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What is the best area to stay in Riyadh

If you are thinking of visiting Riyadh , the largest city in Saudi Arabia , the best area for accommodation is the district of Al Olaya .This is the commercial and financial heart of Riyadh , and along the King Fahad Road, which crosses Al Olaya , you will find the best hotel and leisure offer in the city.

In Al Olaya we find the Fal Commercial, Recreational Center Mall, the oldest in the city, and the Al-Shula Entertainment Centre, as well as the highest buildings in the city, the Kingdom Centre and the Al Faisaliyah Tower or Al Faisaliyah Center, which offer not only spectacular views, but also important commercial areas with the main brands in the world.

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and the province of Riyadh and belongs to the historical regions of Najd and Al-Yamama.Located in the center of the Arabian Peninsula on a large plateau, home to 5.2 million people and the urban center of a region with a population of about 7 million inhabitants.

On the map you can find the he best hotels in the best area of Riyadh .By hovering the cursor over the icons indicating the category of the hotels, you can access more information and your reservation.

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Stay in the Al Olaya district, the best area of Riyadh

The city of Riyadh is divided into 15 municipalities, plus the Diplomatic Quarter, which are subdivided into more than 130 districts where you will find a continuous contrast between the modern and the old, a characteristic of a city that has its beginnings in pre-Islamic times, but is now a constantly growing commercial and economic centre.

Where you will find the greatest variety of hotels and entertainment is in the district of Al Olaya, specifically along the King Fahad Road, one of the main arteries of the city.Al Olaya could be considered the heart of the city with much to offer to all visitors.For example, here we find the Fal Commercial, Recreational Center Mall, the oldest in the city, and the Al-Shula Entertainment Centre.

From the 1950s, with the oil boom, the city of Riyadh became one of the most dynamic and prosperous in the world and the Al Olaya district is a faithful portrait of this.In addition to spectacular hotels, there are imposing buildings that will surprise visitors, such as the Kingdom Centre, the tallest building in Saudi Arabia and the 37th in the world with a height of 302 meters, there is also the first skyscraper in the country and currently the second highest: the tower Al Faisaliyah or Al Faisaliyah Center, in this building we find a restaurant and at the bottom, a shopping area where you can find the most exclusive brands in the world.’, ‘

Important institutions such as the Najd National Schools, one of the most prestigious schools in the country and the Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group Hospital are also located here.

Other areas to sleep in Riyadh

Diplomatic Quarter

East district highlights by its character international the which is must to which here is the place where reside the embassies and international organizations, as well as plants residential and commercial is one of the plus beautiful of the city, recognized by its architecture, and with plus zones green. Here also can find some of the hotels plus luxury the city, as well as the Center of Conferences King Abdulaziz

The Prince Salman Science Oasis is located in the Diplomatic District and is a non-profit organization that is in charge of developing an interactive science centre. Through the science centre and associated activities, the foundation aims to improve public understanding of science and to promote scientific knowledge and its practical application for peace and the benefit of humanity as a whole.

Al-Bathaa or Al-Dirah (Historical Centre)

The historical centre or old town of Riyadh is the area known as Al-Bathaa or Al-Dirah.Here is the fortress of Al Masmaj or Al Masmak, built around 1865 and which is one of the main attractions for having been the scene of important episodes in the history of the country.The building received a major renovation in the 1980s and was converted into a museum in 1995.the museum includes a display of many antique weapons, costumes and agricultural artefacts.this building is part of the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre, established to be a centre of culture and civilisation of the Arabian Peninsula and which has the historical message of spreading Islam.

In the same area we find the Gold Souq Thumeiri a commercial area which is characterised by the sale of white, yellow and silver gold.In addition, the place is famous for the sale of wholesale items such as carpets or underwear, and along the small alleys you can also find spices such as saffron.

West of the Al Masmaj fortress are the Museums of History and Archaeology of Riyadh and the Murabba Palace, former residence of the first Saudi King Ibn Saud, now

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