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Where to stay in Goa: the best beaches and areas

The most popular areas where to stay in Goa are in the north with well known beaches like Baga, Calangute or Morjim.

Goa is located on the west coast of India, by the Arabian sea .This small state has become a reference destination for those who seek to enjoy the virtues of the sea.

Not in vain, in its more than a thousand kilometers of coast are some of the best beaches in India , many of which retain their virgin character.Baga, Colva, Anjuna or Vagator are some of them.

Also, this Indian state oozes with mixture, because it was the last colony that Portugal had in India Here many Portuguese lived from 1510 until 1961, when the Indian government recovered the territory.

During all those years, Catholicism coexisted with Hinduism and western customs with eastern ones.

Panaji, its capital , distils movement, beauty and monumentality.among its streets you can find some architectural jewels, like the convent of San Francisco de Asis, the church of Bom Jesus or the convent of Santa Monica.

The rest of the cities are also a faithful reflection of the coexistence of the Portuguese in these lands, such as the beautiful city of Velha Goa , which has a large collection of monuments from the colonial period , among the old streets that were built by the Portuguese.Therefore, Goa is one of the most particular destinations in India, where the Portuguese imprint still survives, an ideal place to have the first contact with the country.

For those who have planned their visit to this beautiful state and are looking for information about the best areas to stay in Goa , we offer information about each of them.

The best places to stay in Goa

Goa is a destination more and more visited by westerners and orientals, for this reason, it has a offer of accommodation quite extensive and very varied , which makes it suitable for all pockets.

The northern part of the region has the most idyllic and crowded beaches , like Baga, Calangute or Morjim.This is the most touristic and lively area, with more leisure activities and services, which makes the hotel prices in these areas higher.

On the other hand, in the southern part , where you can find some beautiful beaches , like Agonda or Colva Beach, is quieter and has less tourist flow .


This city is located in the northern part of Goa, about 13 km from the capital.

However, today it is a modern enclave with a lot of movement, as its beach, the longest in the north , attracts thousands of travelers every year, who seek to enjoy the sun, sand and all kinds of water sports, such as jet skiing, parasailing, diving or boat trips.

Another of the attractions of this beach is that it offers the possibility of enjoying two different environments: The south side is quieter , so it is ideal for couples or for those who seek tranquility north side is busier and therefore has more animation .

In addition, has a long promenade full of restaurants s, where they serve local food, and an endless number of beach bars, where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail with a view of the sea.

There are also some points of interest for the traveller, such as the beaches of Anjuna, Baga and Candolim, the Aguada Fort or Kerkar Art Complex, which houses an extensive collection of art by Indian and foreign authors.

As it is one of the most popular areas, the accommodation offer is very wide and suitable for all budgets It is one of the most sought after for accommodation in Goa.Candolim/Sinquerim

This village is in the northern part of Goa, a little south of Calangute beach and about 15 km from Panaji (also known as Panjim).Its beach, white sand and crystal clear water , is not only one of the longest in the state, but for many is one of the best of all that dot its coast.

These characteristics make it one of the most valued, but, fortunately, is not one of the most crowded In fact, here it is still possible to enjoy a lot of tranquility and peace, as well as an endless number of water sports.

The main road to the beach is full of stands, shops and restaurants, where you can taste the local flavors.There are also numerous yoga and meditation centres in the vicinity , which offer classes for beginners and initiates alike.

There are some interesting places nearby, such as the Aguada Fort , built by the Portuguese, the Candolim church or the beautiful San Lorenzo chapel.

Candolim is a recommended area for sleeping in Goa , especially for those who seek to enjoy the virtues of the sea in tranquility.In fact, if you book in advance, you can sleep in a 3 star hotel for about 22 Euros per night .

– Accommodation in Candolim/Sinquerim


About two kilometers south of Calangute is this beach.It is one of the most popular beaches because of its extraordinary state of conservation and also because of the wide range of leisure activities that allows you to practice: jet skiing, diving, snorkeling, cruises, swimming with dolphins, water banana rides…

In addition, on its promenade you can find an endless number of chiringuitos and cabins, where they serve local specialties and, some days, b arbacoas with seafood and fresh fish.

The village is located close to this beach and despite the influx of visitors, it still has a traditional seafaring atmosphere.

The excursions to the Dudhsagar waterfalls and the boats that go along the Cumbarjua river among the mangroves start from this beach.In the surroundings of this area you can also find the Monsoon Fun Park , a water park full of attractions and ideal to enjoy a day with family or friends, the Baga Retreat House, a healing retreat, and a flea market, where you will find all kinds of local items.

Your lively nightlife is an attraction for younger travelers and party lovers, in fact, frequent beach parties , which last until the early hours of the morning

Being one of the most valued, it has one of the most generous accommodation offers in Goa .It is a good area to stay in Goa, especially for those who want to combine sea activities with excursions in the surroundings, as well as enjoy the nightlife.

As for the prices, they are very varied .in fact, you can book a 3 star hotel for about 20 Euro and even a 4 star for about 60 Euro if you book in advance.

– Accommodation in Baga


This village is situated along the north coast of Goa, near the beaches of Calangute and Baga.Although it does not have the most spectacular beach on the coast, the truth is that is one of the most popular .

The reason is that it hosts many electronic music festivals , which attract thousands of travellers in high season.It also has numerous pubs and bars that offer continuous animation.

Another of its attractions is the flea market It opens its doors every Wednesday and in its stalls you can buy from electronic devices to fruit and also keeps the church of San Miguel, one of the oldest in the state.

This part is a good option to stay in Goa, especially for those who want to combine the enjoyment of , the liveliest side of Goa with the possibilities offered by the sea, the accommodation offer is very sui generis, as well as the prices, here you can find a 4 star hotel for 40 euros a night

– Accommodation in Anjuna

5.’, “Vagator

You will find this beach in the northern part of Goa, right on the opposite bank of the Chapora River and very close to the lively Anjuna beach.

Likewise, is one of the most impressive of all that splashes the thing of this Indian state, because it is protected by impressive cliffs , from where the sunsets are incomparable, and decorated with two fresh water fountains.

And, as an added attraction, it is divided into two beaches: Grande and Ozran They are connected by an esplanade, usually used as parking and full of stands for soft drinks, clothing and gastronomy.In this small fishing village, located right on the estuary of the river that gives its name to the village, you will find, in addition to some of the most economical accommodation in Goa , several bars and typical restaurants, and some places of interest, such as the Portuguese fort Chapora.

This beach is one of the favourites of the western backpackers and of every national tourist , who come to enjoy both the beautiful landscape that surrounds it and also the possibilities it offers.Apart from the beach, there are several places nearby with live music

The range of accommodation is not as extensive as in other areas, but you can find some of the cheapest hotels in Goa, but the higher quality hotels are a little more expensive than the other beaches. A 3 star hotel will cost you around 40 euros if you book in advance.

– Vagator accommodation

6.Colva Beach

This sandy beach is located on the coast of Salcete village in the south of Goa.It stretches for more than two kilometres, sheltered by rows of coconut trees and tropical vegetation , in whose shade you can relax, read a book or even take a nap.

The surrounding environment is one of the best representatives of the influence that the Portuguese culture has had in the area. It was the home of many Portuguese fishermen who emigrated here and the numerous villas, houses and some ruins that decorate it are a good example.

Today this beach has become one of the most popular with locals and foreign travellers, who come to enjoy a swim or water sports , such as paragliding, snorkelling, banana rides, jet ski…

The range of leisure possibilities is extended by the numerous bars, restaurants, chiringuitos and discotheques in the vicinity, which offer entertainment and partying until the early hours of the morning.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the surroundings you can find the beautiful church of Nossa Senhora das Merces, which has won a visit of its own.

Those who want to do their shopping , can do it either in the local market that is nearby or in the one of Nogoa, Margao or Queen Nagar.

As you would expect in such a busy area, the accommodation offer is wide and varied , here you will find resorts, hostels, guest houses and mid range hotels.”, “The prices are also quite variable, however, you can sleep in a 3 star hotel for about 18 Euros per night.

If you want to be in a lively area and don’t mind the crowds, Colva is one of the most advisable areas to stay in Goa.

– Accommodation in Colva Beach


Benaulim is located between Colva, Varca and Margao and is one of the most popular beaches for those who are looking for peace and quiet and also for the fishing enthusiasts , as it is one of the least exploited areas.

The village that presides over this beach is also monumental, thanks to the numerous churches that decorate it, which are an attraction for travelers, the most prominent are the church of the Holy Trinity, St. John the Baptist and St. Christopher.

If your stay also coincides with the months between October and May, you can enjoy the bullfighting shows that take place in the rice fields of the village.

At the end of the road, you will find some bars, discos and restaurants with a lot of animation and even a market where you can do your shopping.

As for the offer of accommodation in this area, it is quite generous : guest houses, hotels, hostels… You will also find very varied prices, much more in high season.However, for about 30 Euros you can book a well equipped hotelito.

– Accommodation in Benaulim

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This tiny fishing village is located in Canacona, south of GoaIts charm lies in the traditional Indian atmosphere of which is distilled from its streets and, of course, its beach, which is nestled in a bay, surrounded by cliffs, which protect it from the air currents while giving it a more intimate atmosphere.

Here you can take a walk in kayak, dive or snorkel .In addition, the surroundings are covered by a good network of trails , which are a magnet for lovers of trekking and canyoning .

It is crossed by a walk where you will find a good number of restaurants, many of which play live music, bars, bars and even a market.

It is full of guest houses, cabins and hotels overlooking the sea.So if you want a accommodation in Goa with incredible views, this is one of the most advisable to stay in Goa.for 33 Euro you can stay in a 4 star hotel.

– Accommodation in Palolem


This village lies on the north side of the Chapora river estuary , a little south of Ashvem beach, about 30 km from the capital.”, ‘As a curiosity, it is known as “little Russia”, because, as you can imagine, is home to many people from Russian lands.

The beach of the same name that decorates this town has a great reputation among lovers of peace, tranquility and also the marine animal world. Its funds are home to many sea turtles , which are in danger of extinction, dolphins and countless other marine species.

This beach has the ideal swell for the practice of some maritime disciplines, like kitesurf, windsurf, light sail, kayak … The fine white sand that covers it, in which usually there are not many people , is ideal to enjoy a nap, a moment of relaxation or to see the seagulls and other birds that fly over the sea.

In the surroundings of this sandy area you will find other points of interest that you can visit, such as the Chapora fort or the river of the same name.This last one is a paradise for the bird lovers , because it is the home of numerous species: sand plovers, cuckoos, kingfishers…

At the foot of this beach there is also a wide range of restaurants, offering traditional or Russian delicacies , chiringuitos, where you can refresh yourself with a typical coconut water or with a feni (a liquor native to the area), as well as a good number of cabins and some hotels and bungalows.

Prices in this area are quite high .Therefore, if you do not have a big budget, this is not the most recommended area to stay in Goa. Although you can stay in a 3 star hotel for about 28 Euros, you will not find higher class hotels for less than 50 Euros per night.

– Accommodation in Morjim/Ashvem


This coastal town is located in the north of Goa, about 20 km from the capital. It has two long beaches which delight sun, water and sand lovers as well as sea sports enthusiasts.

As an added attraction, is not one of the most visited , so it is an excellent option to sleep in Goa for those who refuse the hustle and bustle and you can even see the local fishermen working to bring in the day\’s catch.

The tranquility of this area also extends to the leisure and catering services.

This is a recommended area for to stay in Goa for those looking to get in touch with the locals or enjoy the tranquility.

Unfortunately, the accommodation offer is a bit limited and it comes down to a few guest houses and some hotel without too much frills. this means that prices are very cheap In fact, the average is around 20 euro a night.

– Accommodation in Mandrem


Panaji is the relaxed capital of Goa ; formerly the capital of all the Portuguese colonies in IndiaIts location, on the banks of the Mandovi River estuary and surrounded by hills tinged with green, acacia and other trees, its offer of services and its pier, from where the cruises depart, make it an interesting destination to stay in Goa.

In addition, Panaji, which means “land that never floods”, can boast of being generous in points of interest , many of which are grouped in the old part .For example, the church of Nuestra Señora de la Concepción, the chapel of San Sebastián, the State Museum, the Central Library, the colourful temple Maruti…

To these attractions we can add the beautiful beach of Miramar , covered with golden sand and dotted with palm trees, and Dona Paula’s, which has been the scene of many Bollywood films .

The capital city is an excellent option to stay in Goa, as it allows you to enjoy both the possibilities offered by the sea and the advantages of the you can imagine, the accommodation offer is very wide and for the prices, although they are higher than in other areas, they are very reasonable. The average price is around 35

– Accommodation in Panaji


This tiny and beautiful village belongs to Pernem, a district located in the northern part of the state. bohemian atmosphere and with hippie dyes that are breathed in its streets act as a differentiating element with respect to other mentioned regions of Goa.

Again, its beach, which borders on Mandrem and Keri beaches, gives this area an undeniable attraction . is considered one of the most beautiful in the region , an aspect that has a powerful attraction for many travelers, who come to relax, play football or cricket in the sand, also, to practice maritime disciplines, such as kitesurfing or paragliding.

In the high season, has a lot of nightlife Not in vain, it is the scene of numerous parties on the beach and the beach bars that surround it offer a good deal of entertainment.

As if that wasn’t enough, nearby you will find hot springs , where you can enjoy its mineral and medicinal virtues.

Arambol is the favourite destination for those looking for an alternative environment , outside the conventional.As you would expect, you will find many accommodations here, many of them with sea views.

However, prices are a little higher than elsewhere.Still, for about 27 Euros you can stay in a 3 star hotel.

– Accommodation in Arambol


Agonda is located in Canacona, south of Goa .Its beach is the site of turtle nesting , which is usually in September. is quiet and relaxed, with little tourist presence , which will allow you to enjoy its benefits almost alone.

If you miss the party, do not worry, because you have less than 10 km from the lively Palolem.From here you can make excursions to watch dolphins or to the paradisiacal Mariposa beach or the remote Khola

It is crossed by a parallel road, along which most of the tourist accommodations are extended, however, you will also find a good offer just on the opposite side of the road.

What is the best area to stay in Goa?

Goa is the smallest state in India, but still attracts more than 2 million tourists every year, mostly from Europe, Israel and Russia. The region is closely marked by its more than 400 years as a Portuguese colony, it still retains a slight European touch such as the large number of Catholic churches that are almost as common as Hindu temples.Some of its white sandy beaches with a jungle backdrop are considered some of the best beaches in all of India, undoubtedly a perfect place to spend the heat that reigns in the area between November and March: more than 30 º C temperature!

Northern Goa is famous for being the place where the Hippie Movement began, and where you will find its three main resorts: Calangute and Baga with their idyllic beaches, vibrant markets and with restaurants, bars and clubs in abundance. South Goa , on the other hand, offers quiet white sand beaches and a much more relaxed atmosphere than in the north.

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Best places to stay in Goa


Calangute is an old fishing village which used to be a retreat for the wealthy in Goa.If you decide to spend a few days in Calangute you can walk along the 4 km long promenade where you will find a variety of typical Goa beach bars where you can sit and have a cool cocktail in the shade of a porch.Its beach is the largest and busiest in Goa and is the best option if you want to enjoy a holiday where you can sunbathe and practice all kinds of water sports.

The southern part of the beach offers a much more relaxed atmosphere and is a very popular place for couples . The area is full of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Goa food and Calangute has a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets from small and simple guest houses to large holiday resorts.

Hotels in Calangute


Candolim is quieter than its neighbours Calangute and Baga and boasts one of the most spectacular stretches of white sandy beach in Northern Goa, attracting thousands of visitors every year.It’s a perfect resort for those who want to practice yoga and meditation, or simply for those looking for a relaxing holiday on the beach where they can sunbathe and swim in total tranquillity. If you want some more taste of the local culture and history, a visit to Fort Aquada, a bastion built by the Portuguese to protect themselves from invaders, is a must.And if you have an adventurous instinct, all kinds of excursions are organised from the resort, including a boat tour where you are sure to spot some dolphins.

Hotels in Candolim


The Baga resort is popular with the younger public in Europe and India.The festive atmosphere, Baga’s main attraction, attracts thousands of young people every year who want to have fun in its many clubs and at its beach parties, where they can dance until dawn to the latest international hits.

Those who also decide to make the most of the day, will be able to do all kinds of extreme activities and water sports including parasailing and jet skiing…

Once away from the beach, they will be able to explore each of its wonderful corners and discover the small fishing village that, despite the tourism, still survives. They can also visit the Baga Retreat House, dedicated to San Francisco Javier, and the Flea Market, where they can buy all kinds of handicrafts.

If you wish to spend a few days in Baga, you will have the opportunity to stay with other young people in the various hostels and hotels in the area.

Hotels in Baga



Mandrem is a small, quiet fishing village famous for its endless clean, pale coloured, sandy beaches, where you can take a refreshing swim to pass the heat and lie in the shade of one of the palm trees that you will find all along the beach.The place is popular with yogis from all over the world who come to Mandrem year after year and who are sure to join in for yoga or meditation… or simply enjoy a relaxation retreat.

Mandrem is also the perfect place for surfers and kite-surfers, as it boasts perfect waves for these sports.If you decide to stay for a few days in Mandrem, you can enjoy its wonderful sunsets far from the crowds and noise.

In the complex you will find all kinds of hostels and hotels to suit different prices, and you can even stay in an old Portuguese fortress converted into a hotel.

Hotels in Mandrem

South Goa

Despite the popularity of North Goa, South Goa remains relatively untouched by mass tourism.Larger and much less developed, but still retaining almost intact the imposing colonial architecture left behind by the Portuguese, South Goa is therefore the perfect place if you want to discover the culture and past of the state; in addition to the colonial era buildings, if you go deep into the jungle you will find ancient rock carvings dating back to the Mesolithic period.

Pololem is said to have some of the best beaches in Goa, with fine sand and gentle waves, a real beach lover’s dream.

Pololem has one of the most impressive crescent-shaped bays and although there has been an increase in visitors over the last fifteen years, it has managed to keep its characteristic charm.

Hotels in South Goa

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