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Where to stay in koh samui

What is the best place to stay in Koh Samui?

If you are planning to travel to the Thai island of Koh Samui and you don’t know the best place to stay , the best thing to do is to know a little more about what the main villages on the island have to offer. Chaweng Beach is the beach and the main town of Koh Samui , with all kinds of services, entertainment at night, a lot of variety of hotels of all budgets and highly touristic.

Lamai Beach is the second beach and has one of the most popular villages, here there are also all kinds of services, although a little less nightlife, has a spectacular beach, but you will find fewer tourists than in Chaweng.

As a third option is Bo Phut , a village with much charm because it still retains the essence of having been a fishing village and one of the most important beaches.But if what you are looking for is a vacation with a lot of tranquility and good waters so that the whole family can swim, your place will find it in Maenam , which extends to the north of Chaweng and Bophut.

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Best beaches to stay on Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the largest island in the Gulf of Thailand and the third largest in the country, it has over 50,000 inhabitants and its own international airport, so it is easily accessible, it is a relatively young tourist destination with only a few decades receiving tourists, so it still retains its original tropical charm.Samui has a lot to offer to make your vacation an unforgettable experience: white sand beaches, beautiful nature, delicious food and accommodation with a tropical touch. its main towns are Chaweng, Lamai and Bo Phut.

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is the beach and the main town of Koh Samui, so it’s one of the most popular. In the town of Chaweng, and especially in the main street, there are all kinds of services: hypermarkets, pharmacies, luxury resorts, backpacker hostels, bars, souvenir shops, clubs, etc. There is a wide range of hotels, from the most luxurious five-star resorts, to some economic options.

There are 6 kilometers of white sand that attract most tourists during the day to relax and do some water sports and at night the area is filled with entertainment with live music, cabaret shows, dance clubs and good opportunities for dinner.

The beach is divided into three areas: North Chaweng, Central Chaweng, and South Chaweng, and separated from the main beach is Chaweng Noi Beach, , which is coveted for its tranquility.

Hotels in Chaweng Beach

Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach is the second most popular beach and village in Koh Samui, it is a beach of exceptional beauty with huge granite rocks, the sea is deep enough for swimming and other water sports, and the city center is similar to Chaweng, only a little more relaxed and smaller.The best accommodations in Lamai are in front of the beach and the resorts are smaller and more personal than in Chaweng, resulting in memorable stays.

At the southern end of the beach are two famous rock formations: Grandpa and Grandma.

Hotels at Lamai Beach

Bo Phut and Big Buddha

Bo Phut is the third most important village and beach on the island, located in the north of Samui, between Maenam and Chaweng, Bophut is one of the most charming places on the island with an atmosphere reminiscent of the past and still retains the air of a fishing village.The immediate area around the village is full of beach hotels and resorts.

The beach in the village is small and not very suitable for swimming, as there are many excursion and dive boats going from here to other islands.However, one of the great advantages of staying here is to be able to enjoy wonderful meals with fresh fish.

At the end of Bo Phut beach is the famous Big Buddha which, as the name suggests, is a giant Buddha.The surprising temple of the Big Buddha is a fantastic place during the sunset, while the pubs and bars along the coast provide a touch of light to the area.

Grand Buddha is also known as the temple area and has much to offer in the way of restaurants, bars, shops and all kinds of accommodation ranging from simple beach huts to the more luxurious tropical resorts.

Hotels in Bophut


It extends north of Chaweng and Bophut.It is a place for those who want to rest, but not necessarily party, because although there are bars and restaurants they close early, so if you want to enjoy nightlife you will have to travel 15 minutes by car.

Its beach has soft sand and is good for swimming, it is even ideal for families with small children as the water is shallow and there is no noise from nightlife or traffic.It is only 15 minutes drive from Chaweng and 10 minutes drive from Bophut Fisherman Village.

Maenam Hotels

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