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Where to Stay in Osaka: The best places and Neighborhoods

Some of the best areas to stay in Osaka are Namba, Dotonbori, Umeda, and Shinsaibasi.we tell you why and suggest other interesting alternatives adapted to each traveler profile.

Osaka is the third city in Japan by number of is located on the bay of its name and in the south center of the main island of Honshu.Osaka is a very cosmopolitan city that has a lot to offer, not in vain is one of the main tourist destinations in Japan

It is known outside of Japan for its gastronomic culture , very fused and fusionable, such is the taste for eating of the Osaka people that in Japan it is said that the Osaka people would eat themselves to death.The city is famous, of course, for its variety of popular drinks and for the outgoing nature of the people that makes a lot of street life.

Its two international airports are located 15 minutes away by bullet train and the city consists of 24 districts.In Osaka, you can see Japan’s tallest building, Koreatown, and Shitenno-ji, the country’s oldest Buddhist temple which, for the blessing of travelers who like the authentic, is not very popular with tourists.

The best time to visit the city – if you have a keen sense of aesthetics and poetry – is at the time of the cherry blossom The blossom in the city area is usually up, day down, around March 20th.Osaka to love Japan a little more.

The best areas to stay in Osaka

Osaka is said to have the best hotels in the world.Most of the the most luxurious and affordable hotels are located in the districts of Umeda, Namba and Shin-Osaka, although there is no lack of other low budget options in the same neighborhoods.

Osaka is a huge city the size of the big Japanese cities and to get the right accommodation for what you are looking for, the best thing to do is to focus on finding it in a series of districts that are a reference to visit the most significant parts of the city as well.

This is, Namba district, Shinsaibashi district, Dotonbori location, Kita-ku/Umeda district, Honmachi district, Osaka Castle area, Shin-Osaka part, Osaka Bay area and Tennoji.

Namba is ideal for those who want to stay in Osaka and enjoy the nightlife. Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori are perfect areas to stay in Osaka and shop with their boutiques and electronics stores.

Kita-ku/Umeda concentrates some of the most exclusive hotels in the city that will delight those who want to stay in Osaka and not neglect the comforts. Honmachi is an office district with a good ratio of affordable mid-range hotels to sleep in Osaka near bars with typical iron kitchens.

Around the Osaka Castle and the Bay Area there is also a good offer of urban and simple three-star hotels to stay in Osaka near everything.

The Shin-Osaka district is a little far from the center, but it has also a good offer of affordable three- and four-star hotels around the train station to stay in Osaka.


The district of Namba is part of the same city center Going to what counts for a curious traveler, in Namba, you should not miss the Hozenji Temple , the most important historical building of the district.Every visitor helps to bathe – yes, bathe – the statue of the Buddha called Mizukake Fudo. They say that to bring good luck to the bathing man.

Outside the sacred enclosure, you have to walk down an adjacent street that reproduces, with its cobbled floor, the appearance that the historical center of Osaka City should have in the past.

Another recommendation, The Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum This is a very interesting exhibition of Japanese art with a collection of engravings.

But Namba has another, more lively side, with a great nightlife In Namba, there is a large concentration of bars and restaurants with bright neon signs that are no less famous than those in Tokyo.Watch out for restaurants that don’t close and are open 24 hours a day.

In the neighborhood, you can see many picturesque characters wandering the streets, so you won’t get bored with street life.At these restaurants-some with Michelin stars-you can order tayoki, a typical snack, and fried balls made from octopus meat.

Namba is recommended for to stay in Osaka , if you want to be close to what’s going on in the street and to connect on foot with the best of the Japanese city’s nightlife.

Classics in the area are the city hotels with basic amenities and the beehive hotels special for backpackers.four train stations in the Namba area make it easier to connect with the rest of the city’s districts, with the subway (Midosuji line) and with commuter services and, even more, making it easier to transfer to long-distance trains.

– Accommodation in Namba


Shinsaibashi is a district also located in downtown Osaka with a view of the bay. ‘It is also a nightlife area with its bars, discos, many of them, if not all, with its karaoke area.

The most commercial street is Shinsaibashi-suji which is 600 meters long and has more than 400 years of history behind it.The stores of the most important chains in Japan, such as Daimaru stores, Mandarake (video games and electronics) or Uniqlo fashion store, are located on this street.

But you must not lose sight of the small boutiques where you can find unique designs. In the side streets, you can find restaurants with equally suggestive atmospheres and half a dozen very chic cafés (Japanese style).This is Amerikamura , which specializes in American-style boutiques and shops, and vintage and low-cost environments.

To complete your visit, we recommend you visit Mitsuhachimangu Shinto Shrine , which was founded in the 8th century.

Of course, Shinsaibashi is ideal for those who travel to the city and want to sleep in Osaka near shopping malls.

Watch out, because sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the free from the occupied, red lights, free, green lights, occupied, valid for all districts of Osaka

A recommendation for lovers of friendly and close experiences: a good way to know the city is the concept Cycle Osaka , a bike service to pedal and street to reference places to visit yes or no.

– Shinsaibashi Accommodation


Dotonbori is located on the south of Namba and in a historical water channeling area, it is also a commercial, leisure and nightlife area .

In the area there are popular restaurants where you can order what everyone wants: kushikatsu, fried pork and vegetables stuck on a stick.

For those looking for more elaborate dishes, you can also find and order tsukune, skewers made from chicken meatballs, yakiniku, a type of grilled meat, and as a starter kitsune udon, udon noodles with tofu.

One of the signs of identity of Dontobori is its neon signboard like the famous Glico Man whose original was installed in the place in 1935.But the neighborhood is also known for its bridges that cross its main channel.

Ebisubashi bridge is precisely in front of the bright Glico Man, a place that is usually a place to stay among the Osaqueños.’, The bridges at Dōtonboribashi and Nipponbashi mark the beginning and end of the main shopping area in the district, and among these are the best urban hotels in the district for sleeping in Osaka, and the hotels at Tazaemonbashi and Aiaibashi are for pedestrians only.

The subway lines are the most recommended to move around in the area, these city trains have the peculiarity of running their routes under the ground of the city, but also in the open air and 20 meters from the ground, something that represents an opportunity to discover the city in each route.

Dotonbori is also a perfect district for to stay in Osaka if you want to discover its more commercial side.

– Dotonbori Accommodation


Kita-ku/Umeda is located immediately south of the Shinsaibashi district.Kita-ku/Umeda is the financial and business area in Osaka City and is home to the main office towers including the skyscrapers in Nishi-Umeda, Dojima and Nakanoshima.A true skyline of Osaka City.

Two references for moving in and out of Kita-ku/Umeda are the Osaka North Gate and Osaka Grand Front stations that concentrate all the combined transport services.

The top brand boutiques stand out in this district.

The hotels in the district are the highest level on average, many of them are frequented by executives who come to the area on business trips.But there are also affordable hotels with a much more interesting quality/price ratio than other districts like Namba.

– Accommodation in Kita-ku/Umeda

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The Honmachi district is located a short distance from Kita district in the north and Minami district in the south.Honmachi is not the center of Osaka’s attractions, but it is full of mid-level hotels to stay in Osaka, and best of all, reasonably priced .

Honmachi is a office area and therefore there are plenty of restaurants and bars serving this floating working population.Another advantage is that the neighborhood is located on the Midosuji (M18) subway line, which guarantees the fastest and best mobility for visitors to Osaka.

In Honmachi, you should visit the Utsubo-koen Park .Osaka is a city with a large deficit of green spaces, and this public garden is a blessing in disguise.

The best restaurants can be found around Honmachi Station , where many Japanese style grilled dishes are prepared.

Osaka Castle

The Osaka Castle area is one of the most visited areas by travelers arriving in the city and is the same fortress located in the center of the city .

The castle occupies an area of approximately one square kilometre and the building is raised on two prominent levels over a moat with water. The structures that can be visited in the complex have thirteen locations: towers, interior rooms of the fortress and storage and service areas.

Osaka Castle is accessible from Osakajōkōen station on the JR West Osaka Loop line. In the castle gardens , in the large park surrounding the castle, cherry blossoms are celebrated every year with a series of popular events

The park is also the location of the Osaka Business Park.Nearby, in the same park, it is worth visiting Hokoku Shrine , a building dedicated in the 16th century to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a Japanese regent who has left traces of similar tributes in other Shinto religious buildings around the country.

There is a more than excellent offer of three star hotels in the surroundings of Osaka Castle Park at prices of a four star in Spain.

– Osaka Castle Accommodation


Shin-Osaka ie bullet train (shinkansen), the mythical Japanese fast train.Most of the travelers who come to the city from other cities in the country do so through this district and its train station which is a key location to move between subway lines throughout Osaka.

In Shin-Osaka, the truth is that there is not much to see .The area is located a short distance from the city center, north of the Yodo-gawa River, but there are many mid-priced restaurants and hotels that may be interesting to combine with a fast subway ride to any part of Osaka.One such place is Water Service Memorial , an eclectic-style building that was built in 1914 across the Yodo River to house the city’s water distribution services (1-3-1, Kunijima).

– Shin-Osaka Accommodation

8.Osaka Bay

Osaka Bay is the large central area surrounding the inlet overlooking the Japanese city.The origin of the city as a port and commercial facility, the main attractions in the area of Osaka Bay are the Osaka Aquarium and the location of the Universal Studios in Japan.

The Osaka Aquarium is a five minute walk from Osakako Station (Osaka Port), Osaka Chuo Line or Techno Port Line.The largest pond brings together the species of the Pacific Ocean.

During the weekends, musicians and street performers offer sweet, almost spontaneous sound entertainment outside the facilities.

The other recommended area to visit, Universal Studios, is , the second largest theme park in Japan To get there, take the JR Yumesaki line and get off at Universal Studios station, which is also a family attraction.

Osaka is a city with a lot of homeless people living on the streets because, in general, food prices in supermarkets are significantly lower than in other cities.Don Quijote is a chain of discount and novelty stores with over 400 stores in Japan, Hawaii and Singapore.If you are looking for a souvenir shop, , their shops are the best place to find souvenirs to take home. The Japanese call the Don Quixote ‘Donkis’.

– Osaka Bay Accommodation

9.This is a shopping district in which there are three major shopping and entertainment centers: Mio Tennoji, Abeno Cues Town and Abeno Harukas which is underground and huge.

Highlights in the district precisely the art museum Abeno Harukas , on the 16th floor of the great skyscraper Harukas 300.On the highest floors of the building, is located the second highest panoramic platform in Japan which is a privileged place to observe the city from a bird’s eye view.

The Shitennoji Temple is one of the oldest religious buildings in Japan and is in this area of Osaka City.Its Zen garden is a delight and the five floors of the pagoda defy gravity.

A must for travelers on a tighter travel budget to stay in Osaka. Backpackers have made the cheap hotels around JR Shin-Imamiya Station and also the Midosuji Line subway famous for sleeping in Osaka at a price that is more than advantageous by Japanese standards.

Tennoji Railway Station is a key reference for getting around the city by subway connecting to any city line.

– Accommodation in Tennoji

Osaka to love Japan a little more

What is the best area to stay in Osaka?

Osaka is one of Japan’s most prominent industrial centers and the third largest city in the country after Tokyo and Yokohama.

The best areas to stay in Osaka are Namba, Dotonbori and Shinsaibasi , all of them located in Minami, which is the name of the southern area of Osaka, is the entertainment and shopping area, and concentrates the most exclusive commercial areas of the city and the most visited by tourists.

This is where you will find the most restaurants, bars, discos, game rooms and a wide range of hotels to stay; it is also a paradise for shopping lovers because it offers a wide variety of shopping centers such as the old Takashimaya, the avant-garde Namba Parks shopping center and Shinsaibashi-suji boulevard.

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Namba, Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, the best places to stay in Osaka

On the main island of the archipelago, at the mouth of the Yodo River, is Osaka, one of the country’s most important ports and industrial centers; it is also the capital of Osaka Prefecture.The city has two centers, to the south is the Minami district and to the north, the Kita district, which is around the Osaka and Umeda stations.Minami is the most popular entertainment and shopping district in Osaka, as it is where the most attractive areas of the city are located, such as Namba, the entertainment destination par excellence. This area is also known for having the main station in the south-central region, grouping JR Namba Station, Kintetsu, Nankai and three lines of the Osaka Municipal Metro.


The streets of Namba are always full of tourists and locals, and Namba Parks is an impressive green space that combines a shopping mall, a park and a place to walk.It features numerous restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisine: Japanese, Korean, Italian and more, as well as international brand stores, an amphitheater for live performances and a space for the little ones in the house. The main attraction of Namba Parks is the huge rooftop garden that allows visitors to escape from the hectic city and evokes the shape of the ancient gardens of Babylon.The paths that run through the park have a semi-circular shape similar to the Grand Canyon, which is remarkable in an eastern country like Japan. Namba Parks is a true architectural marvel and was designed by Jon A. Jerde inspired by the vegetation and a futuristic design.

Namba’s accommodation offerings are dominated by 1 and 2 star hotels, which are very popular in Japan, making it difficult to find affordable accommodation.

In the Namba area, you can also visit Hozenji Temple, a Buddhist temple that was built in the 17th century and is decorated with a set of paper lanterns.One of the highlights of the temple is the statue of Buddha called Mizukake Fudo that visitors bathe in water, because it is said to bring good luck.The Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum, the only one in the world with a permanent exhibition of Kamigate Ukiyoe, printed wooden blocks from the Kyoto/Osaka region, is located near the temple.Another attraction is the National Bunraku Theater, where performances of Bunraku, a Japanese theatrical art, are held.

Hotels in Namba


Dotonbori right on the outskirts of Namba is the area of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, which is always full of locals and visitors during the day, and especially at night when their neon lights shine, making this place a unique area of entertainment and nightlife.Originally, the Dotonbori channel was built for river transport and its banks were home to a large number of theatres and cafés for those passing through the city.The tradition continued and today, it still welcomes tourists to its entertainment venues and food stalls to sample typical Osaka dishes such as fried octopus balls, popular takoyaki and okonomiyaki. There are two emblematic symbols on Dotonbori , the Kani Doraku crab, a mechanical advertising sign in the shape of a crab belonging to a restaurant specializing in crab, and the Glico Man neon sign, an advertising for a candy brand.

Tourist apartments dominate the accommodation offer in Dotonbori, a cheaper way to stay in the ever-expensive Osaka.

Hotels in Dotonbori


North of the famous Dotonbori Canal is the area of Shinsaibashi , the main shopping area in Osaka, which finds its maximum expression in the Shinsaibashi -suji, A boulevard that has become a shopping paradise for world travelers because it is home to department stores like Parco, Loft, Tokyu Hands, international brand stores and hundreds of small shops filled with all the items you are looking for.

In Shinsaibashi there is also an abundance of apartments and most of the hotels are 3-star hotels with some metro station nearby.

Another of the most attractive destinations in the Minami district is an area known as Amerikamura (America’s Village), a shopping area for Western (especially American) products, which is now very popular with the younger generation in Osaka because of the trendy fashion shops, vintage clothing, live music venues, cafes, bars and clubs.In the center, there is a triangular-shaped park with benches to relax and have a good time while enjoying street shows and watching young people dressed in extravagant costumes.

Hotels in Shinsaibashi

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