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Where to stay in Shanghai: The best places

Having your hotel located in a good area is important to enjoy a good trip When you travel for the first time to Shanghai is normal to have some doubts about where to stay in Shanghai In this article you will discover the best areas of the city to book your accommodation.

The best areas to stay in Shanghai

Shanghai is divided into two large areas separated by the Huangpu River.On the east bank is Pudong , which is the business and high-rise area, and on the west bank is Puxi , where the historical center and most of the tourist attractions of the city are located.

The best area to stay in Shanghai depends a lot on the reasons of your trip and what you want to see and do. In general if you travel for business or you like to be in very modern areas with skyscrapers Pudong is your best choice.

If you are looking for tourism and be in areas with vineyards, it is recommended that you stay in one of the Puxi districts .

In Puxi you can find most of the tourist attractions of Shanghai, most of the best restaurants, the best known shopping areas, and nightlife.However, Puxi covers a very large area and it is necessary to know its districts well to book your hotel wisely.


Located opposite the Bund on the west bank of the Huangpu River, Pudong is the financial and business area par excellence of Shanghai.In this area you can find some of the best known skyscrapers in the city such as the International Financial Center, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower or the Jin Mao Tower.

It is a very modern, quiet and clean area where there is very little life outside office hours compared to the districts on the other side of the river.

However, if you like to go out at night it is better to stay in one of the most popular districts of Puxi.Pudong is well connected by day with the subway, but at night you will have to go back by taxi and the races can be a bit expensive.

Pudong is a very convenient area for those travelling for work or for those who want to stay in a skyscraper in a quiet and very modern area.

Pudong has several of the best hotels in the general it has very good hotels which in many cases have a better value for money than those in the Bund.’, ”

– Hotels in Pudong

2.The Bund

The Bund is one of the best places to stay in Shanghai It is part of the historical center and was the old financial and economic center of the city.It was the old financial and economic centre of the city and still has the colonial buildings from its heyday.

From the Bund Promenade, which runs along the river, you have a spectacular view of the Pudong skyscrapers.

This area is very well connected and you can easily move around, either by public transportation or walking, to visit the other tourist attractions of the city such as Nanjing Road, People’s Square, Yuyan Garden, Jing’an Temple, or Shanghai Museum to name a few.

The hotels in the Bund are the most expensive in the city, and if your budget allows you to stay in a room with a view of the Hangpu River and Pudong.People’s Square and Nanjing Road

People’s Square is a large square that could be described as the city center of Shanghai .From People’s Square , you can walk to the Bund along Nanjing Road , the most famous shopping street in Shanghai

There is an abundance of hotels around People’s Square and along Nanjing Road.It is one of the best areas to stay in Shanghai as it is very central, has a lot of life, and its hotels are cheaper than those in the Bund.

– Hotels in People’s Square and Nanjing Road

4.The French Concession

The French Concession , which extends from the east side of Pepole’s Square, was the area where the former French colony is one of the most interesting areas to stay overnight in Shanghai.

It is a residential area with colonial buildings.”, “In this district you will find many boutiques, some of the best restaurants, and it has a very lively nightlife .

– Hotels in the French Concession

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The district of Jing’an located north of the French Concession also retains its small part of colonial architecture. This district is named after the famous temple Jing’an located in the same district.

In addition to the remains of its colonial architecture and the Jing’an Temple there are other attractions such as the Jade Buddha Temple and the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

It is a very good residential area with some of the best hotels and restaurants in Shanghai.

– Hotels in Jing’an


Xuhui is also a good district for to stay in Shanghai It is located in the western part of the French Concession and is one of the city’s landmarks for shops, cafes, and bars with class .

Among the tourist attractions of this neighborhood include the Xuijiahui Cathedral, the Longhua Pagoda, the Shanghai Botanical Garden, or the former residence of Soong Ching-ling.

– Hotels in Xuhui

Accommodation in Shanghai

Shanghai is a very large city with a good and varied hotel offer.The accommodation in Shanghai is more expensive than in the rest of China but generally more affordable than the big capitals of Europe.

There are hotels of all kinds and prices, from the most luxurious ones within the reach of normal people, to really cheap hostels.

As an example from 40 euros you can find double rooms in quite acceptable hotels .

For more modest budgets there is also a good hotel offer starting from 5 euros for a bed in a shared bedroom in hostels.

You can find good hotel offers on this page:

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Best area to stay in Shanghai

The best area to stay in Shanghai is the area known as The Bund. The Bund is the area of Shanghai located on the western bank of the Huangpu River, right across from Pudong, the financial district characterized by high skyscrapers.

The Bund was the area where Europeans settled during their time in Shanghai, leaving behind numerous buildings and the urban structure. Some of the most remarkable buildings in the Bund area are the Pudong Development Bank, the Peace Hotel, the Shanghai Customs Building and the Bank of China building.

The best hotels in Shanghai are located in the Bund for its spectacular views of the river and the Pudong financial district, and also for its offer of restaurants and shopping centres and its proximity by transport to some of the main tourist attractions in Shanghai such as the Shanghai Museum, the Jing’an temple or the Yuyuan garden.

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The Bund, the best area to stay in Shanghai

The Bund is the busiest area in China’s most populous city (over 20 million people) and the place with the best views of Pudong (the business district where the skyscrapers are located) and the most hotels.The buildings in the Bund are the legacy of Shanghai’s first business district, which was known as the “Wall Street of the Orient”, where the most varied styles, from Romanesque to Neoclassical, Renaissance and Baroque, coexist.

The unique customs building is one of them, the clock and the bell in its tower were built in England.The similarity with New York’s Wall Street, to which we referred earlier, is also reflected in the financial square of the Bund and its heavy bronze sculpture of the wild bull (Shanghai Bull), which is a replica of Manhattan’s Charging Bull.

Another symbolic sculpture of the giant city is the Shanghai Heroes’ Monument, a concrete structure built in 1994 and located inside the Huangpu Park that commemorates the revolutionary martyrs and those who lost their lives fighting against natural disasters by the Shanghai municipal government in the 1990s.The complex is 24 meters high, and is built in the stylized form of three standing rifles.

It is worth mentioning the Peace Hotel, the most emblematic of the Bund.’, ‘Built in 1930, this famous Art Deco style establishment stands out for its green roof and impeccable appearance, which have made it the accommodation of choice for many celebrities and those seeking the utmost comfort and performance during their stay in Shanghai.

The Bank of Hong Kong and Shanghai, an eye-catching building almost a hundred years old and crowned by a dome that still preserves some of its beautiful murals, also deserves a photo.

Other areas to stay in Shanghai

Although the recommended area to stay in Shanghai is the Bund, the great Chinese city has other areas that offer tourists quality accommodation and good location, as in the case of Old Shanghai , the old city.Located a couple of kilometers south of the Bund, the old city has managed to preserve its origins and resists the appearance of the skyscrapers that fill almost the entire expanse of Shanghai.

This area has a large number of tourists thanks to the charm of its streets, its small shops and its traditional restaurants, which make it the most authentic because it reminds us of the essence of the ancestral past.A visit to the Yuyuan Gardens is a must, a beautiful private garden built in the 16th century in which magnolias and pines share space with roundabouts, bridges and crystal-clear ponds, and next to which there is a tourist market, the Temple of the Town Gods, an immense Theoist temple, or the Chénghuángmiào.

From Old Shanghai you can go on foot to the French Concession, also a historical area of the city, which was ruled by the French as another Gallic province for a hundred years, from the middle of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th. Today, this area combines the modern style with the traditional one (the latter represented by low houses of colonial style with two or three floors and with brick walls, known as shíkùmén).

The business area of Pudong (which means “east bank”), is another excellent area to stay if you visit Shanghai.It is worth walking around Pudong and marvel at the giant buildings that occupy its streets and also enjoy the bars and restaurants that are in the largest commercial and financial center of China.

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