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Where to stay in ubud

Where is the best place to stay in Ubud?

Ubud is the opposite of the typical beach party scene that everyone evokes when they think of the Indonesian island of Bali. People visit this town mainly because of its beautiful surroundings and its cultural richness, and in fact many people settle in Ubud for weeks, as there are many things to see and do: dance and music shows, religious temples, markets, spas and much more.It is one of the artistic and cultural centers of Bali, which has led to a rapid growth of its tourist industry in recent years The city has been closely linked to its neighboring villages, where you can also enjoy the shows, art galleries and haggle for their beautiful pieces of crafts.There is no better place to soak up Bali life than in this charming town that is the pride of its people, where you can truly experience the happiness that the island conveys.

If you want to stay in Ubud, without a doubt the best place is the town center It is where the tourist area is located, and it is the safest area.You can stay in one of the many hotels in the center and easily move on foot through the streets JI Raya Ubud, JI Hanoman and JI Monkey Forest, the busiest streets and the soul of the village. The center is also full of tourist attractions: it has a good selection of shops, impressive art galleries, quiet cafes where you can relax and a fun nightlife.

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The center, the best area to stay

The town of Ubud is much calmer than most places on the island of Bali; its streets are quieter, its atmosphere more relaxed.It is the ideal place to enjoy one of those famous Balinese massages, and let yourself be enveloped by the atmosphere of one of Asia’s top seaside destinations. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that it will have little traffic, as during the holiday period there is usually quite a lot of congestion of vehicles and people.The downtown area is very well connected to the rest of Ubud, and every few minutes you can find buses and taxis to nearby towns or to Denpasar International Airport. The center is also the safest area, since there are many tourist police taking care of foreigners, but it must be said that the crime rate in Ubud is very low.

Visit the Royal Palace of Ubud, one of the most prominent buildings in the center, considered the main landmark of the place and built in the early nineteenth century.There you can see a perfectly preserved example of Balinese architecture, as well as some of the most impressive gardens in all of Bali. If you want to learn about traditions you also have a good number of temples to see; the best known is Pura Kehen, one of the most beautiful, built about 800 years ago.There are also excellent museums and art galleries, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, which houses several brilliant exhibitions in which you will discover the traditional and modern art of the artists of Bali.

If you want to have some fun and especially if you are traveling with children, don’t forget to stop by the Ubud Monkey Forest Nature Reserve, located south of Monkey Forest Street.Don’t be surprised if you see one of them approaching and trying to snatch some food from you: don’t let your guard down at any time! In Ubud you can also enjoy many luxury spa , cultural shows that are offered at night, and the pleasure of shopping.The market of Ubud is a must for all those who love to go from shopping , and is that there you can buy all kinds of items: souvenirs , clothing, crafts, food … the center is also full of independent shops, so you will not have time to get bored.

If you decide to stay in the center, you can stay in one of the hotels that are within walking distance from the other tourist attractions, since the town is not very big. In the streets JI Raya Ubud, JI Hanoman and JI Monkey Forest you will find the best hotel offer, and they are also full of restaurants, bars, shops and cafes within a few minutes walk.If you don’t like to walk, cycling is another brilliant way to get around the area; there are many roads and trails to explore in the surrounding area, and by cycling you can easily reach nearby villages, temples, bamboo forests and hidden places with wonderful views: just ask the locals, who will be happy to show you the secrets of their village.

Hotels in the centre of Ubud

Other areas to stay


If you don’t want to stay in the centre of Ubud, you can stay in Penestanan, a village situated on the outskirts, full of artistic life, and which shows all the traditional Balinese life very well.The village is surrounded by beautiful rice fields, bamboo forests and tropical gardens, perfect places to get lost, relax and take beautiful pictures.You can enjoy a lot of art galleries, markets, cafes, restaurants, and stay in one of the traditional Balinese style hotels, where you will have a very relaxed stay.

Hotels in Penestanan


Pengosekan is a small village located just south of Ubud.if you decide to stay there you will find frequent buses from one area to another.the village is quite similar to Penestanan, it is very safe and there is a lot of art on display in galleries.The village is quite similar to Penestanan, is very safe and there is a lot of art on display in galleries. it is also a famous site for making wonderful jewellery.

The temple of Pura Puseh Batuan, which is really worth visiting, is in is one of the most important sites in the village, dating back to the 11th century, and clearly influenced by Indian architecture.

In Pengosekan you will find a lot of traditional Balinese restaurants, markets, shops and hotels to stay in.

Hotels in Pengosekan

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