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Between Mehrangarh Fort and the Clock Tower, next to bazaars and market, is the best place to stay in Jodhpur. Just 15 minutes from the airport, it offers you striking narrow streets, full of blue houses and warm people who greet visitors with a “namaste”.

You can start your tour in the Clock Tower that beyond getting to know it, the most remarkable thing is to experience the social environment that surrounds it: dozens of markets, a lively, colorful and boisterous atmosphere.Another local attraction worth visiting is the Toorji ka jhalra (Step Well), with its impressive architecture and over two hundred feet of hand-carved treasure.

You can’t miss the impressive Mehrangarh Fort which was started in the 15th century, there you can find the palace of the sovereign, several temples and a big garden.a little further on is Chamunda Mata, a small but very beautiful temple where you can enjoy impressive views of the blue city.then you can go to visit Jaswant Thada, a mausoleum situated on the shores of a small lake.And about 6 kilometers away is the beautiful Umaid Bhawan Palace.

For short trips you can walk, you can also move in the tuc tuc, motorickshaw, or if you prefer by taxi.

On the map showing the best area to stay in Jodhpur you can find a selection of the best hotels to sleep in .

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Clock Tower (Ghantaghar), the best area to stay in Jodhpur

The century-old Clock Tower, an icon of Jodhpur of traditional architecture, dominates the city and gives its name to an area known by locals as Ghantaghar . Located in the city center of Jodhpur , the area around the Clock Tower is the best to stay in the city . The Clock Tower is near the market of Sardar , an area of narrow lanes and winding alleys with spicy smells, colorful places and lively sounds coming from the vendors offering a wide variety of goods including handicrafts, spices and herbs, candies, and textiles . The Clock Tower area captivates all five senses.’, ‘

Desert City of Thar , Jodhpur , is the most important destination in the region of Rajasthan of India.The Clock Tower area is within walking distance of the most notable tourist attractions of Jodhpur such as the ancient Fort Mehrangarh , one of the largest palaces in India, built in the 15th century.The old palace is now a museum that houses the country’s most remarkable collection of weapons, artwork, furniture, and other artifacts of cultural and historical value.From its elevated position on a hill to the west, Fort Mehrangarh offers panoramic views of Jodhpur , also called “Blue City” for the characteristic color of its buildings.Also from the central area of the Clock Tower you can easily reach the countless historical, religious and cultural monuments scattered throughout Jodhpur .

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Other neighborhoods to stay in Jodhpur


Just south of the famous Clock Tower (10 minutes drive), is the neighborhood Ratanada of Jodhpur . Ratanada houses several religious temples and historical monuments, so it is the best place to stay for those interested in learning more about local spirituality.

Ganesh Ratanada Temple is a charming place to take a lesson on Hinduism, and enjoy the breathtaking views and meditative air of the city.other places of interest include Sivanchi Gate , Siddheshwar Shiva Temple , Narayan Mantra Sadana Vigyan, and Purani Luko Park.

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Because of its classical architecture and transportation options, Paota is a convenient area for travelers visiting Jodhpur .Located 10 minutes east by car from the Clock Tower area, Paota offers places like Ship House Fortress and City Palace , excellent examples of Indian architecture and culture.

This is the best area to stay from the transport point of view as it houses the Raikabag Palace Train Station and the Bus Station also called Paota: both stations attract travellers from other notable cities in India.

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