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Where to stay in zebu

What is the best place to stay in Cebu?

Cebu is an island in the Western Pacific that is part of the Philippines.Although there are still remnants of the influence of Spain, which colonized the island in the 16th century, Cebu offers a unique sense of Philippine life.

Hundreds of diving schools can be found in the main tourist centers of the island, Lapu Lapu and Malapascua are undoubtedly the best places to practice this sport in Cebu.Both sites offer accommodation next to luxurious beaches, but also have a good offer for the backpacker market. Lapu Lapu is also a very popular place for family trips, with a lot of hotels offering activities for children and youth.

Behind the diving schools lie the fantastic beaches… Moalboal is a very bustling city, where people from all walks of life gather to enjoy fantastic diving during the day, and an exciting nightlife once the sun goes down.

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Best places to stay in Cebu

Cebu City

Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines, full of history and still retaining some of the old world charm.Cebu can be a starting point for many, but for others it’s a stopover: the large shopping malls, the food on the streets and the lively nightlife make it a great place to get lost and let your hair down.

Cebu City is noisy and dusty, so it’s not a place to stay if you’re looking for a family vacation.The site is much more suitable for singles or couples, who are looking to get to know and enjoy the Philippine culture and take advantage of their vacation in an energetic city.

While the city may look a little dirty in certain parts, the dust is shaken to perfection by the large hotels that offer a luxury stay for foreign guests.The best way to get to know Cebu is to stroll around the city and soak up the atmosphere, but there are also sights to explore, such as Fort San Pedro, which was built when the first Spanish colonists discovered Cebu in the 16th century.

The city’s great infrastructure means that tourists can spend a few days in Cebu before moving to one of its islands for a more traditional beach vacation.

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Moalbal is the ideal place for diving in Cebu, and thousands of divers visit the city every year to enjoy the wonderful marine life of the area.Panagsama beach is the center of attention in Moalboal, with hotels, bars and restaurants offering a lot of different options for different pockets. Panagsama can get very crowded during the high season, but a little further down the coast we find a much quieter area: Playa Blanca.Playa Blanca is more relaxed and much cleaner than the usual Panagsama, making it attractive to locals as well as tourists looking for a little peace and quiet.

The area attracts mainly young adventure lovers, and offers canyoning, sea and river kayaking and diving, as well as other popular activities.There are diving schools for newcomers, offering classes and equipment rental, as well as plenty of nice beach bars and shops to get lost in.

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Malapascua offers a true taste of paradise with its crystal clear waters and long golden beaches.Couples and newlyweds, looking for a romantic spot, head to this island, which offers a unique opportunity to relax and be pampered in the area’s luxury hotels.

There are a few luxury hotels on the island, but most of the accommodation options will come in the form of small ground floor cabins, which are perched in the middle of the villagers’ houses.The resorts of Malapascua offer everything you would expect from an exotic beach holiday: sun, sand, sea, cocktails… and if you really want to enjoy the beach to the fullest, some hotels even offer luxury beachfront rooms. There are sections of the island popular with backpackers who want to get away from it all, so cheaper accommodation can also be found.Once again, diving is the most popular tourist attraction, with dozens of dive centres offering professional support for people looking to see the wonders of the ocean.

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Lapu Lapu

Lapu Lapu is an urban city that occupies a large part of the island of Mactan.Despite being highly populated, tourists can still find quiet spots in its many luxury hotels.Lapu Lapu is particularly popular with families, and many hotels pride themselves on having facilities and services specially adapted for children.the beaches surrounding the hotels are very clean and the waters are safe, so children can spend hours playing on the beach or in the hotel pool.There is also a large water park for families, and the La Selva Cultural Entertainment Center in Maribago offers parties, excursions and packages for people of all ages.

You can shop at the small Uni Top Mall or go to the city market, which will give you an idea of what life is like in Mactán.The nightlife is lively but not noisy, befitting a family destination, but there are busy bars and clubs in the city centre for those who want to party.In addition to hotels for all budgets, Lapu-Lapu has a number of holiday rentals, for those who want to party even more or who wish to stay on the island for a longer period.

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