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Where to stay in cádiz

Which is the best area to stay in Cádiz?

If you are going to visit the unique and spectacular city of Cádiz, you should take into account that the best area to stay is the historical centre of the city.

La Victoria Beach is one of the best urban beaches in Europe, its more than 3 km long offers all the services and entertainment that we can demand from a beach destination, it is a good option if we want to alternate beach with city.Its narrow streets lead us to discover its vast historical heritage, while its bars and shops tempt us at all times. The Cathedral Square is one of the references to be taken into account to know if our hotel is central.In the centre you can also find most of the tourist attractions of the city: The Cathedral, the Gadir archaeological site, the Tavira Tower, the Central Market and the Caleta beach.

Many hotels in the centre are housed in old historical buildings and do not have much capacity, which makes it convenient to book them in advance especially on dates with high demand such as the carnival .

In the map that shows the historical centre of Cádiz , you can find the best hotels where to stay .

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Playa de la Victoria, the other area to stay in the city

If what we want is to enjoy the beach, Cádiz offers us one of the best urban beaches in Spain and Europe. 3 km of fine sand beach, fully equipped with all services, easily accessible and with its beach bars open in summer.

The hotel offer is not very big compared to the one in the city center, being more extensive the offer of tourist apartments along the Paseo Marítimo, we can enjoy its terraces and restaurants throughout the day and night.

Hotels in Playa de la Victoria

Cheap accommodation in Cádiz

As we can see in the graph of the evolution of the price of a three star hotel in Cádiz, the prices are very changeable during the year.’, ‘During the summer months, the prices of the rooms are doubled to coincide with the holiday period in Spain.

So if we want to find cheap accommodation in Cadiz we should visit it in the winter months when the price is cheaper or opt for other cheaper accommodation options: apartments, hostels or hostels.

An exception to the prices in the winter period are the carnivals of Cádiz, which are held in February during which the prices of the beds can rise to the levels of the high season prices.

Where to sleep near Cádiz

If in addition to visiting the city of Cádiz we want to visit the whole province or we do not find suitable accommodation in the city we can stay in one of the many tourist destinations near the capital.

  • Jerez de la Frontera: located only 36 km away, Jerez de la Frontera is one of the great Andalusian cities that can serve as a base for visiting Cádiz. Jerez is not only its wines and an architecture of singular buildings, Jerez offers much more to everyone: land of the Carthusian horse, the fighting bull, cradle of the art of flamenco, city of the motor and the great events, monumental center declared of Artistic – Historical interest and much more.
  • El Puerto de Santa María: located only 17 km from Cádiz, El Puerto de Santa María is, with its 6 km of fine sand beaches, golden in colour, which, together with a brilliant sun and a sea of fresh and crystalline waters, one of the main beach destinations in the province of Cádiz.

  • Chiclana de la Frontera: 24 km from Cádiz is another of the most popular beach destinations in the province, Chiclana de la Frontera, the Novo Sancti Petri tourist complex, which has the largest number of hotel beds in the province of Cádiz and in the whole of the Costa de la Luz.
  • Conil de la Frontera: further on, 50 km south of Chiclana de la Frontera, Conil de la Frontera is one of the favourite beach destinations in the province of Cadiz in summer, a very nice village with a spectacular beach, full of bars and restaurants to alternate and a lot of walking.


In summary, if we want to visit the city of Cadiz the best thing to do is to stay in the old walled town where there is everything to see.

If we do not want to stay in the city we have many other options to be near, among them are Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Chiclana de la Frontera and Conil de La Frontera.

If we can choose the time of year for our visit it will be cheaper to visit Cadiz in winter and much more expensive in summer, the high season for tourism.

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