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Where to stay in Moscow: The best places and hotels

Moscow is one of the largest capitals in Europe, also one of the most expensive cities to live in, but that does not mean that its accommodation offer does not suit all budgets. If you are going to visit it you will be interested in knowing which are the best areas to stay in Moscow , and what you can find in each of them.

There are many and varied , hotels of all stars, hostels, apartments and even holiday rentals with family atmosphere included. The central area , the Kremlin Palace district, has a wide offer of all types of accommodation.

It is not difficult to find a comfortable place in the neighbourhoods of Arbat, Khamovniki, Tverskoy or Basmanny , in a ring of historical neighbourhoods located between ten and fifteen minutes from the centre of Moscow.

Accommodations in these areas are well connected with any area of Moscow with the help of the metro system, with the addition of its stations.A luxury, or as many call it, the largest (underground) museum in Moscow.

  • The best place to stay in Moscow: Kitai-Gorod (Red Square)
  • A central and charming area: Arbat
  • A neighborhood to sleep in Moscow with your family: Basmanny
  • Cheap accommodation in Moscow: Presnensky
  • To go out: Tverskoy and Maryina Roshcha
  • A stylish area to go shopping: Tverskoy
  • Other central areas to be close to everything Khamovniki and Yakimanka

The best areas to stay in Moscow

While the best areas to stay in Moscow , and the most popular, are Kitay-gorod and Red Square, Arbat, and Teverskaya , others like Basmanny, Khamovniki, the Jewish Moscow neighborhood of Marina Rosha, Yakimanka, and Presnensky, including the popular Patriarshiye Pond are also a good choice.

Moscow offers neighborhoods, slums, and districts in and around the historical center (with good transportation connections) to discover and to include in a travel agenda if you really want to see the Russian capital on foot.

Whether you stay there or not, it will be good for you to get to know the most interesting districts and areas of the capital of Moscow.

1.Red Square, Kitai-gorod, the best place to stay in Moscow

Kitai-gorod , where Red Square is located, is the first district on our list.

Kitai-gorod is the residential and business area where you can find the also agglutinates some of the most important tourist attractions the city like the Red Square itself, the old medieval walls of Moscow, palaces, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lubyanka and Slavyanskaya squares, the Monastery of the Epiphany, with its golden dome, and much more.

In the area, there is a mix of historical buildings , such as palaces, churches, Art Nouveau houses, traditional Russian architecture and Soviet-era blocks. Kitai-gorod is a quiet residential neighborhood, but it is also characterized by being one of the reference areas of the Moscow nightlife with its night clubs.

In addition its restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, museums and parks offer different options to feed the leisure time.

Although there is a wide range of accommodation in all ranges, the medium high and luxury options are the ones that predominate in this area.

In recent times a number of establishments have opened aimed at more modest budgets but given the great popularity of the area unless you book well in advance it is quite complicated to find cheap accommodation in Moscow in this area .


Four Seasons Hotel Moscow: We start with the recommended hotels in Moscow with this very luxurious hotel.Located a few metres from Red Square and very close to Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Bolshoi Theatre, it is a proposal for the most demanding guests.

Design Hotel Senator (£): You don’t need to leave a fortune behind to stay in Moscow in the centre and in full comfort.The Design Hotel Senator offers you the best of a 4-star hotel at reasonable prices near Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral

Not exactly the most modern hotel in Moscow, but its rooms are cozy.

Safari Hostel: It really is in Tverskoy, but it is so close to Red Square that it is worth including it in this area.

2.Arbat, an area where to sleep in central Moscow and with a very good atmosphere

Discovering jobs, the neighborhood of Arbat can be a good start. Arbat is, above all, its main street, the first street that became pedestrian in Moscow.Interestingly, Arbat means ‘on the outskirts’, a name that comes from when the area was a suburb of the city.

Today, Arbat is , a ten minute walk from the Kremlin . In this district, the restless traveler can find restaurants that offer the best of Russian Federation cuisine.There are also Russian souvenir shops (authentic) and a good atmosphere on the street when the weather is nice.

Arbat cafes hosted the most grandiose of Moscow’s bohemian in the 19th century, read Pushkin. Today, that atmosphere has returned to a neighborhood that was on the verge of disappearing under the pickaxe.

In terms of accommodation, the proximity to the Kremlin has led to a proliferation of buildings being converted into holiday apartments and small guesthouses and hotels , although there is no shortage of a dozen large luxury hotels in the Moscow style .

It is undoubtedly one of the best options for stay in Moscow .You won’t go wrong if you choose it as a base camp.


Lotte Hotel Moscow, The Leading Hotels of the World: The elegant rooms of this luxurious hotel are combined with a first class spa, a 20 meter indoor swimming pool, and its Michelin star awarded OVO restaurant.

Azimut Hotel Slomenskaya Moscow (£): This is one of the best 4 star hotels in Moscow and stands out for its value for’s just a few steps from the famous Stary Arbat Street and well connected by metro.

Arbat Inn (£): A cheap hotel with modern and comfortable rooms very well located in the Arbat district.Basmanny, ideal for staying with a family in Moscow

Basmanny is another of Moscow’s historic districts. Downtown and northeast of Red Square , yes, the classic reference.\n\nTranslated with (free version).In the 18th century, it was a kind of ghetto, the only place where foreigners could live.

Today it is easy to identify its boundaries, you just have to mark three lines connecting the metro stations of Kurskaya, Baumanskaya and Rimskaya, the inside of the resulting triangle, there is Basmanny.

This is a neighbourhood with a certain spiritual air, where there is no lack of those buildings from the Soviet era built in series and without personality (and without embellishment).

The spiritual aspect comes from the abundance of churches and monasteries notable ones that are a reference in the Moscow capital by the Yauza River, such as the Church of St. Nikita Martyr, the largest baroque temple in Moscow, the Churches of the Holy Trinity or the Church of St. Peter and Paul.

In Basmanny , don’t miss the collection of icons from the Andrei Rublev Museum of Russian Art located in a temple that is one of the oldest buildings in the city.

In this area there is a good offer of hostels at very affordable prices and with the basic amenities, which are ideal for backpackers, couples and families always willing to make savings.

Given its proximity to the center is an alternative to consider for stay in Moscow , especially if you’re looking for cheap accommodation .


Moss Boutique Hotel: It is one of the few luxury offers in the area.Its rooms and facilities in general have a very careful, modern and elegant decoration.

Mercure Moscow Baumanskaya (euro): This 4 star hotel is very well connected by public transport.

Denisovsky Dovorik (Euro): The Denisovsky Dovorik has simple but comfortable rooms and is a 3-star hotel with very good reviews, an interesting option for those travelling on a tight budget.

Hostel Radio (Euro): Who says it’s not possible to stay in Moscow cheaply- This hostel offers beds in shared dormitories for under 10 euros, one of the best rated in the Russian capital.

If you are going to visit other places in Russia besides this article about the best places to stay in Moscow may interest you: Where to stay in St. Petersburg

4.Khamovniki, centrally located with good restaurants

The Khamovniki district is also located in the Moscow center , but on the opposite side of Basmanny, in the southwest from the Kremlin Palace, which is a fifteen minute walk away.

The district is located on one of the bends of the Moscow River, between the Boulevard Ring and the Garden Ring, and is popularly known as ‘The Golden Mile’ for enjoying (or rather suffering) the most expensive land in the city (for residents). Some apartment blocks from the Stalinist era have been converted into luxury accommodation in the Ostozhenka area .

In the area, don’t miss the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, especially the Novodevichy convent, the local cemetery and the modern renovated Luzhniki Olympic Stadium.

A really tasty option in Khamovniki is to experience the abundant Georgian (and some Siberian) restaurants that populate the neighbourhood.\n\nTranslated with (free version).Calorie-laden kitchens based on local game, fish and seafood that leave no one indifferent.


Golden Ring Hotel: This 5-star hotel with very good prices has a spa, sauna, gym and two restaurants with panoramic views of the city.It is very well located as it is close to the Arbat Street and the Red Square, both of which can be reached on foot in about 10 minutes.

Hotel Grafskiy (£): The Hotel Grafskiy is a small 4 star hotel with very cozy and warm rooms that will make you feel at home.

Hotel Ostozhenka 47 (Euro): A fixture on any cheap hotel list in Moscow It’s in the central zone and although its rooms are small they are nice, they will allow you to rest at ease, and most importantly, the price is suitable for almost any pocket.Maryina Roshcha

5.Maryina Roshcha, nightlife and accommodation with moderate prices

Maryina Roshcha is one of the districts in the center of Moscow.

The need to build large road infrastructures to relieve traffic in the capital and the 1980 Olympic Games have turned this area into a modern, well-serviced area.

In Maryina Roshcha there is a historic synagogue dating from 1925 which is a reference for the Russian Jewish community along with its Jewish Museum and the Center for Tolerance.

In this neighborhood you can find some of the most popular bars and night clubs in Moscow. If you are looking for nightlife in a not too expensive area this neighborhood is a good choice where to stay in Moscow.


Raiking Plaza Hotel (Euro): Excellent 4 star hotel with prices under 100 Euro.It is located next to the Satirikon Theatre and by metro you will not need more than 4 stops to get to the Red Square.

Hotel Sultan na Rizhskom (Euro): This hotel – youth hostel is an option for those who are looking for the cheapest accommodation in has both private rooms and beds in shared dormitories.

6.Yakimanka, ideal for staying in central Moscow without paying as much as in Kiati-Gorod

Yakimanka is named after Saints Anne and Joachim.A church dedicated to them and built in 1493 is the origin of the name of this district. The temple was demolished during the Russian Revolution.

Many historical buildings have surprisingly survived.This is the case of Tretyakov Gallery , which houses the largest collection of Russian art in the world, with a total of 150,000 paintings alone.

Other buildings have extended their life and have been reused for other purposes, such as the industries built in the 19th century that are now offices.

Don’t miss the Gorky Park and the Moscow Canal pipes that saved the city from its periodic (and terrible) floods.

apartment accommodations are common in the area (an alternative that is gaining popularity for staying in Moscow to the detriment of its expensive hotels) and some of the city’s tallest buildings are located there.


Kadashevskaya Hotel (Euro): This 4 star hotel is just how I like it. modern and elegant with spacious rooms. it is located by the river within walking distance of the Red Square.

Red Square Guest House (Euro): This guesthouse usually has rooms under 50 Euro.It is centrally located near the Red Square and other places of interest such as the Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, or the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

7.Tverskoy, the best area in Moscow for shopping and walking

In Tverskoy , the most popular is to go to the shops in its famous Tverskaya Street, known as Gorky Street .It is famous for its exclusive brand shops and for being a center of Moscow’s nightlife and entertainment

In 2008, Gorky Street was designated as the third most expensive urban street in the world.

The shopping, cultural offerings, lively atmosphere, and proximity to the centre make it one of the most recommended areas for to stay in Moscow .


StandArt Hotel Moscow: Tverskoy is one of the best and most elegant areas to stay in Moscow and the StandArt Hotel is one of the best hotels in the city.

Hotel National (£): And we continue with the super luxury. The rooms of this hotel, very spacious, have an entrance hall and are decorated recreating a palace of past centuries. It has a spa with an indoor pool and is only 200 meters from Red Square and

La Maison Residence (£): If you are looking to sleep in Moscow in a good hotel at reasonable prices this can be a good option

8.Presnensky, cheap accommodation in Moscow

Presnensky is one of the largest districts in the center of Moscow and its origin is to be found in the natural lakes formed by the Presnya River.

Presnensky is home to , a little bit of everything , a lot of tourist attractions, industrial complexes, office centres and, increasingly, luxury housing, the famous Moscow Zoo and the modern Expocentre, a large exhibition area and a space for conventions and business centres on the banks of the Moscow River.

Interestingly, Presnensky has always had a large Armenian population, and in fact, it has a very charming Armenian cemetery.

Two residential areas are key references in this district, and excellent options for accommodation in Moscow One, is located next to the Patriarshy Pond , along the Presnya River, on the Garden Ring Ring Ring road, which is a fairly safe and accessible place that is very popular with the expatriate population.

The other is Tishinskaya Square , a shopping area with tradition in the heart of Moscow, located between the Zoo and the lively Tverskaya Street.

This neighborhood of the city is very well connected has five subway stations within walking distance .It is also the location of several embassies , a place where several important roads pass through the city, there are museums and theaters with much, much charm, and not few trendy restaurants

Presnensky deserves to be on any list of recommended areas where stay in Moscow It is a very practical area, very well connected, and with many things to do .It is an interesting option as long as you stay close to a metro station.

What is the best area to stay in Moscow

Despite being a large megalopolis with over 13 million inhabitants, Moscow has a well-defined central district that houses most of the attractions tourists wish to visit.

Red Square and its monumental surroundings are the nerve center of the city and its surroundings are the most popular areas to stay.In the vicinity of the Red Square you can visit the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Tomb, the State History Museum, the Cathedral of the Assumption and the Armory.

The best area to stay in Moscow are the Arbat and Tverskoy districts, which are located northwest of the Red Square.In the Arbat quarter, you will find Moscow’s most famous street, ul Arbat, a kind of art market, which is completed with instant portrait painters, street poets, jugglers, and musicians. Tverskoy, apart from being a cultural center, is the liveliest quarter of the capital.Tverskoy is not only a cultural center, but also the liveliest district of the capital. Tverskoy’s streets are full of restaurants, bars, theaters, and shops.

Hotels in Moscow are expensive like everything else in the Russian capital, though it depends a lot on the exchange rate of the ruble.The cheapest accommodation alternatives are apartments and hostels, which are very abundant in Moscow.

On the map you can find and book some of the best located hotels in Moscow.

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The Arbat Quarter

The Arbat Quarter is one of the most popular places to stay in Moscow, as is located only 20 minutes walk from Red Square , has access to the metro and can enjoy the atmosphere of Arbat Street, the liveliest street in the city.

Although today the Arbat is the bastion of the souvenir stands and the terrace cafés, it still evokes a free and artistic spirit.Close to the worn-out cobblestones of Arbat Street run the quiet streets of old Moscow, a city once inhabited by writers and heroes, the old nobles and the nouveau riche.The aristocracy and artists eventually displaced the original residents, as witnessed by the mansions lining the streets.

In the secondary streets surrounding Bolshaya Nikitskaya ul , in particular, many mansions have survived, some restored and others, many of these buildings house embassies or cultural institutions.with little traffic, Bolshaya Nikitskaya ul is ideal for a quiet stroll.

Hotels in Arbat

Tverskoy Quarter

Only 15 minutes walk from Red Square , with access to the metro and full of restaurants Tverskoy Quarter is an excellent choice for staying in Moscow.

The streets surrounding Tverskaya ul comprise the lively Tverskoy neighborhood, characterized by old architecture and new commerce.Tverskaya ul dates back to the 12th century, although this neighborhood grew significantly when Peter the Great moved to St. Petersburg and the area became the main route between the two capitals.

a theatre district , was the first in the capital, the Petrovka, later replaced by the Bolshoi and the other historic ones on the Theatre Square.Today Tverskoy has 19 theatres, in addition to the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall and the Nikulin Circus.

Streets like Kamergersky or Stolesnikov are among the fashionable places in Moscow for to have a coffee or a beer and enjoy the bustle.

Hotels in Tverskoy

The historical centre, the great attraction of Moscow

The mixture of architectural styles (Renaissance, Baroque, modern…) meet in the nerve centre of Moscow , which houses spectacular monuments that keep within themselves part of the history of the former Soviet Union and surprise the visitor at every step.

UNESCO cultural heritage along with the Kremlin, Red Square is the nerve centre of the Russian capital and the most famous in Moscow.The Red Square is home to St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Historical Museum, Lenin’s Mausoleum, the statue of Marshal Georgi Zukov and the GUM shopping centre.The square is also home to another of Moscow’s great tourist attractions, the Lenin Mausoleum, erected after the death of the Russian revolutionary leader in 1924, and since then it has exhibited his embalmed body to the public. Despite its small size, Lenin’s granite tomb incorporates some elements of the mausoleums of antiquity, such as the Pyramid of Zoser in Egypt.

The statue of Marshal Georgi Zukov, the first Marshal of the Soviet Union, is located in front of the Historical Museum , a huge and striking red building that houses the most important historical documents of the country.It is a five-metre bronze equestrian sculpture installed on a red granite pedestal weighing 100 tonnes. The GUM Galleries, a large department store with expensive and elegant clothing shops, complete the set of highlights on the Red Square.

Next to St. Basil’s Cathedral is the Kremlin , a symbol of the country. This group of civil and religious buildings includes four palaces and four cathedrals grouped within a compound delimited by a wall.The complex has been associated with the Russian Government since the time of the Soviet Union.

Among the cathedrals that it hosts is the Assumption cathedral, from the 15th century, the oldest and most important white stone temple of the Kremlin.Another icon of the Kremlin is the Armory, one of the oldest museums in Moscow. Founded in 1808, the Armory houses unique collections of objects from Russia, Western and Eastern Europe from the 5th to the 20th century.

Hotels in the Historical Center of Moscow


Hartwell Hotel: This fabulous hotel, not at all expensive, has some rooms decorated in a very elegant and contemporary style and is located very close to the Patriarch’s Park and Malaya Bronnaya Street.

Hotel Gostika (Euro): Looking for a cheap hotel in Moscow see what you think of this one. sober but cozy and pleasant rooms.

Like Hostel City (Hostel): Here is one of the best hostels in Moscow. the views are brutal. it offers both shared rooms and capsule beds in shared dormitories.

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