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Where to stay in bali, indonesia

Best area to stay in Bali

The truth is that Bali is not the best beach destination unless you are a surfer.the waves are very strong and the beaches are not as idyllic as they are painted.but since we are an island one always wishes to stay next to the beach to contemplate the sea and sunsets.

The best area to stay in Bali is Seminyak beach. Seminyak beach has a central location on the island which will allow us to move comfortably to all the points of interest (Ubud, Belimbing, Bona,…), and at the same time be away from the areas of mass tourism as Legian and Kuta.

In addition to being well connected, Seminyak beach has a good supply of restaurants, shopping and all the leisure activities that a holiday requires.

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Seminyak, the hottest place to stay in Bali

Seminyak beach is the hottest area in Bali, with some of the best restaurants, shops and nightlife.Among the best restaurants are Ku De Ta, Mama San, Mozaic Beach Club Beach and two Spanish food restaurants La Finca and La Sal.

The nightlife scene is dazzling in Seminyak Clubs with open spaces to the sea between pools and green gardens.Some of the best clubs are also restaurants, such as the classic Ku De Ta or the more modern Mozaic Beach Club and Coocon Beach Club, while the more sophisticated atmosphere can be found in the W hotel, in its Woobar.Most of the smaller shops line the main road of Jalan Raya Seminyak (also known as Jalan Basangkasa), while a collection of fashionable boutiques can be found along Jalan Laksmana and various corners of Jalan Petitenget.

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Other areas to stay in Bali

Bali is part of the Lesser Sonda Islands, it is 145 kilometers long and 80 kilometers wide.It is considered a paradise on earth for its beaches, its extraordinary climate throughout the year – 30 degrees Celsius on average, its luxury hotels, but has much more to offer.

In addition to the beach area of Seminyak, these are the main areas where you should stay in Bali for a tour.


It is the most popular area for tourists in Bali, a perfect place to enjoy day and night.It has a 3 kilometer white sand beach very popular with surfers, as it has a great swell.

The most important supply of fun in Kuta is between the streets Jalan Legian, Jalan Pantai Kuta and Poppies Lane II, for many is the best area to stay, however, so it is always full of tourists, so if you are looking to relax here will not be the best option.

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The city of Ubud is in the heart of Bali, right in the center, so it is very convenient also when visiting the island.It is one of the main artistic and cultural centers of Bali, here are the traditional villages, rice fields, temples and hundreds of shops and craft workshops.

The main street is Jalan Raya Ubud which runs through the center of town from east to west.In this area you will find both luxury hotels and more affordable options, as well as a variety of elegant restaurants and convenience stores, art galleries and souvenir shops.

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Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a very famous area and especially noted for having some of the most luxurious hotels.

It is an area of relatively recent creation, since it was thought as an area of conference centers and hotels in the 1980s. It is highly recommended for families and couples of newlyweds, however, you will find little of the local culture, since here you will only find employees of hotels.

Among the advantages is that it will be less than 30 minutes from the most popular areas: Kuta area (20 to 30 minutes) and Jimbaran (15 minutes).

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An area to enjoy the local atmosphere while walking with Indonesian fishermen is Jimbaran, where you will find much less tourists than in other places like Legian and Kuta.

The beach is also very famous and don’t be fooled, although you will find simple huts while walking, there are also important luxury hotels here.

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