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Where to stay on Koh Samui: The best places

Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s best known islands is a popular destination that provides a high degree of satisfaction to its touristsIt is a relatively large island with areas that offer a very different experience, discover them and choose the best place to stay in Samui

The best beaches of Samui are concentrated in the north coast and the east coast of the island, in the strip that goes from Mae Nam to Lamai.In this area you will find fabulous white sand beaches, with many coconut trees, and with crystal clear waters and great for swimming.

Each and every one of the beaches in this area has good services to a greater or lesser extent.There are beaches like Chaweng or Lamai that are quite touristy and have a lot of visitors, while others like Mae Nam, Choeng Mon, or Bophut have a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

On the other hand, the beaches on the south coast and those on the west coast are very little touristy and are ideal for those who want calm and isolation.However, they are not so good for bathing as many of them are quite rocky and their waters, especially in the rainy season, are usually a bit rough and are usually visited by Thai tourists.

Samui is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, and as such offers a vast range of accommodation.It offers from very affordable accommodation to the most exclusive and sumptuous resorts you can imagine.

Double rooms with a minimum of quality and comfort are offered from 600 baht per night , and around 1500 baht you can find interesting offers in decent little hotels .

is not the best value for money beach destination in Thailand , but it is not one of the worst in the country either, its extensive offer ensures that you can find something that suits your needs and budget, you don’t usually have to book too far in advance, except during the busiest periods of the high season.

Keep in mind that in contrast to the rest of the country the months of July and August are high season in Koh Samui is one of the sun and beach places where the weather is more benign in these months You can find good offers of accommodation in Samui at this link:

– Hotels in Koh Samui

The best areas and beaches to stay on Samui

Samui is a relatively large island and has accommodation possibilities along almost the entire coast.However, if you want to find the right quality of beach, services and some leisure time, any of the beaches presented below are a good choice for to stay on Samui

1.Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is the most popular and tourist beach of Samui.It is a long beach of seven km of fine white sand and turquoise water, which is a splendid beach despite being a tourist destination, and offers more services and things to do.

You can practice a lot of water sports, enjoy its excellent restaurants with local and international cuisine, bars, shops, travel agencies, and everything you need to enjoy your vacation, and is the site with more nightlife of Koh Samui .

You can find everything from cheap accommodation for backpackers to a number of super luxury resorts for the more demanding, and there is a wide range of options for medium budgets.

– Hotels in Chaweng

2.Chaweng Noi

Chaweng Noi is the southern part of Chaweng beach, is the most beautiful and peaceful part of the beach is among the best areas for to stay with children in Samui .It is a good option if you want to sleep without noise and without being far from the busiest area of the island. from Chaweng Noi to where most of the bars and discos are, it is about fifteen to twenty minutes on foot.

– Hotels in Chaweng Noi


Lamai with its four km long is the second most popular beach of the island. Although it is busy, it is considerably quieter than Chaweng It is among Samui’s favourite destinations for families and for people who want all kinds of services and activities, but don’t want to miss out on some quiet beach days.

There is a lot of everything, although to a lesser extent than in Chaweng There are plenty of options to go out for dinner and have a drink in quiet bars. Lamai doesn’t have the nightlife of Chaweng, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t. There are lively bars and some discos for those who want to extend the night.

On the other hand in Lamai, and just like in Chaweng, there is a great offer of accommodation of all kinds, there are very good hotels and holiday resorts , and also a lot of mid-range options and for backpackers and travelers who are looking for cheap options.

– Hotels in Lamai

4.Maem Nam

This beach is among the favorites of low budget travelers and backpackers for staying in Koh Samui It is a nice long beach located on the north coast of the island in a very relaxed environment. Perfect for a relaxing holiday .

– Hotels in Maem Nam

5.Choeng Mon

Without a doubt is one of the most beautiful beaches Choeng Mon is a small beach located in the northwest of the island and is known as one of the most exclusive areas as there are many high level resorts, some of them are among the most luxurious in Thailand.

Choeng Mon is one of the best beaches for to stay in Samui if you want a nice, relaxed beach and you have a budget that can afford the costs of their fabulous hotels It is quite close (about ten minutes by taxi) to Chaweng and the fishing village of Bohput.

– Hotels in Choeng Mon


Bophut is a beach very pleasant without the urban development of Chaweng or Lamai Among its tourist attractions highlights its Fisherman’s Village, a picturesque and small fishing village converted into shops, bars, and restaurants.Its gastronomic offer is one of the best on the island.

On this beach there is a good selection of hotels on the seafront, and boutique hotels that offer a enormous quality for average budgets .there is also some possibility of cheap accommodation.

– Hotels in Bohput

7.Big Buddha Beach

Big Buddha Beach, or Bangrak Beach, owes its name to its proximity to the twenty-seven meter Buddha located in a nearby temple.

There are many options for cheap accommodation , and the airport as well as Bohput and Chaweng are nearby, it is also the best place to take a ferry or a boat to take you to the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan.

If you want to save some baht, you don’t mind being on a decent beach, but not the best, and moving to visit the island is an option to consider for to stay on Samui .

– Hotels in Big Budda Beach

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