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Where to stay in Koh Phangan: The best places

Koh Phangan, located in the Gulf of Thailand, is one of the most beautiful islands with the best beaches in the country and has achieved fame thanks to the monthly Full Moon Party.

It is a small island, much more than its neighbour Samui, with a jungle interior with hardly any construction, and with communications that are not as good as they should be.

Almost all the accommodation on offer in Koh Phangan is on the coast, the south coast is the area with the highest concentration of hotels and hostels, the liveliest area on the island and the place to go if you are looking for nightlife .

The west coast is made up of small bays and beaches and its beaches are quite familiar and combine the calm with the benefits of having the services of Thong Sala nearby.Among the best beaches Haad Yao, Haad Salad or Mae Haad stand out.

The north and east coast welcome without a doubt the best beaches of Koh Phangan , some of which are among the best in Thailand.This part of the island is very little exploited and access to many of its beaches is complicated, it is an ideal area to spend a relaxing holiday.

Traditionally Koh Phangan has been a very backpacker destination, however in recent years comes a much more varied tourism.Despite the fact that even today accommodation for low to medium budgets prevails, there are also luxury resorts for the more demanding.

The accommodation in Koh Phangan is still cheaper than in other beach destinations in Thailand with the exception of the days when the Full Moon Party is held.

Double rooms or bungalows with a minimum of comfort are available from five hundred and fifty baht, and in the low season from one thousand baht you already have offers at resorts which are quite good You can find offers at the next link:

– Hotels in Koh Phangan

The best areas to stay in Koh Phangan

The areas where we recommend to sleep in Koh Phangan are

1.Haad Rhine

Located on the small southern peninsula of Phangan, Haad Rhine is a small tourist town with good beaches, a number of cafes, bars, and restaurants, and is also home to much of the island’s nightlife.

Haad Rhine is the venue for the Full Moon Party , which is the best place for to stay in Koh Phangan if you plan to attend the event.

– Hotels in Haad Rin

2.Baan Tai

This long beach runs from Haad Rin to Thong Sala and Baan Tai beach is not one of the best beaches.For nightlife lovers it is a good alternative to Haad Rin for sleeping on Koh Phangan.

Other popular festivals in the area include the Black Moon, Half Moon, Jungle Experience, etc.Apart from these festivals, many of the resorts have regular festivals and you will always find a celebration to attend.

– Hotels in Baan Tai

3.Thong Sala

Thong Sala is the administrative capital of the island and the place where the ferry arrives.

– Hotels in Thong Sala

4.Haad Yao

Haad Yao is among the best options to stay in Koh Phangan It’s a nice and long white sand beach and crystal clear water for swimming.It has a good offer of sports, resorts, and many services to spend a really nice stay.

This beach is one of the best on the west coast, and offers accommodation for different budgets.

– Hotels in Haad Yao

5.Haad Salad

Haad Salad is a quiet idyllic beach, and quite popular with families with small due to its shallow waters.It is close to both Thong Sala and the west and north coast beaches.

It is an alternative to shuffling for those who want a quiet place with the possibility to go out for dinner or have a drink without the obligation to move too far.

– Hotels in Haad Salad

6.Mae Haad

Another beach on the west coast highly recommended for to stay in Koh Phangan is Mae Haad.

During low tide your beach is connected to the island Koh Ma by a narrow strip of sand and is surely the best place to practice snorkeling of the island.

– Hotels in Mae Haad

7.Chalok Lam

This bay on the north coast is one of the most quiet and less touristy beaches.In the beach areas you can relax and forget about the rest of the planet.

The hotel offer is quite limited and it is well connected with other areas of the west coast and with Thong Sala.

– Hotels in Chalok Lam

8.Bottle Beach

Bottle Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan It is very difficult to reach, you have to go longtail from Chalok Lam or through one of the worst roads of the island.

– Hotels in Bottle Beach

9.Thong Nai Pan

Thong Nai Pan are 2 attached bays located in the northeast part of the island with a splendid beach each. Ao Thong Nai Pan Yai is the biggest and has a good amount of low and medium budget hotels and guesthouses .

On the other hand Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi is probably the beach with more luxury resorts of the island.Without a doubt it is one of the best places to sleep in Koh Phangan It is a very peaceful area but with enough services to have a little bit of everything.

This area is very appreciated by families with children, couples and singles.Thong Nai Pan is an insurance for almost everyone.

Best places to stay in Koh Phangan

Located in the southeast of Thailand, Koh Phangan is an island paradise, which rose to fame as the inspiration for Alex Garland’s novel “The Beach” and is famous for the Full Moon Party, a party that takes place every full moon on Haad Rin beach.In Koh Phangan you will not only find parties on the beach, but you can also enjoy several kilometers of coast, with idyllic areas of sand to rest and crystal clear waters to swim, jungles and waterfalls to explore and even climb Mount Khao Ra, the highest point of Koh Phangan .

There are many attractive areas to stay in Koh Phangan For the lively nightlife, sunbathing and water sports, the best areas to stay in Koh Phangan are Haad Rin, Baan Tai and Baan Kai , ideal places for sunbathing, jet skiing and partying till dawn.If you are looking for paradise beaches and coral reefs, you will have to reach the north of the island where you will find Srithanu, Haad Chao Phao and Haad Yao, the best beaches to stay in Koh Phangan , for those who want to rest, relax and admire nature.

If you are interested in knowing where to stay in Koh Phangan , you may also be interested in knowing where to stay in Koh Tao and where to stay in Koh Samui.

Best places to stay in Koh Phangan

Haad Rhine

The vibrant Haad Rhine is one of the most popular areas to stay in Thailand, it is the meeting point for the island’s leisure activities, bars, clubs and nightlife.It is famous for the Full Moon Parties, which began around 1988 when a group of hippies held a beach party on a full moon night. From that moment on, these parties were organized and young people from all over the world come to the island to live this experience. Haad Rin Beach is divided into two sections Haad Rin Nok (Sunrise Beach) to the north and Haad Rin Nai (Sunset Beach) to the south.Haad Rin Nok is the epicenter of the party, full of bars and clubs, while Haad Rin Nai is recommended for those seeking peace and quiet, sunbathing and relaxing on the beach after a day of partying.

Hotels in Haad Rhine

Baan Tai

Baan Tai is one of the most welcoming areas to stay on the south coast of Koh Phangan with stunning views and beautiful sunsets.Despite the fact that it is possible to find better beaches, there are many advantages to staying in this part of the island, where there is a wide range of hotels and where the most popular festivals are held, such as the Jungle Experience, the Black Moon or the Half Moon.In the area of Baan Tai you can find everything you need for your stay: ATMs, travel agencies, internet and many supermarkets, you can enjoy outdoor walks, as well as a list of activities such as diving, fishing trips, kayaking and paddle surfing, when the wind blows, Baan Tai is the ideal place for kitesurfing.There are a number of restaurants and bars serving international and Thai food, as well as bakeries and cafes.

Hotels in Baan Tai

Baan Kai

Baan Kai is located right next to Baan Tai, only 5 km from the lively Haad Rhine beach.From there, you can see the extraordinary island of Koh Sumai and enjoy the beautiful sunsets, a popular area for visitors who want to stay within walking distance of the epicenter of the party and nightlife, Baan Kai is a quiet area to escape the crowds and enjoy a good rest.

Hotels in Baan Kai


In the northeast of Koh Phangan Island, the pace of life changes to the Srithanu area, with a white sandy beach, situated among lush coconut palms.This area has a smaller number of resorts and accommodation options than the south of the island and there are a wide variety of restaurants serving international and Thai food, ideal for your taste buds.It is also a yogi’s paradise because there are many yoga centers, alternative therapies, spiritual centers and the C&M Learn Thai Culture Center where you can learn about the essence of Thai culture.

Srithanu Hotels

Thong Sala

Thong Sala is the main port city of the island, where most visitors come from all over the world.It is an ideal area to stay because it has multiple hotel options, it is the entry and exit point of the island and it has places that offer useful information to plan your vacation and to know everything that the island has to offer.One of the main places of interest in Thong Sala is the night market, which has a wide variety of local food and good quality and price food stalls. it is worth stopping by and trying their dishes such as the typical sticky rice in cane.

Hotels in Thong Sala

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