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Where to stay in Johannesburg: The best places

Do you know the best places to stay in Johannesburg? It’s something you should be clear about before visiting this city. A good location is essential to enjoy this city, which is big in size, and avoid safety issues.

The best areas to stay in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa.It has many attractions for those who visit it such as a really interesting history, a diverse culture, a gastronomy to be discovered, and a lively nightlife to name a few.

However you should also bear in mind that is a very big city where it is not always easy to choose a good neighbourhood to stay in Johannesburg.

Here you will find a list of what we think are the best neighbourhoods and areas to stay in Johannesburg.

1.Downtown, historical memory of the city

It is one of the most demanded areas to sleep in Johannesburg, as it is a key part of its history.Here you can visit the Constitution Hill, South Africa’s National Heritage site, which has witnessed the country’s turbulent transition to democracy from the Soweto Uprising to the construction of the Constitutional Court.Inside you can see the Museum Africa, dedicated to the history and culture of the country, the Museum of Science and Technology and the famous art and design gallery Bus Factory.

Do not leave without going to the 50th floor of the Carlton Center and get one of the best views of the city, the highest building in the African continent, with a structure that exceeds 220 meters high.It is necessary to pay an entrance ticket to access the viewpoint, but it is quite affordable.


2.Rosebank, the main commercial area of the city

It is one of the main commercial areas of this city, being, also, one of the most exclusive.It is ideal to stay in Johannesburg and enjoy shopping tourism, with many craft markets and high-end shopping centers, one of the best known is the Rosebank Mall, where there is a wide range of entertainment, restaurants and shops with international and African products.

The African Craft Market is the best place to find local products and the best travel souvenirs and is located next to the Rosebank Mall where you can find the most curious and striking objects.

This neighborhood is as lively by day as by night, with an intense nightlife full of clubs and bars.”, “One of the most popular places is the Design District, with places as well known as Latinova and Moloko. The Zone is another interesting alternative, a space that combines fashion, entertainment and gastronomy.

In addition, in Rosebank there is the train station Gautrain Rapid Rail that links the city with the international airport OR Tambo, Pretoria and Ekhuruleni.With this train service you will be able to make comfortable transfers within the province of Gauteng, a perfectly communicated district with an interesting leisure offer.Melrose, one of the most exclusive residential areas

It is a luxurious residential area located next to was one of the original farms that gave rise to the formation of was called Melrose Estate and had more than 713 acres.It was located about 10 km north of what is today the Central Business District (CBD).

The main tourist attraction of this area is the Melrose Arch Shopping Complex, a leisure centre frequented by celebrities and professionals working in the area, which has become a gastronomic and shopping landmark in Johannesburg.At night, it is home to one of the city’s most vibrant environments, with parties that last until the early hours of the morning.

This neighbourhood is also home to one of the most iconic parks in this African city, James and Ethel Gray Park.Here you can visit the Melrose Wild bird sanctuary, a place full of bright colours and cheerful bird songs.

There are more than 120 different species of birds that fly among the indigenous trees around the can have a picnic and enjoy the spectacular surroundings.


4.Melville, bohemian style area with a university atmosphere

Located in the west of Johannesburg, this area is known for its modern cafes and lively nightlife and has a unique combination of small shops and residential houses which are often confused with each other.

One example is the bohemian Seventh Street, full of second-hand bookshops and antique shops, many of which date back to the 19th century and have been converted into cosy hostels where you can stay in Johannesburg.

Melville is also known for its university atmosphere, as the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of Johannesburg are only a few minutes away.”, “It is therefore very common to see students in the many bars and restaurants in the area, which, unlike other districts of the city, are spread out on the streets and not inside shopping centres.

A must see in this district is the Melville Koppies Nature Reserve.Inside you can also see archaeological remains from settlements dating back to the Stone Age and the Iron Age.


5.Sandton, the economic and financial centre of the city

Just over 50 years ago, Sandton was only a mixture of sandy roads and residential estates. After the fall of apartheid in the early 1990s, this township became part of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Area.Today it is known as Africa’s Golden Mile, an ideal place to stay in Johannesburg.

Its streets are home to major financial firms, investment banks and even South Africa’s stock exchange. A landmark building is the Sandton Convention Centre, a major convention centre that was the venue for the 2004 democratic election victory of the African National Congress and the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002.

This is the neighborhood where the famous Nelson Mandela Square is located. It was named after the unveiling of a six-meter high bronze statue dedicated to the figure of this important South African president in March 2004.Previously known simply as Sandton Square,

One of its main tourist attractions is the Sandton City, considered one of the largest shopping centres on the African continent, with over 140,000 m2 dedicated to shopping, and one of the largest in the southern hemisphere, surpassing the Southland Shopping Centre in Melbourne and the Westfield Parramatta in Sydney.In its surroundings it is easy to find a wide range of hotels of the highest category.


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6.Bryanston, upper class residential area

During apartheid, Bryanston was part of Sandton, but after the end of the South African government it also became part of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Area.

The Bryanston Shopping Centre with over 50 fashion and beauty shops attracts wealthy residents to enjoy their leisure time and sample the products of the city’s top class restaurants and cafes.In this area it is easy to find hotels to stay in Johannesburg.

But the highlight of this neighborhood is undoubtedly the Bryanston Country Club.”, “This prestigious country club was founded in the late 1940’s.It is located in a majestic green space of the city, full of a great variety of native it has more than 2000 members and is among the best golf clubs in South Africa.


7.Randburg, a district with spaces dedicated to family entertainment

As with other surrounding townships, Randburg became part of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Area in the early 1990s.It is a high income area where there are parks and spaces dedicated mainly to family entertainment, making it the perfect choice for sleeping in Johannesburg when travelling with children.

Among its main attractions are the shopping centres, some of the most prominent are Cresta Center, Sanlam Shopping Center and Brightwater Commons, the latter was formerly a port and warehouse area that was remodelled to become a modern commercial space with all kinds of services.

But the most famous of the neighborhood is the Lion Park, a magnificent park with several lions of different ages, and in this green space you can also see several rhinos and other herbivorous animals, a simple way to take a picture with the real king of the African savannah.

If you are interested in crocodiles, you can always visit the Croc City, a crocodile farm located in Fourways where you can observe this curious predator, which is home to more than 800 specimens, from small young to adults that exceed four meters in length.The activity that arouses most interest is the feeding sessions that take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 14:00 (when the weather permits).


8.Rivonia, the site of the historic Liliesleaf farm

In Rivonia there was the historic Liliesleaf farm.It was here that 19 political leaders belonging to the African National Congress party, including Nelson Mandela, were arrested in 1964 and tried for acts of sabotage designed to incite a violent revolution.

For all these reasons, Liliesleaf has become a part of South Africa’s heritage, proof of the long road the country had to travel to achieve a free and fair democracy.”, ‘

In Rivonia there are also numerous shopping centers, such as the Oriental City and Rivonia Boulevard, as well as restaurants of all kinds.if you want to enjoy music shows, comedy or theater, nothing like the Barnyard Theatre which are located between the streets of this neighborhood.


9.Maboneng, the heart of the city of Joburg

Maboneng has become the trendy district to stay in Johannesburg, it is an area located in the center and whose original name is not that, in fact it is a name invented by the real estate company Propertuity and it means “place of light”, in fact its name was Jeppestown.

In 2009, Propertuity began to take over the industrial buildings in the neighbourhood and renovate them to give them a new lease of life, opening cafes, restaurants, shops and a host of services, a bubble in the middle of the city that has begun to deal with the bad reputation of this area.

The cultural centre “Arts on Main”, a multipurpose facility that a few years ago was a group of buildings in ruins, is now an atrium of shops, cafes and galleries that every Sunday holds a popular food market where you can buy and eat African products.This space is really interesting and, although it does not have permanent collections, every four months it changes its exhibitions to show the latest in African design applied to a wide variety of disciplines.


10. Johannesburg, one of the best places to stay

This is one of the preferred areas for many tourists to book accommodation in Johannesburg, as it is close to OR Tambo International Airport, South Africa\’s main national and international airport, which allows you to be perfectly connected to the rest of the country and well located when you return home.

It was founded in 1952 as Jan Smuts Airport and has since changed its name several times.It currently receives more than 16 million passengers each year and has restaurants and shops to serve travellers.

This airport is the hub of South Africa\’s largest airline, South African Aisways, so it is not surprising that there is a museum dedicated to this airline, the South African Airways Museum.It is a museum with memories of the airline that opened its doors in 1987.


Johannesburg is the heart of a country as impressive as South Africa, a place with landscapes of great natural beauty, an intense animal life with species such as the white shark and a historical past of global importance.

What are the best areas to stay in Johannesburg?

If your next destination is Johannesburg, the largest and most populated city in South Africa, we recommend you to stay in Rosebank or Melrose, the best areas of the city to have a dynamic, safe and in the middle of the entertainment and nightlife.

Rosebank is one of the most exclusive and commercial areas of the city and the ideal place for shopping tourism, where you can find a wide variety of shopping centers and craft markets offering everything from haute couture to antique native objects.Melrose is a luxury residential area with the exclusive Melrose Arch shopping centre and James and Ethel Gray Park, one of the city’s iconic parks.

Both areas offer a wide range of hotels so you can select the best accommodation option during your vibrant trip to Johannesburg or Jozi, as the locals call it.

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Rosebank and Melrose, the best neighbourhoods to stay in Johannesburg


Johannesburg, located in the east of South Africa, is the most populated city in the country, where economic and commercial life takes place and is the nerve centre of the country.It is also the capital of Gauteng, the province with the highest purchasing power in South Africa, and is home to numerous government offices and consular posts. The main business district is Rosebank, located in the province of Gauteng, in what is known as Region B according to the administrative division of Johannesburg, which is divided into regions, with each region operating independently.

In the area, travellers can find Gautrain Rapid Rail station, the advanced technology railway system, which links Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekhuruleni and OR Tambo International Airport, a good option for transfers within the province, and also for moving around the city, it is recommended to use the tourist buses or minibus taxis which are the most used form of transport by the locals.

Rosebank is a cosmopolitan and safe area, where you can find the widest variety of high-end shopping centers, attended by tourists and also by locals: professionals, designers, celebrities and the gay community.

All visitors will find what they are looking for, from the latest in Paris to antique objects of African origin, and at Rosebank Mall you can shop at the famous Cardies Moments store and Read’s Gallery, which specializes in fine jewelry and silver.The best thing is that it also offers two markets: the Rosebank Art & Craft Market, which is open every day and has an exclusive collection of African art and indigenous curiosities, and the Rosebank Sunday Market.

Just for those who prefer crafts, the recommendation is to visit the popular markets.The African Craft Market is one of the main tourist attractions.It is the ideal place for lovers of souvenir shopping and local products, a cultural destination to learn about the lifestyle of the locals and where you will find the most diverse artifacts and quality curiosities, you can also get art, fabrics, clothing, footwear, jewelry, carvings, ceramics, sculptures and other decorative items from all over the African continent, as there are about 70 craftsmen and sellers from Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast and more.It is very well located next to the Rosebank shopping center.

For its part, the nightlife also finds its maximum expression in Rosebank thanks to the many bars, clubs and cafes.The most popular place is the Design District, where you can find well-known places such as Moloko, Capital Café, El Banco, and Latinova.Its main tourist attraction is the Melrose Arch, a modern shopping and leisure complex frequented by professionals and executives of the area, as well as celebrities. It is a tourist reference in Johannesburg and the shopping and gastronomy destination par excellence.

The place offers a lively atmosphere, with shops of renowned designers and a wide gastronomic proposal with sophisticated restaurants offering local and international food.In the evening, Melrose Arch takes on a vibrant atmosphere of partying and fun until dawn. Just south of Melrose Arch, visitors will find a relaxing spot, James and Ethel Gray Park, originally a bird sanctuary, which has become one of Johannesburg’s most iconic parks, with a peaceful atmosphere, varied vegetation and trails.

Hoteels in Melrose

Melville, another alternative to stay in Johannesburg


Melville is a bohemian neighbourhood, located in the west of Johannesburg, where university life and the latest trends in the city are developed, as the University of Johannesburg, in Auckland Park, and the University of the Witwatersrand, located in Braamfontein, are just a few minutes away.

Travellers will find a wide range of restaurants and bars frequented by students and young people in the area, and it is a popular tourist destination as it is one of the few areas that has restaurants and shops lining the streets rather than in shopping centres.Melville is also known for the Melville Koppies, a nature reserve that is over three million years old.

Melville Hotels

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