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Where to stay in rodas

What is the best part of Rhodes to stay on?

Rhodes is the largest and most fertile island of the Greek Dodecanese, southwest of the Turkish coast and one of the most visited areas of the country due to its warm and sunny climate and its wide range of tourist attractions.The buildings and monuments of Rhodes are a mixture of all kinds of architectural styles such as Ottoman, Venetian and Byzantine, a luxury for history lovers who want to enjoy culture as part of their holidays.

Lindos is the typical Greek city with white houses and cobbled streets.The capital of the island, Rhodes, proudly preserves its old town, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the favorite destination of young people is Faliraki, a city full of partying and nightlife, while in Kolymbia, you can enjoy a quiet family vacation on the beach, the complex of Kiotari offers all kinds of luxury facilities and villas for rent.The charming Pefkos is a quiet town, perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway or seniors.

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Best places to stay in Rhodes


Lindos, founded in the 10th century B.C, is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Rhodes; it is the living image of a typical Greek city, with its stone streets, its small white houses adorned with large pots and olive trees… Everything in the purest “Mamma Mia!If you wish to stay a few days in Lindos, you can enjoy a swim in its two main beaches: Pallas in the North, and St. Paul’s Bay in the South.both are perfect places to practice snorkeling, since they are home to a lot of fauna and flora, although if you prefer, you can contemplate the wonders of its marine ecosystem from a boat with a glass floor.At night you can enjoy all kinds of places and taverns run by local families.

The city is full of ruins and historic buildings, heritage of the various civilizations that hosted over the centuries, which can be explored and sure not leave them indifferent, and can better understand the current reality of the area.

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The city of Rhodes is the capital of the island and is situated in the North East of the island; it is one of the smallest cities in terms of the land it occupies, although on the contrary, it is the most populated, Due to an earthquake in 226 B.C., the metropolis was orphaned by one of the seven wonders of the ancient world: The Colossus of Rhodes, yet the locals proudly preserve the old town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where you can stroll down the picturesque street of the Knights and visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights, which will undoubtedly transport you to the Middle Ages.

In addition to visiting the ruins and the old town, if you decide to spend a few days in Rhodes you can relax on a small pebble beach, and also stay in a much more modern area, full of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy chatting and having a few drinks.

Hotels in Rhodes Town


Faliraki is the ideal place for those insatiable looking for a city that never sleeps and parties 24 hours a day.Faliraki is a perfect destination for thousands of young people from all over Europe, especially from the UK, where you will find many discos, English pubs and traditional taverns where you can have a good time and meet other university students.

Apart from the non-stop partying, the city offers all kinds of water sports and beach activities to entertain you during the day.If you decide to stay in Faliraki, you can enjoy a fun day sliding down the slides of the largest water park in Europe.

The early risers… or the stragglers who have not yet gone to sleep, can witness every morning the fishermen unloading the catch of the day in the port of St. Apostolos, a real spectacle!

Hotels in Faliraki


Kolymbia is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a quiet beach holiday with your family; it is a seaside resort, with no big luxuries or such frenetic activity as Faliraki. There are only a handful of restaurants and shops where you can buy souvenirs, making it an ideal place for those looking for peace and relaxation.

If you choose Kolymbia as your holiday destination, you will be able to enjoy its fine golden sand beaches and stroll along its picturesque promenade, where the locals are looking for a catch of the day.

Hotels in Kolymbia


Kiotari is a small town that is a breath of fresh air for all those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday, perfect for the family.If you decide to spend a few days in the city, you can stay in all kinds of establishments such as apartments, hotels and villas of different prices, you can go shopping in its streets full of souvenir shops and restaurants or in the city’s shopping centre, where you are sure to find everything you need.

Kiotari extends along an impressive large beach that attracts thousands of tourists year after year in search of tranquility in its clear waters, the city serves as a shuttle base for many tourists, from which they can visit many other corners of the island.

Hotels in Kiotari


Pefkos, situated on the east coast of Rhodes, is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Scandinavians, Poles and Germans.It is a charming resort that will make you feel at home… although with a little more sun and wine! If you decide to stay in Pefkos, you can stay in their hotels, apartments or villas, and enjoy a fantastic day on its blue flag beach, where you can rent water skates, boats and jet skis.

When night falls, locals and tourists gather in restaurants, bars and taverns where the atmosphere is very friendly.

Whether you are looking for an authentic Greek holiday or all of your home comforts with the added sunshine, Rhodes is the island to head to, for rest, relaxation and lots of fun.

Hotels in Pefkos

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