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Where to stay in manila

What is the best part of Manila to stay in?

If your next travel destination is Manila, you can stay in the Ermita, the best area of the capital of the Philippines .Manila is located on the east coast of the homonymous bay and is the second most populated city in the Philippines, which brings together in one place the most important historical sites, government headquarters, as well as the offices of leading scientific and educational institutions.

La Ermita is the commercial and cultural heart of Manila and offers tourists and locals the widest variety of entertainment options, from casinos, nightclubs, clubs and bars, to the most relevant tourist attractions such as Rizal Park, Roxas Boulevard and Robinsons Place shopping center, in addition to a wide range of hotels for all tastes.

Get to know the tourist attractions and the many cultural and leisure activities offered by the Ermita, the privileged area of Manila, perfect for safe accommodation in the heart of the Philippines.

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Ermita, the best area to stay in Manila

Manila is the second most populated city in the country, located on the coast of the bay of the same name, next to the mouth of the river Pásig.It is characterized by being a metropolis with long streets, with a very agitated traffic during the day. On the other hand, the area of the Hermitage, also called La Hermita, is one of the 16 geographical districts of the city and has its origin in the 16th century. In fact, its name is due to a hermitage that had been built in the area, in honor of the image of Our Lady of the Guide, the oldest Marian image in the Philippines, venerated by the locals as the patron saint of sailors and travelers.

The shrine is currently the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Guidance, a place of great historical and religious interest. The area of the shrine houses numerous government offices such as the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the highest body of the judicial branch of the country, which is responsible for the administrative oversight of all courts in the Philippines and their employees.A few steps away from the Supreme Court’s headquarters is the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), the largest public hospital administered by the University of the Philippines, founded in 1910.Its history dates back to the beginning of the 19th century during the Spanish colony and is named after the martyr Dr. Jose Rizal, who was declared a hero of the Philippine Revolution. The park has 24-hour security, guarded by ceremonial soldiers known as the Knights of Rizal, but it is recommended to visit during daylight hours.

The crescent-shaped park has become a meeting place for city dwellers and tourists from all over the world, who organize picnics and attend concerts and art performances, which are usually held in open-air auditoriums with free admission. The park also features a small artificial lake, as well as Asian gardens, the headquarters of the Main Tourism Office, the Philippine People’s Museum, the National Library of the Philippines, the Orchidarium and the Butterfly Pavilion and much more.”, ‘

The Roxas Boulevard is a promenade that borders the shore of Manila Bay, the ideal place to appreciate an unforgettable sunset or to taste a typical dish, it is also a main road artery of eight channels, to make your purchases at the Hermitage, you can visit the mall Robinsons Place Manila, a good place to buy souvenirs, eat or just walk.Strategically located in the heart of Manila behind the Philippine General Hospital, it has 240,000 square meters and 7 levels of shops offering the widest variety of local and international brands, as well as food establishments and entertainment venues.Another of the most popular tourist sites in La Ermita is the Manila Ocean Park, the first world-class park that shows everything related to marine life.

A few minutes from La Ermita, is Intramuros, a walled and restored area that preserves historical sites of great interest to visitors.For example, the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Manila, also known as the Manila Cathedral, a prominent Roman Catholic basilica in honor of the Chief Patroness of the Philippines, is also the Basilica of the Government of the Philippines and the highest seat of the Archbishop in the country.In the surrounding area, you can also visit the Church of St. Augustine, the oldest church in the Philippines, which was included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

Other areas to stay in Manila

Malate It is an old neighborhood of the city, located right next to the district of La Ermita.It is the epicenter of entertainment and leisure with outdoor cafes and local cuisine, live music and performances, and artistic performances. It has been considered the place for “street parties” and the center of gay nightlife in the Philippines.

Highlights the Baywalk, a promenade overlooking the bay, which is located along Roxas Boulevard.Also in Malate is the Harrison Plaza, a modern shopping mall for shopping and strolling; the Rizal Memorial Stadium, the first multipurpose stadium in the Philippines, especially used for soccer and athletics; and the Manila Zoo and Botanical Garden, which receives millions of visitors each year and is especially popular with visitors during the weekends.

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