascinating mountainous landscapes from where you can see the coast or opt for something a little more adventurous like mountain biking; either way, you’ll find there’s plenty to do if you don’t mind sunbathing.

Mahebourg, also located at the western end of the South Coast, is one of the island’s main fishing villages and today is home to vibrant and energetic markets that are well worth a visit.

South Coast Hotels

Central Mauritius

The heart of Mauritius is in the central region and offers a cooler climate and more rain than anywhere else on the island.

Exploring the National Park is a must: it stretches deep into the green landscape and is not far from Ganga Talao and tea plantations like Bois Cheri.

Mauritius’ hinterland is the perfect place to start your journey to other regions of the island, and is also the place to enjoy authentic Mauritian-Chinese cuisine or traditional Indian food sold by street’s the perfect way to experience island life before settling down on the beach with your loved ones.

Hotels in Central Mauritius

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