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Where to stay in Jaipur: The best places

For us the best areas where to stay in Jaipur are Bani Park, C. Scheme and M.I.Road . they are located very close to the center, have good hotel offerings, and all the services that the visitor may need.

Jaipur is located in the north of India, in the state of Rajasthan, also known as “the pink city”, because the facades of its buildings, especially those in the old town, are in this color.The reason for this is that they are made of stucco (a material of this colour), which was intended to emulate sandstone.

In 1905, on the occasion of Charles of England\’s visit, the facades were repainted in this unique colour.

Jaipur forms, together with Agra and Delhi, the Golden Triangle.The area is so called because of the historical splendour it displays and the cultural richness that emanates from every corner of it.Not in vain, this Indian city is a land of ancient traditions, of princes, maharajas, palaces, castles, forts, legends, mysticism and colour, which seem to transport the traveller to the kingdoms of the Thousand and One Nights.In its streets, the rich and splendid past, visible in its impressive palaces, in its enormous and typical bazaars, and the lively (sometimes chaotic) present coexist.

Among the marabout that always crowds its long and planned avenues, a sort of rickshaws, motorcycles, buses and vehicles, whose circulation seems unusual for the western traveller, make their way.

An old Indian proverb says that “the longest walk begins with a single step” If you have taken the first step by booking your flight and are looking for information about the best places to stay in Jaipur, read on.

Accommodation in Jaipur

Jaipur is the largest city in the state and with its beauty, uniqueness and mysticism, more and more travellers are coming to visit it. In fact, it is one of the most visited destinations in India. So, as you can imagine, there is a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets, from discreet hotels and guest houses to resorts and luxury accommodation.

In this article we recommend you our selection of the best places to stay in Jaipur, each of them has its own attractions and of course its advantages and disadvantages.

Accommodation for sleeping in Jaipur in hotels with cheaper European standards is located in Tonk Road, Malviya Nagar and Vaishali Nagar.In these neighbourhoods, sleeping one night costs between 20 and 25

By contrast, the most expensive areas for accommodation with certain amenities are Old Town, C.Scheme and Bani Park.In any of these areas it will be difficult to book a mid-range hotel for less than 30 or 35 euros.

1.Old Town or Pink City

Old Town, also known as Pink City, is the old part of Jaipur and where most of the monumental attractions are concentrated.

Here, you will find the Palace of the Winds -awa Majhal-, Jantar Mantar -the largest observatory in this Indian city-, Gaitore -the place of royal cremation-, the Water Palace -Jal Mahal-, the Albert Hall Museum, the Temple of Galtaji, the Amber Fort, Govind Dev Ji -temple dedicated to Krishna- or the City Palace .

Chaura Rasta and Badi Chopar are the two main streets of this old quarter, accessed through the Tripolia gate and full of shops and traditional bazaars, where you can buy all kinds of typical products: fabrics, perfumes, jootis (traditional shoes), handmade jewelry, meenakari design, saris or handmade dishes.

Remember that in this Indian city haggling is practically an art, so our recommendation is that before buying, negotiate the price.

If you want to sleep among the architectural treasures of Jaipur, be close to everything and feel the pulse of this Indian city, this area is highly recommended to stay in Jaipur.For about £29 or £30 a night you can sleep in a 4 star hotel, however, you can also get a hostel for about £10.

– Old Town Accommodation

2.Bani Park

This area is located just four kilometres from Old Town.Although it does not have many tourist attractions, its interest lies in its proximity to the old town and, therefore, to the main architectural treasures of the city.

In this central area, the offer of restaurants is quite generous, dominated by restaurants specializing in local cuisine, so you can take advantage to taste a typical sweet ghevar or the delicious dal batti churma, a stew based on lentils and wheat.

This is one of the neighbourhoods with the largest hotel offer in Jaipur, where you will find the traditional Havelis, typical Indian houses, which are usually built around a beautiful courtyard and offer a special atmosphere to enjoy a moment of relaxation and disconnection.

However, the prices, given the proximity to the soul of the city, are a little higher. In fact, staying in a mid-range hotel costs around £30 or £35.

– Accommodation in Bani Park

3.The numerous restaurants, hotels and shops that are part of it are a magnet for European travellers.

It is not one of the most monumental, but still keeps some places of interest, as Statue Circle, a statue in memory of the founder of the city Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the planetary Birla or the Amrapali Museum, devoted to the world of jewelry, decorative arts and Indian crafts.

In addition, for the compensation of the lovers of the mother nature, it shelters several parks.The highlights are Ashok Vatika, where you can relax between visits, and Deer Park, where you can see deer in the wild and even visit a small zoo with local species.

As an added bonus, it is less than two kilometres from the Old Town and therefore from the main sights, so you can get there by a nice walk, by local bus or, much better and faster, by rickshaw or bike taxi.

C.Scheme is a recommended area for sleeping in Jaipur, especially for those who are looking for cheaper options, but not too far from the heart of the city.Here, the average price of a 4-star hotel is around 32

– Accommodation in C.Scheme

4.Mirza Ismail Avenue

This long avenue, also known as M.I Road, runs from Sanganeri Gate to Government Hostel.Therefore, it articulates the whole city and also all the streets converge in it.

Along this long artery there are some interesting points for the traveller, such as the Ajmeri and Sanganeri gates, the luxurious Raj Mandir cinemas, where you can take the opportunity to watch a classic Bollywood movie, or Rajasthali Emporium, an Indian government multinational handicraft company, where you can buy all kinds of local crafts, such as blue pottery, furniture, or decorative jewelry.

This artery also has a wide range of restaurants, where you can taste the local flavours or try the traditional yoghurt-based lassi drink, and shops, especially for handicrafts, jewellery and fashion.

It is not far from the old part of the city, in fact, you can get there on foot in less than half an hour. If you prefer a means of transport, you can use the local bus, take a taxi or hire a rickshaw.

As this great avenue is the soul of the city, we include it in the recommended areas for staying in Jaipur. You will also find many hotels of all categories and with very variable prices, suitable for all budgets. In fact, you will have no problem sleeping in a 3 star hotel for about 22 euros per night.

– Accommodation in Mirza Ismail Avenue (MI Road)

5.Tonk Road

This street is about 8 km from the old city and Mirza Ismail Avenue.This is an area where there are many parks, such as Peacock, Jal Dara or Nehru Bal Udyan, which are ideal for enjoying activities in contact with Mother Nature, to rest or to get strength to continue your visit to the city.

Unlike the rest of the mentioned areas, this avenue is quieter, as residential housing predominates. The offer of restaurants and nightlife venues is quite good and costs less than in the neighborhoods closest to the soul of the city.

This street is a good alternative to stay in Jaipur, especially for those who are looking for peace and quiet, but do not want to be too far from the center and the most important places.

– Tonk Road Accommodation

I am sure you will find this article on the best neighbourhoods to stay in Jaipur useful.We are also sure that these others can be useful if you are going to travel to other parts of India: Where to sleep in Delhi, where to sleep in Goa

6.Malviya Nagar

This area is located at the south of the Indian city, less than ten kilometers from the old part of the city.Like many other areas in Jaipur, it is dominated by green areas and parks.

Here is the largest circular park in Asia, Jawahar Circle, presided over by a large fountain, which offers a beautiful light and water show every night.It is also very popular for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, running…

It is quite well connected to the centre by local transport, both by taxi and bus or by rickshaw.As an added bonus, it is about five kilometers from Jaipur International Airport.

The hotel offer is not as wide as in other more central areas, but the prices are very affordable.So, if you don’t intend to spend a lot of money on accommodation, this is one of the cheapest areas to stay in Jaipur. Here, you can book a discreet little hotel for about 13 or 15 Euros per night.Vaishali Nagar

This district extends to the southwest of the city. is one of the most prosperous and developed , so you will discover the most modern face of this lively Indian city.

This district is home to many bank branches and many international brands , such as Raymond, Nike or Levis, have points of sale here. It also houses an interesting offer of r estaurantes both first class and fast food, many schools specializing in all types of disciplines and the Inox Cinema Hall.

All these attractions make this neighbourhood one of the most visited by locals, who come both to do their shopping and to have fun.

Although this part is a little far from the centre, is well connected thanks to the local transport .If you opt for a rickshaw (taxi-bike) it is quite possible that you will take less time.

As far as accommodation is concerned, it is not too buoyant, however, for those who want to stay in cheap Jaipur , it is quite economical For about 20 Euro or about 22 Euro you can get to a 4 star hotel without much trouble.

What is the best area to stay in Jaipur?

Jaipur is the capital of one of the most fascinating states of India, Rajasthan and is part of the famous golden triangle of the country, which includes other cities like Delhi and Agra.Jaipur is a mixture of ancient palaces and fortresses, colorful bazaars and chaotic streets, accompanied by a complex airwire and smoke from local traffic. There are a multitude of amazing sites, including the magnificent Amber Fort with the Palace overlooking Lake Maota, the City Palace and the iconic Hawa Mahal or Palace of the Winds.

Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan and therefore it is recommended to choose an area to stay that is close to the main attractions. Bani Park is the best area to stay in Jaipur due to its proximity to the tourist attractions and also because it has the best of accommodation options ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive hotels.You can also find some guest houses known as havelis, which date back to ancient times

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Bani Park, the best area to stay in Jaipur

Jaipur is a powerful metropolis with about 3.5 million people and your visit can be very tiring if you don’t plan the places and tours you want to take, so we recommend you to choose an easily accessible accommodation area to reach the sights of the Old City.The best area to stay in Jaipur is Bani Park, because it has a good selection of hotels and restaurants, there are numerous hotels that cover all budgets, as well as a variety of restored havelis.

In Bani Park, cheap local transport also abounds, including picturesque rickshaws in every corner. If you want to eat in a good restaurant, you can find a wide variety of options in and around Bani Park, so you don’t have to go far to taste local food. In particular, you should try the famous ghevar, a traditional sweet dish from the state of Rajasthan and the popular Dal Batti Churma.

Hotels in Bani Park

Other areas to stay in Jaipur

C Scheme

Although the C Scheme area has less accommodation options available than the Bani Park area, it is also a good choice as it is within walking distance of the main attractions in Jaipur such as the City Palace and the Hawa Mahal.Jaipur is famous for its palaces and a good way to start the day is to visit the City Palace, also called the Royal Palace, which is a compound consisting of numerous courtyards surrounded by buildings.Inside, the royal family of Rajasthan still lives, specifically in the Chandra Mahal Palace (Moon Palace) and there is an area that is open to the public, from where you can also make a stop at the iconic Hawa Hahal or Palace of the Winds.It has five floors with two narrower upper ones that give the building a pyramid shape and it is said that in 1799 the Maharajah Sawai Pratap Singh ordered the addition of 900 windows so that his queens and concubines could look out and see what life was like beyond the palace.These windows have allowed the breeze to pass from one side or the other, giving the enclosure the nickname of the Palace of the Winds.

After appreciating this jewel of architecture, you can visit the Jantar Mantar Solar Observatory, one of the oldest existing in India dating from the 18th century and still in operation.It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a collection of geometric structures that serve both to measure the time and the season and to predict the future. If you still have time at the end of your tour, we recommend visiting the fabulous Johari Bazaar, known as the best in the city to buy Indian jewelry and gold and silver bracelets.

C Scheme Hotels

Mirza Ismail Avenue (M.I.Road)

Mirza Ismail Avenue (Mirza Ismail Road) popularly known as M.I.Road is the busiest avenue in Jaipur and runs through the city from Sanganeri Gate to Government House.It is the best geographical location in Jaipur and is very well connected to the rest of the city by local transport. You will also find some interesting sights such as Sanganeri Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Jarasthali Emporium and the Raj Mandir.The Raj Mandir movie theatre, a luxurious building that looks like a big pink pastel, is one of the most iconic places in Jaipur and the ideal place to watch a Bollywood movie.

It is said that M.I.Avenue was designed so that all the other road arteries flow into it, making this avenue the heart of Jaipur.This area has a good number of hotels to choose from and is a must if you want to try local or international cuisine, including the traditional lassi drink.also, it is one of the main shopping areas selling everything from clothes and textiles to jewelry and handicrafts.

Hotels on M.I. Road

Tonk Avenue (Tonk Road)

The Tonk Avenue area is a residential area and quieter than the downtown neighborhoods.It has a wide variety of hotels and a good selection of restaurants and nightlife venues to enjoy the city away from the hectic pace of the downtown area. From here, you can access Birla Temple, originally known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple, carved from white marble.Even though Tonk Avenue is far from downtown, it is perfectly located for getting to and from the airport, and if you want to go to downtown, don’t worry, because there are also local transportation options, including rickshaws and taxis.

Tonk Road Hotels

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