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Where to stay in Casablanca: The best places

Do you know the best places to stay in Casablanca? If you are going to visit this city you should know a little bit about its different neighborhoods to make the right choice of area to book your accommodation.

The Moroccan city of Casablanca was founded by Berber fishermen in the 10th century .The French occupation and the establishment of the protectorate in 1912 marked the character and future of the city.

Currently, Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco More than 4 million inhabitants live in this industrial and economic capital of North Africa, which also has the first port in the country.These characteristics make Casablanca a more progressive and liberal than the rest of the country.

Casablanca has a Mediterranean climate with strong Atlantic influences, which means that the temperatures are quite warm, especially in summer, and the best time to visit Casablanca is in spring or autumn, but we must not forget that Casablanca is a coastal city that also welcomes beach tourism.If the aim of your trip is to enjoy the beaches, then summer is the best time of the year.

The best areas to stay in Casablanca

The most popular area for to stay in Casablanca is the centre but there are others which are well worth the effort.

1.Downtown Casablanca

Without a doubt, the city centre is a good option to stay in Casablanca for travellers who visit it for leisure and tourism Firstly, because it is an authentic metropolis of great extension, but concentrates most of its tourist attractions in this area.In the second place, here you can enjoy the most important offer of accommodation in the whole city.

Although there are lodgings of all the characteristics, it is also the place where the luxury hotels and the best qualified of all Casablanca predominate.of course, to eat there are many options and those who prefer the fast food can be well served.

Another advantage of staying in this area is that it has the best security credentials Casablanca in particular and Moroccan cities in general, do not have the same security standards offered by European cities, so in other urban areas more solitary is necessary to increase precautions to not suffer any theft.

Nearby is the most essential visit of Casablanca, the impressive Great Mosque Hassan II , located on the beach of the Atlantic coast, is the second largest mosque in the world, with a minaret over 200 meters high, from whose dome a laser beam indicates the direction of Mecca.

Both the exterior and the interior are highly decorated and introduce technologies such as the folding roof that leaves the sky in view of the faithful.

Once in the center of the city, where you can fully breathe urban life, among a modern architecture and varied , other visits are unavoidable emblematic Arab League Park, the Plaza Mohammed V and the area called Art Deco neighborhood, with numerous facades of this style.

– Accommodation in the Centre of Casablanca

2.Old Medina

The Old Medina of Casablanca (Old Medina) is enclosed within the ancient walls of the 16th century.It is a pedestrian area, the old heart of the city, which looks very different from the Casablanca of the large and modern avenues. It is not as old as other Moroccan medinas, as the great earthquake that devastated Lisbon in 1755 also had destructive effects on it.

It is an area characterized by narrow and zigzagging streets , some of which are not even asphalted The extension of the city with the establishment of the French protectorate at the beginning of the 20th century, ended up turning this Medina into a humble neighbourhood.

It is a very popular place to make purchases of traditional Moroccan products, such as ceramics, leather goods, water pipes and so on.

There are also some interesting monuments , such as the Ould el Hamra mosque, the Ettedgi synagogue or the one known as the Clock Tower, in one of the gates of the wall.

– Accommodation in Old Medina


Anfa is a modern quarter , very suitable for business tourism , as it concentrates most of the headquarters of the companies, as financial heart of the city .A residential area in which the luxury has settled and is shown in its large and well cared for avenues, garden villas with Art Deco souvenirs, cars luxury .

The upper part of the district, the hill of Anfa, hosts the most luxurious mansions and palaces.Some call it the Moroccan “Beverly Hills” and from there you enjoy the views of the coast and the proximity of the beach as well as facilities with the “Anfa Royal Golf Club”.

It is a good choice for to sleep in Casablanca as it is a quiet place and with many amenities .For those who can afford it, there you will find some of the best hotels in Casablanca, for those who are looking for traditional essences it is not the most suitable, as it is a place of residence of the most westernized class and sometimes it is complicated to remember that we stay in Morocco.

– Accommodation in Anfa


Commercial and business area par excellence, Maarif is the fashionable district, west of the Arab League Park.It is a modern area where luxury reigns, an important financial centre full of offices and businesses, the neighbourhood where you will find the most prestigious fashion brands , jewellery shops and other luxury establishments, which coexist with smaller shops.

The presence of the famous Twin Center, a complex with two twin towers 115 meters high, the highest in Morocco, which houses a fairly sophisticated shopping center.Its location coincides with the apex of another prestigious neighborhood like Gauthier and the streets around it form the so-called “Golden Triangle” of the city.

It also has good number of bars and restaurants , including some of the most popular among the upper class of the city.For the rest, it is a central, safe and very popular area for young people of the city.

The hotel offer to stay in this privileged neighborhood is of good quality, but it tends to pull towards high prices.This is one of the areas we most recommend for to stay in Casablanca

– Accommodation in Maarif

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The district of Gauthier is next to Maarif and is also one of the most coveted areas for its good conditions and services.Located to the east of the Arab League Park, it is not too far from the centre or from the main attractions of Casablanca, but the streets are quiet , far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

is the chic district of Casablanca , where many designers and art galleries have set up in recent years , which have given a modern air to the area.The presence of quality buildings and services and the proliferation of bars and restaurants with conditions very similar to those found in European cities have made Gauthier one of the preferred destinations for the foreign community of Casablanca.

To satisfy the tastes of those who want to stay in Casablanca in a quiet place, not too far from the center , Gauthier is a good choice of accommodation, and can also find a good value for money in their hotels.

– Accommodation in Gauthier

6.Ain Diab

Ain Diab is a coastal area, a good option for to enjoy the beaches of Casablanca .By day you can enjoy water activities and its fine sand beaches.

Its surroundings are full of all kinds of accommodation and places like restaurants and discos, as it is one of the points of leisure of greater attraction of the whole city.There is a large and varied offer of food, with a lot of international cuisine, and you can enjoy more tolerant than in the rest of the country.

The area is located just six kilometres from the centre of Casablanca , but communications are not complicated, either through the traditional taxis (cheap by negotiating the price in advance) or bus line 9.

The accommodation alternatives are varied, because the offer is as wide as it corresponds to an area of these characteristics, however, it has a certain inclination towards the Moroccan tourism of higher income and the presence of clubs and private beaches and restaurants of great category is appreciable .

If you are looking to enjoy the beach and a good range of leisure activities, Ain Diab is an excellent area for to stay in Casablanca

– Ain Diab accommodation


The Habous district corresponds to what is known in Casablanca as the New Medina In fact, its origin is recent, designed by French architects around 1920, to replace the deteriorated Old Medina.’, ”

It is not walled as usual, but keeps a structure of markets grouped around the mosques of El Youssoufi and Al Mohammadi The latter is the largest and retains inside one of the largest chandeliers in Morocco.

Although is a bit far from the center , south of the city, Habous is an interesting option to stay in Casablanca, for those who want to enjoy a quieter place , away from the bustle of the big avenues.

It is a really picturesque neighbourhood that keeps intact a good part of the essence of the city and where it is possible to enjoy a good offer of traditional bars and restaurants .Most of the visits are directed to the purchase of very diverse articles in its innumerable shops and bazaars.

There are souks of all kinds and with great diversity of products.Some are as curious as the olive souk, where you can find hundreds of them, with different flavours and colours.

In this area the Mahkama Pacha Palace , erected in 1948, occupies a very prominent place.This impressive building made of marble and wood currently serves as the town hall of the district, both this monument and the old Royal Palace are must-see places in this district.

– Accommodation in Habous

Accommodation in Casablanca

The range of hotels and accommodation of all kinds in Casablanca is wide and there is the possibility of choosing many establishments of different categories .Casablanca’s peculiar mix of tradition and modernity has given rise to one of the best hotel offers in all of Morocco.

However, the fact that it is considered the economic capital of Morocco means that its standard of living is higher, with prices that are higher than in the other cities.this also has repercussions on the prices of accommodation, which are far from the national standards to approach the prices of some European cities.However, in view of such variety it is possible to find affordable prices and possibilities for all budgets.

Something that is generally attributed to Moroccan accommodation and also to Casablanca is a certain lightness in the rating of the stars .

– Accommodation in Casablanca

Cheap accommodation in Casablanca

Casablanca is an expensive city compared to other Moroccan cities.The prices of the beds in shared rooms are from of the 15 euros , and the single rooms in the pensions cheaper from of the 20 euros .The rooms in basic 3 star hotels from from 35 euros .

You can also check options for cheap accommodation in Casablanca on this page specialized in accommodation for backpackers and low budget travelers.

– Cheap accommodation in Casablanca

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