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Where to stay in abu dhabi

What is the best area to stay in Abu Dhabi?

The cosmopolitan and modern city of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirate and the United Arab Emirates, has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in recent years.

Downtown near La Cornisa (The Corniche, the city’s waterfront) is the best area to stay because it is located just minutes from the beach, offers security to travelers and among its streets, visitors will find a variety of parks and gardens, shops and malls to do your shopping, imposing skyscrapers, an interesting gastronomic offer and the trace of the Abudi culture.Also, just off the coast, you can find the majestic Marina Mall, the city centre near La Cornisa is the best area in Abu Dhabi for your accommodation and if you want to know more about its main tourist attractions, read on …

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Downtown and The Corniche

There is a wide range of accommodation options in Abu Dhabi, but it’s in the city centre that the capital’s commercial and tourist life takes place, just a few metres from The Corniche, Abu Dhabi’s seafront, with its imposing skyscrapers that tourists stop to look at.Among them, the Central Market Project, a complex of three skyscrapers with The Residences tower, which is 381 meters high and has 88 floors, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Tower with a height of 185 meters and 40 floors and The Landmark Tower with 324 meters.The rapid economic growth and urbanization of the city, as well as the numerous headquarters of financial institutions and multinational companies, is an indication of Abu Dhabi’s global importance, and it is worth mentioning that it is one of the world’s leading oil producers.The main public roads are Airport Road, Sheikh Zayed Street, Hamdan Street, the shopping street for tourists and Khalifa Street, with many banks and of course the emblematic Corniche Road, the main road artery of Abu Dhabi.

A few meters from the center, is this road and one of the most exclusive areas of the city, the promenade known as The Cornice, which covers about 7 km.It covers about 7 km of coast and is the perfect place to walk, ride a bike, sit in one of the parks, enjoy the fountains located at every intersection or visit the cafes and restaurants.its gardens show an exotic vegetation that travelers can see throughout the area.locals and tourists also take advantage of this long walk for sports, even cyclists can use the lane especially designed for them.

Its most famous beach is Corniche Beach, with great white sand and bathing water. Along the coast, there are exclusive sections for the family, events, barbecues, beach volleyball and other special activities to suit all tastes and ages.This picturesque place is one of the main tourist attractions because of its multiple entertainment activities and it is the ideal place for the realization of great musical and sport events. From there, you can also appreciate modern buildings with a sea view.

Another great attraction of the area are the numerous parks: Family Park, Lake Park, Formal Park.One of the most outstanding is Khaldiyah Park, a park to enjoy with the family, with beautiful gardens for a picnic or a barbecue, the mixture of vegetation and beach a few meters away, makes La Cornisa a unique place in Abu Dhabi.Without a doubt, the city center so close to La Cornisa is everyone’s favorite place and staying in this area is your best chance to have an unforgettable vacation by the turquoise waters.

Of interest is that La Cornisa is only a 40 minute drive from Abu Dhabi International Airport, while just off the coast of La Cornisa are the Marina Mall and Lulu Island, a small island 1km from La Cornisa with impressive skyscrapers.The Marina Mall is one of Abu Dhabi’s largest shopping and entertainment centres and can be reached via the Cornwall Road, with over 400 retail outlets and services, including electronics, furniture, banking, hypermarkets and a wide range of luxury and world-renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Tod, Chanel, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, distributed over four levels.It also has an observatory, an ice rink, movie theatres and musical fountains, as well as cafes and a sophisticated revolving restaurant.

Among the most outstanding malls in the heart of Abu Dhabi is the Khalidiyah Mall, which offers a pleasant shopping experience for tourists due to its outstanding architectural design in the Islamic style.It has three levels with a variety of options in fashion, decoration, cosmetics, electronics and much more, and a large food court of international cuisine with numerous cafes and restaurants.

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