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Where to stay in Hiroshima: The best places

The best areas to stay in Hiroshima are the downtown area, the Memorial Park and the train station.

Furthermore, as it is a city very well connected to public transport, you will not have any problems travelling and you will be able to visit all the places you are interested in, no matter where your accommodation is located.

We can’t avoid it, if they tell us about Hiroshima, the first thing that comes to mind is the atomic bomb that hit on August 6, 1945, and you should know that if you decide to visit this Japanese city, your stay will be a carousel of emotions.

You will learn much more about that fateful day, but you will also learn all that the city of Hiroshima has to offer and how it has worked its way through the years to become the beautiful city that it is today.

Hiroshima is located in the Chugoku region of Japan and is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture.On the other hand, there may be snowy days in winter, a great contrast for a city so close to the sea.

The city of Hiroshima is not as busy as the main cities of Japan and is a small break in your itinerary.It is a city very well connected by public transport both locally and with other cities in Japan; you will not have problems moving around.

The best areas to sleep in Hiroshima

You have your itinerary, you have decided that you will spend a couple of days in the city to see all the interesting places without rushing and you need to know where to sleep in Hiroshima.

Accommodation in Hiroshima is very varied and you can find real bargains for very little money or luxury hotels with all services, both options in the heart of the city.</But keep in mind that if your visit coincides with the August 6th anniversary of the atomic bomb tragedy, you will have to book in advance if you don’t want to end up paying too much for a room.

1.Hiroshima Central

The city center is one of the favorite areas for visitors to stay in Hiroshima.

For those with more money, there is the possibility of staying in the best hotels in the city, which increases the budget, for those with more money.

Central Hiroshima has a good tram system, which makes it easier to move around the area, go to the airport and cross the different rivers that divide the city.On the other hand, if you want to go shopping or try the local cuisine, the downtown area has the most restaurants and shops.

Although the center of Hiroshima is not as big as other Japanese cities like Tokyo or Kyoto, it makes it easier to visit and move around.

If you are looking for some partying and nightlife, downtown Hiroshima has some of the best places in town.

However, this is a quite quiet area to rest if you try to have your accommodation near some green areas like parks and big avenues.

The 3 star hotels in the central area are around 60 euros per night in high season (June, July and August) if you book in advance. Remember that August 6 is a key date in Hiroshima and prices soar due to the high hotel demand.

Guest houses and hostels are around 20 euros at this time of year. If you prefer to travel in winter, prices will drop and the city will not be as crowded as in summer. In January you can find a hotel room for 50 euros and hostel rooms for only 15 euros.


2.Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is located in the center of the city.It is one of the busiest places in Hiroshima and receives millions of visitors every year.

Many of the tourists who are going to spend several days in Hiroshima decide to look for accommodation around the park, as it is a very central point of the city and is an ideal location for a visit to the most important museums in Hiroshima.

The availability of accommodation near the Peace Memorial Park is very high, except for the month of August when all nearby accommodation is sold out on the anniversary of the fall of the atomic bomb.

Walking a little north of the Peace Memorial Park you will find the Atomic Bomb Dome, the History Museum, Hiroshima Central Park, the Children’s Museum, the Flame of Peace, the Art Museum, the famous Hiroshima Castle, from which you will have the city at your feet, and the Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine, among many other points of interest.

In addition, thanks to Hiroshima’s public transportation, you can travel from the Peace Memorial Park to any other part of the city in minutes via tram stops.

The surroundings of the Peace Memorial Park are very quiet, ideal for resting. The prices in this area are very similar to those in the center of Hiroshima, with hotels that are around 60 euros a night in high season and 50 euros in low season.

To the east of the Peace Memorial Park, a little way from the center, there are 3-star hotels with very competitive prices that are around 40 euros a night.

If you are looking for cheap options, you can look for a hostel or a guest house, as they usually have rooms for around 20 euros a night. For the extreme savers, a hotel capsule or an internet café are the cheapest options, although less comfortable.

Itsukushima Island (Miyajima)

One of the must see if you travel to Hiroshima is a walk around Itsukushima Island, also known as Miyajima.Spending a night on this island and watching its sunset is a magical experience sought after by many visitors.

This island is connected to Hiroshima by a ferry that has several departures every day. Itsukushima Sanctuary is the main attraction of the island along with the floating torii gate that has caused so many snapshots and the Miyajima cable car.

Accommodations on the island are scarce, as it is a natural place mostly with some temples and wildlife in the wild, and are concentrated in the northwest of the island.It’s such a popular place that the prices in high season are too high, reaching 500 euros per night in some of the resorts.

Here you will find both hotels with Japanese style rooms and other accommodation with western style rooms. In low season things change and you can find prices for 50 euros a night, something much more affordable.


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4.Train Station

Another favorite place for visitors to look for accommodation in Hiroshima is around the train station.It is not as charming as downtown Hiroshima and it is located on the outskirts of the city, but it is very useful if you have to travel to another city or if you are going to stay for a short time.

Public transportation leaves from this station to other parts of the city and trains also leave for other Japanese cities such as Kyoto and Osaka, including the bullet train.

Around the station you can find all kinds of services such as car rental companies, fast food restaurants, shops and local restaurants, and near Hiroshima station you can also find Mazda Zoom-Zoom Baseball Stadium, some temples and entertainment places.If you prefer, you can walk there and it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, but it’s an inconvenient option if you have luggage.

If you are going to visit Itsukushima island, it’s very cost-effective to stay near the station, as the train to the port leaves from here.

Hiroshima station is surrounded by hotels, hostels, and guest houses.An important point to note is that you can find both men’s and women’s hostels exclusively, at very low prices of about $12 per night.

If you are looking to sleep in Hiroshima near the station, you can save a little more than if you stay in the city center. 3-star hotels are about $40 per night in the low season and about $55 in the high season.

Visitors looking to stay in Hiroshima should remember that, around the time of August 6th, prices are skyrocketing and you will not find competitively priced accommodation unless you book in advance.Yokogawa

Yokogawa is a neighborhood in the west of Hiroshima, far from the city center.Before the fall of the atomic bomb, Yokogawa was by far the most popular neighborhood in Hiroshima, full of shops and very crowded.

Today it’s a very quiet and relaxed area, which has managed to maintain a mix between the era of Showa and the hustle and bustle of modern life. It has nothing to do with the Central Hiroshima area, so it may surprise you if you give it a chance.

Because of its quiet and family atmosphere, it is a perfect neighborhood if you want to relax and stay away from the busy spots in Hiroshima. You will be connected to the city center by train and tram, so transportation should not be a problem.

Along the small streets of Yokogawa, you will find shops selling traditional and handmade products, as well as small traditional food shops and places open late.

But don’t think of it as a very closed neighborhood, because you will find many alternative people here who don’t feel quite in tune with modern Hiroshima.

However, Yokogawa has a disadvantage when it comes to accommodations.

Its main advantage is that, as it is a neighborhood far from the city center, prices are lower.In high season you can find a hotel room for 40 euros and in low season for 30 euros.


6.Near the airport

If you arrive in Hiroshima by plane or you are going to take a plane from this city, you should be clear about which airport you are interested in, because Hiroshima has two airports: Hiroshima International Airport and Hiroshima Nishi Airport.

The Hiroshima International Airport is located quite far from the city, about 50 kilometers to the east, and receives domestic and international flights.

It is not as well connected as you would expect, and there is not much to do around it, but the efficiency of Japanese public transportation makes up for this.

Accommodations near the airport are scarce, and are intended for travelers who are just passing through, or for business purposes.

The Hiroshima Nishi Airport is much closer to the capital, just south of downtown Hiroshima. It is an airport only operated by Japan Airlines, with flights to other cities in Japan.

Best place to sleep in Hiroshima

If you are going to visit Hiroshima, the best area to stay is in the Central Zone , which goes from the train station to the Peace Memorial Park. It is a place full of history, impressive monuments, beautiful landscapes and a great cultural richness.

The first visit when arriving is to the Peace Memorial Park , there you will know the Genbaku Dome or Atomic Bomb Dome, the Peace Memorial Museum, the Atomic Bomb Children Statue, the Memorial Mount, the Flame of Peace, the Peace Bell, and other monuments.Every August 6th, a beautiful and moving ceremony is held in this Park that is worth witnessing.

We also recommend visiting the beautiful Hiroshima Castle rebuilt in 1945, which houses a museum on the history of the city before World War II and also offers beautiful views of the city.Another point to visit is the magnificent Shukkeien gardens with more than 400 years of history, and a must see is the Okonomi-mura building full of small restaurants specializing in the typical dish of Hiroshima.

Nearby you will have the Mazda Zoom-Zoom baseball stadium.For shopping go to Hon-dori Street which is full of shops with quality clothing but you also get great deals.For nightlife, Mac Bar and Stevie’s Wunder Bar are some alternatives, if you are going to move within the city you can easily access the electric railway, but to go to the airport the best option is to take a taxi as it is about 50 minutes away.

On the map showing the best area to stay in Hiroshima you can find a selection of the best hotels to stay in.

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Staying near the train station

A good option to stay in Hiroshima if you are traveling around Japan by train (Shinkansen) is to stay in the area near the train station. The area is pleasant and well connected to the rest of the city by tram. If you want to walk, the Peace Memorial Park is 30 minutes away.

If we travel with the Japan Rail Pass we have the advantage that the tourist bus, a good option to tour Hiroshima, stops at the station and is free showing the pass.

If you are going to visit Miyajima, it is also convenient to stay near the station as the two most popular options, the train and the tram, leave from there.

Hotels near the train station

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