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Where to stay in amman

What is the best area to stay in Amman?

Amman, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is situated in a mountainous region in the northwest, between the desert and the fertile Jordan Valley, and is the hub of commercial and administrative life.It is one of the oldest cities in the world and its landscape is full of contrasts, with a mixture of designer shops, sophisticated boutiques and world-class restaurants, with surprisingly old buildings in different corners of the city.

To stay in Amman, we recommend the best area: Shmeisani, the commercial district of the city with a wide variety of shops, art galleries, craft workshops, boutiques and restaurants, located in what is known as the third circle, and just minutes from this area, you can reach the city center, the most traditional part of Amman.In addition, Shmeisani offers a wide range of hotels with restaurants, cafes and meeting rooms for conferences and business meetings.

If your next destination is Amman, we recommend you to stay in Shmeisani, an exclusive area, strategically located and offering security to tourists.

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Shmeisani, the best area to stay in Amman

Also known as the White City, Amman concentrates almost half of Jordan’s population thanks to its prosperity and mild climate, it is a city that combines tradition with modernity, from the typical souks and old buildings to modern structures in new developments located to the west of the city.The best time of year to travel to Amman is during the months of May and June, just before the beginning of summer when it is not so hot, and the months of October to March are humid and cold.Shmeisani is in the third circle, also known as King Talal Square, and is characterized by a wide range of hotels in the city, as well as restaurants that offer everything from Italian cuisine to Mongolian menus.

Some of the most popular restaurants are Romero’s, the Lebanese restaurant Argeelah and the Italian restaurant Incontro. For travellers who want to taste the typical food of Jordan, there are also numerous restaurants with live shows, as well as high quality pastry shops to have a coffee or to please the palate with the many traditional sweets. For sports lovers, there is the sports complex, Al Hussein Youth City and the National Stadium in Amman.Shmeisani is only a 10 minute drive from the city center, the oldest part of Amman.

Other areas to sleep in Amman


The city center, the oldest part of Amman, is located towards the first circle.The Citadel, an ancient Greek acropolis, is Amman’s main tourist attraction, with a variety of exotic markets along its streets and the Gold Souq, famous for its silver and gold crafts, carpets, cushions, ceramics and much more.Also on the hill of the Citadel in Amman you will find the Archaeological Museum of Jordan, a museum built in 1951 with artifacts dating from prehistoric times to the 15th century and pieces of everyday life, such as flint, glass, metal, pottery, jewelry and statues.

Tourists should not miss the Roman Theater, an ancient theater built during the reign of Antonio Pio (138-161 AD).Its stands have been preserved and the stage has been rigorously restored. Near the theatre is the odeon, which seats about 500 spectators. Behind its entrances are the Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions, which shows the daily life of the ancient Bedouins, and Byzantine mosaics, and the Museum of Folklore, with a collection dedicated to the life of nomads in the Jordanian desert.As a curiosity, from the center and taking the road, you can reach the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized.


It is the fashionable district of the city, known for the large number of shops, malls, restaurants and cafes.Al Baraka Mall is the most visited tourist shopping point, located in the heart of the district and home to more than 100 international brands and movie theaters. Another landmark of the area is Agencies Street or Wakalat Street, with a charming pedestrian area to walk, shop in the dozens of shops and stop at the sophisticated cafes.

There are several bus lines in the area, but most of the locals use their own vehicles, unlike the residents of other areas who use public transport more frequently. There are also taxis in Swefieh, which go to other areas in the west. The streets of Swefieh are narrow and show cars parked on each side, very similar to the European style.


Abdoun is a residential area of Amman, considered the richest and most prestigious district of the city, where you can find the most expensive real estate.

In this area you will find the Abdoun Mall, one of the most important luxury shopping centers in Jordan, with an elegant atmosphere, which covers three floors and offers visitors many shops with world-class brands that make it a perfect place to shop, since its opening has been a major tourist attraction in the area.

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