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Best hotels in khao lak

Khao Lak is the main holiday destination in Phang Nga Province , in the south of Thailand. It may sound a little confusing, but what is usually called Khao Lak is a strip of sand of approximately 30 kilometers that starts at Khao Lak beach and ends at Baan Nam Khem , a fishing village located at the entrance of Takua Pa Town.You can find six “main” beaches along this strand: Khao Lak, Nang Thong (and its tourist town called La On Village), Bang Niang, Khuk Khak, Pak Weep and Bangsak .The main feature of Khao Lak’s beaches is that most of them are sparsely developed , offering visitors long, deserted strips of sand washed by the mighty Andaman Sea, and surrounded by lush vegetation including ashoka, tropical almonds, cajeput, screwpine trees and more .

Hotels in Khao Lak – Tips and recommendations

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10 Best hotels to stay in Khao Lak

The top 10 hotels in Khao Lak listed below are sure to exceed your expectations for comfort and relaxation in this increasingly popular destination in southern Thailand. Khao Lak has miles of unspoiled beaches and a peaceful holiday atmosphere that is far removed from most busy resorts.for its tranquility, wide horizons and lots of nature, Khao Lak is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations in Thailand and is ideal for couples and families looking for a secluded and quiet place to stay by the beach.

1.Apsara Beachfront Resort & Spa, Khao Lak ⭐⭐⭐

The Apsara is about 4 km from the main road, but 1 km from a charming walk from a beachfront café group (with shuttle buses to Khao Lak town on offer).It’s on a “corner” where an entrance meets the sea, so there are two lovely beaches offering ocean and forest views. The overall design is bright and welcoming, with statues and spouts scattered around extensive gardens. The beach-side Infinity pool seems to blend in with the skyline, but the overall children’s facilities are disappointing.The rooms have attractive three-level wings, but some overlook the parking lot or road instead of the pools and gardens.however, they are still quiet.all have a sofa, wooden desk and refreshing tile floors, while those on the ground floor have direct access to a pool.most of the “sea views”, however, are interrupted by tall pine trees.the Jacuzzi and Pool Villas are ultra-luxurious, but lack the charm of hotel rooms.

2.Centara Seaview Resort Khao Lak ⭐⭐⭐

Massive, very well located and ideal for families Along a quiet alley in the city of Khao Lak, with a lot of tourist facilities nearby, this huge complex offers a multitude of rooms and villas among landscaped gardens.Most of the accommodations and facilities are located in front of the sea, but everything is within 200 meters of a wide and protected beach, dominated by a lighthouse. The spacious rooms have elegant three-level wings, while those on the ground floor have direct access to the pool.The detached villas, secluded behind dense foliage, have beautiful antique furniture, abundant seating, a tiled balcony, marble sinks, Thai art on the walls and polished floors, the Pool Villas have a decent sized pool, and the separate group of Family Residences with a pool and children’s play area are excellent.’, “

3.Khaolak Laguna Resort ⭐⭐⭐

Palatial, charismatic, and convenient.the lobby oozes colonial charm reminiscent of the 1920s in Singapore, with wicker chairs, clumsy fans, and Buddha one colossal block (in desperate need of signs), the gardens and lawn seem endless.The beachside pool has a thatched pool bar, while the other is surrounded by raised wooden terraces spanning several raised palms.the beach is particularly picturesque, with a lighthouse and a promenade, and the sea is perfectly calm.the Siam Villas are in attractive blocks, but a little close to the road and the balconies are not as private.But the décor is adorable: elegantly Thai, with a touch of colonial splendor, for example. polished floors and wooden shutters. equally exquisite are the Oriental Villas, some with genuine sea views and direct access to the beach. a variety of activities are offered (many of them free) and there are many more to occupy the children.La Flora Resort & Spa Khao Lak ⭐⭐⭐

Elegant and quiet, secluded but not isolated The overall design is elegant, with whitewashed walls and solid wooden columns, and deceptively large grounds.Along a shady, almost private stretch of sand, the Beach Club offers yoga, windsurfing and other activities more interesting than most resorts. The standard deluxe rooms have contemporary Thai décor, with bright paintings (not to everyone’s taste), a huge bedroom with a sofa, a gleaming bathroom and a small balcony with beautiful views of the gardens and pools, or even glimpses of the sea.Those on the ground floor have direct access to the pool, and isolated behind the high walls are villas with private gardens, sea views or jacuzzis.The Infinity pool by the beach seems to merge with the ocean and is surrounded by a raised lounge with perfect views and abundant shade.although about 4 km north of Khao Lak town and 1 km from the main road, the hotel is surrounded by many classy cafes and shops.

5.Lah Own Khao Lak Resort ⭐ ⭐

Discreet, cozy and affordable; Not another mega-resort. Surrounded by several massive international resorts, this family-run, Thai-owned hotel has been completely renovated. The charming bungalows feature dark wood furniture, Thai prints, elephant-shaped lamps, polished floors and a lovely bedroom with a sofa.They are separate, isolated and raised, but the possible views of the sea are mostly blocked by trees. Less attractive, but more affordable, are the rooms in the attractive two-storey block on one side.The beach is sandy, curved and empty, the pool is functional but surrounded by a lawn that needs a lot of attention, and the beach cafe is particularly attractive. With a seemingly small development, it can be disturbingly quiet in contrast to the neighboring resorts, but is only 1 km from the shopping and cafe area of Khao Lak town.

6.Ramada Resort Khao Lak ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Elegant and pleasant, with idyllic views and lovely décor Located in the vibrant Bang Niang area, the Ramada is considerably smaller than most and welcomes you instantly.Located in the vibrant Bang Niang area, the Ramada is considerably smaller than most and welcomes you instantly. in the elegant three-story blocks overlooking the lawn, the Deluxe rooms are large enough for two double beds and feature contemporary Thai prints, hanging chandeliers, a huge balcony and a unique beer barrel bath. the Ocean Front Villas have lovely sea décor and panoramic ocean views from a magnificent courtyard, but direct access to the beach is obstructed by a garden.The pool is filled with particularly shady cabins, and as bright as the sea just a few feet away, while the couch area is perched on a man-made beach, offering impeccable views and abundant shade.Although about 4 km from Khao Lak city and 1 km from the main road, there are many bistros and boutiques nearby.

7.The Sarojin, Khao Lak ⭐⭐⭐⭐

One of the best hotels to stay in Khao Lak, with its elegant design, idyllic beach and spacious gardens, this ultra elegant resort is located among well-designed gardens with ponds, streams and bridges.The garden residences on the ground floor have polished floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, a pebble shower and a small TV. At the corner of each block, the Pool Residences have a large pool and garden pocket, while the Spa Suites on the second floor have a balcony, spa and huge living room.The beach is whitish, and the pool is surrounded by lush grass and lined with flowing curtain huts.activities include croquet, cooking classes and children under 10 are allowed in the is isolated (or secluded, depending on your taste): about 3 km from the main road, with only a handful of other hotel shops and cafes nearby, but shuttle buses to Khao Lak town (12 km away) are available.

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