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Where to stay in Chiang Mai: The best places

Chiang Mai , the capital of northern Thailand, is known for its temples, its cultural and religious influence on the rest of the country, and the natural environment in which it is located.It is a city used to receiving tourists and as such has a good hotel offer with one of the best value for money in the country.finding a good place to stay in Chiang Mai at a good price is not difficult.

Being one of the most popular destinations in Thailand, Chiang Mai has a good hotel offer.Although its hotel prices have risen due to the growing number of tourists in recent times, it still retains a very good value for money.

Traditional luxury hotels and resorts are being joined by a recent spate of small boutique hotel openings with lots of charm and traditional Thai service.

The cost of a room in a hotel that offers good comfort is over the thousand baht , and it is possible to find offers in good hotel is four stars in good areas for eighteen hundred baht. You can search the best offers in the city in this link:

The best areas to stay in Chiang Mai

Apart from the old city, where the most significant tourist attractions of the city are concentrated, there are other areas very advisable to stay in Chiang Mai as the area of the Nightbazaar, the banks of the Ping River, or Nimmanhaemin Road, located in the northwest part of the city.

1.The Old City

The old city is surrounded by a moat where the old wall was located, of which there are still some remains. is one of the most popular places to stay in Chiang Mai as it is in this area where most of its tourist attractions are located .

In the old city you can visit a number of ancient ruins, temples, and other monuments, some of which date back more than eight hundred years.

This area is full of affordable hotels and guesthouses, and in recent times there has been an explosion of boutique hotel openings for the more discerning and for those seeking more personalized attention.

– Hotels in Chiang Mai’s Old City

2.The Tha Phae Gate

The Tha Phae Gate is one of the entrances to the old city.In the surrounding area, has the largest offer of accommodation for backpackers , and there are many travel agencies, cheap restaurants, internet cafes and bars in the vicinity, and it is also very close to the Nightbazaar area.

– Hotels in the Tha Phae Gate

3.Night Bazaar

The Night Bazaar area, Chiang Mai’s night market, is located between the Tha Phae Gate and the Ping River.It is an ideal option to visit the old city, and for those who want to be in the liveliest point of the whole city .

Apart from the market, you will find plenty of restaurants, shopping malls, bars and nightlife venues of all kinds, and places to witness an evening of Muay Thai.

This is one of the most popular areas to stay in Chiang Mai, apart from a good offer of cheap accommodation, in this area there are also plenty of medium and medium-high quality hotels.

– Hotels in the Night Bazaar

4.The banks of the Ping River

The banks of the Ping River and its vicinity is one of the best options for to sleep in Chiang Mai It is an area considerably quieter than the surroundings of the Tha Phae Gate or the Night Bazaar.

You can go for a walk to the Night Bazaar or the old town, and is an ideal place to dine on one of its terraces overlooking the river, or to take a drink in one of its bars with live music.

It is the most advisable for those who wish to stay in a quiet area (but not boring), caring and elegant .On both banks of the Ping River are located some of the best and most luxurious hotels in Chiang Mai.

– Hotels on the banks of the Ping River

5.Nimmanhaemin Road and the west side of the old city

An alternative option to the more touristy areas is the area of Chiang Mai that extends west of the old city.In this area you will find Chiang Mai University and Nimmanhaemin Road.

This whole area is characterized by exclusive shops and boutiques, art galleries, cafes, restaurants and bars.It is a lively and elegant area It is not usually the first choice among tourists who visit the city for the first time, however it is an alternative option to take into consideration.

In this area there is a good offer of affordable accommodation, long term accommodation, and quite a few classy boutique hotels.

– Hotels in the western part of Chiang Mai

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