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Where to stay in Krabi: The best places

Krabi is one of the largest provinces in the “land of smiles”, with very heterogeneous and well differentiated areas, where you will find a variety of accommodation at different prices and in different categories.We share with you the best areas to stay in Krabi .

The best areas to stay in Krabi

We show you below the best areas to sleep in Krabi .To give you an idea of where to start looking, keep in mind that generally the cheapest accommodation (or at least that it has a better quality/price ratio) is in Nopparat Thara, in Krabi Town, in Ao Nang and Koh Lanta .

On the other hand, the most expensive accommodation is in Phi Phi and Railay .

1.Krabi Town

Located on the estuary of the river Krabi, surrounded by mangroves and karst mountainous areas is Krabi Town.It has a small night market and is well known for its excellent restaurants of Thai cuisine.

It lacks the paradisiacal beaches that other areas have, but it is a good starting point to know other cities of the interior or to approach other more popular islands.It has a very quiet and local atmosphere , away from the mass tourism.

Very few travellers decide to stay in Krabi here, it is more a transit area to reach other destinations more demanded.The advantage is that the price of the accommodation is very economical , so if you are looking to save you should take it into account.

– Accommodation in Krabi

2.Ao Nang

This town is located between karstic cliffs and jungle nature, about half an hour from Krabi airport, is one of the most developed , where there are many souvenir shops or fashion, restaurants, some travel agencies and even art galleries.The environment is quite lively but is far away from places like Phuket or Samui, where the hustle and bustle is incessant.

The main attraction is its beach, surrounded by mountains dressed in green and flanked by large karst cliffs that make up a postcard image .It attracts the most sybaritic swimmers, those who want to enjoy beautiful sunsets or lovers of sea sports.

The nightlife is concentrated in Central Point, where you can listen live music or take something relaxed in one of its bars or pubs.

It is a destination chosen for sleep in Krabi by families, couples and travelers looking for idyllic places , with good service offerings but also quiet. The accommodation offer is very broad and varied, with prices considerably cheaper than in other areas of Krabi.

– Accommodation in Ao Nang

3.Nopparat Thara

Nopparat Thara beach is located about 18 km west of Krabi, inside the Hat Noppharat Thara-Koh Phi Phi National Park , about ten minutes walk from Ao Nang.

It extends over five kilometers and is split in two by the mouth of a river , creating two quite distinct areas: the part closer to Ao Nang, more developed, and the farther away, which is more isolated and has a more difficult access.

In the surroundings you will find local restaurants and some bars, with prices quite compatible with any wallet, and is very close to the place where they leave the excursions to Phuket, Koh Lanta or Phi Phi.

If you are looking for a quiet destination , but with some vidilla , and be well connected, this is a good option to stay in Krabi.Here you will find all kinds of hotels, especially mid-range , very suitable for smaller budgets.

– Accommodation at Nopparat Thara

4.Tup Kaek

This beach is in the northwest, practically isolated , about half an hour drive from Ao Nang.It is quiet, relaxed, has little traffic and allows you to enjoy a great privacy .

It is a good location, if you plan to go hiking to Hong Islands, Phi Phi or James Bond, or practice trekking in the Hat Nopparat-Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park.

It is marked by luxury hotel and resort complexes , many of them on the seafront. If you are looking for privacy and relaxation , book a hotel in this area.

– Accommodation in Tup Kaek


Railay, located near Ao Nang, is considered one of the jewels of Thailand .It is a peninsula, linked to the land by a narrow sand bar, full of closed mangroves and almost impenetrable forests, which can only be reached by boat.

The landscape around it is spectacular: giant limestone towers dressed in lush tropical vegetation and beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sand, where fishermen, travelers and locals seek refuge.

The great attraction of this peninsula are its four paradisiacal beaches : Tonsai , with a backpacker and youthful atmosphere and where the guest houses predominate, Railay West , considered one of the most beautiful sands of the world, Railay East , between mangroves and rocks, and Phra Nang , a small strip of sand surrounded by limestone cliffs.

The atmosphere in this spectacular peninsula is quite calm , although when the sun goes down you can enjoy some night life. prices are quite high, except in Tonsai , where bungalows and mid-range hotels predominate.

Railay is flanked by the West beach in the west and the East beach in the east.

Railay East stretches through mangroves and is bathed by crystal clear waters where typical local boats anchor, creating an authentic postcard image.The prices are high, but if you book in advance you will save a lot of money.

Railay West is the main is a quite extensive beach and really beautiful with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.It is bordered by numerous bungalows and 4 and 5 star hotels with higher prices than in other areas.

Ao Phra Nang is in the south of the bay, has a very bohemian and quiet atmosphere and all the ingredients to consider a paradise .The disadvantage is that the offer of accommodation is quite reduced, in fact there is only one resort whose price is not suitable for all pockets.

– Railay accommodation


Tonsai which is also part of the Railay Peninsula but is further away from the other beaches, has a very chill out and quiet atmosphere.

The accommodation offer is reduced to bungalows with basic services , to very cheap hotels and guest houses.If you are looking for a beautiful, cheap destination and that allows you to enjoy the beach and the climbing , book here.

– Accommodation in Tonsai

7.Klong Muang

It is located south of Tup Kaek, less than one kilometer.It is a long beach , where you can enjoy a swim, a walk or sea activities in a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere .

In this area you will find mainly luxury hotels . If you are looking for relaxation or give you a treat and enjoy exclusive services accommodation, is a very advisable area for sleep in Krabi .

– Accommodation in Klong Muang

8.Koh Phi Phi

This archipelago, located about 40 km from Krabi and composed of six small islands of postcard, has become one of the most demanded and appreciated destinations of Thailand.There is only accommodation on the island Phi Phi Don where most of the accommodation is in the Tonsai Bay, where you will find a lively atmosphere, and to a lesser extent on the rest of the beaches, where calm and tranquility reigns.

Accommodation on these islands is in great demand, so as you can imagine, prices are high If you want to stay at more affordable prices, you have to book well in advance

– Accommodation on Koh Phi Phi

9.Koh Lanta

This island stretches for about 30 km and has two very different areas: the west side, where the best beaches are gathered , and the east side, where fishing villages and impressive mangrove areas predominate, perfect for kayaking.

The atmosphere is quite quiet , which makes it one of the most chosen destinations by families, middle-aged travellers and couples to stay in Krabi.

– Accommodation in Koh Lanta

10.Koh Jum

This small island is located between Krabi Town and Koh Lanta.It is one of the least known and least visited paradises , which will allow you to enter the purest essence of the country. It is dotted with excellent beaches, with a relaxed chill out atmosphere, but without many services. If you feel like getting lost, this is the ideal place for to stay in Krabi .

The accommodation offer is quite reduced and limited to a few luxury resorts, hotels and simple bungalows with quite interesting prices.

– Accommodation in Koh Jum

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Where is the best place to stay in Krabi?

Krabi is one of the 76 provinces that make up the Kingdom of Thailand and is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea.Not surprisingly, its spectacular beaches surrounded by cliffs, fine white sand, turquoise waters, lush forests, mangroves, Buddhist culture, temples and above all the economic prices guarantee one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There are many areas to visit but it is important to have a good base camp, we recommend to stay in Krabi city , Ao Nang and Nong Thale because in addition to having beautiful beaches have ports from which you can sail to destinations that can only be accessed from the sea in small boats.If you are looking for a quieter destination you can stay at Railay Beach , a famous climbing spot and very popular for its beautiful this area you will find some impressive resorts where you can enjoy a real holiday.

Koh Lanta is a very interesting destination for scuba diving lovers.the beaches are impressive and it has a great marine life.if you choose to stay here you will find a great repertoire of accommodation of all kinds.But the vast majority of visitors who come to Thailand want to stay on the fantastic beaches of Koh Phi Phi and enjoy this natural paradise in its spectacular resorts.

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Best places to stay in Krabi

Krabi city

Krabi is located on the Andaman seashore and is often used as a base camp to explore the rest of the province.For many travellers it is just a passing through area towards Ao Nang or the spectacular Railay Bay, because it lacks paradisiacal beaches but also has other attractions. The visitor will find several advantages when spending a couple of days in Krabi Town, one of them is the absence of tourists and the other is the tranquillity it offers.

We recommend you to visit the Chao Fah Park, surrounded by the Krabi Riverside Walk, where every night there is a night market, this area also houses the river marina and some seafood restaurants where you can taste the typical gastronomy of the region, if you need to find a haven of peace you can visit the Temple of the Cave of Tirgre, about 10 kilometers from downtown.This is a temple complex built around a sacred cave where, legend has it, a tiger lived.if you like food you must visit the Krabi Market, where you will discover many of the typical foods of Thai recipes.

Krabi is ready to receive tourists who are passing through and has a variety of hotels, some more modest and others more luxurious.Guest houses are also very common here and always concentrate a large number of young people looking for cheap accommodation.

Ao Nang

It is a small tourist beach village located about 15 minutes drive from the city of Krabi.

The most famous beach of Ao Nang is Pranang is a long beach surrounded by palm trees and will find very cheap accommodation including guesthouses and bungalows.In this village the leisure time is very varied.every day several open air markets are organized, where you can buy handicraft objects made with noble materials of the area, souvenirs, food… there is a lively night life and a delicious gastronomy.

Although it is true, Ao Nang is another essential place to go to any other beach.From this point there are many connections to the most beautiful islands of Thailand, such as Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Railay, etc.10 kilometers from Ao Nang is Nong Thale, a village for tourism but also on the way, where you will find several dream resorts.

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Railay Beach

The only way to get to Raily Beach is by sea, with the famous Thai boats (Longtail Boats).from Ao Nang they leave constantly, the trip takes only 15 minutes and the best thing is the price, 100 bat (2.5 euro).

Raily Beach is more like a natural paradise, with crystal clear water and lush vegetation. It is a peninsula surrounded by cliffs. There are four beautiful beaches: Pranang, Railay West, Railay East and Tonsai, all located in a spectacular setting, where relaxation is assured.If you want to explore the island you can rent kayaks to explore the area and it’s one of Thailand’s most famous destinations for Psychoblockers, a free wall climbing activity on the sea, and on the way between East Railay Beach and Phra Nang Beach there’s a cliff that leads to the impressive Railay lookout point.There’s another path down to a freshwater lake and you can’t miss out on these magical spots.

Railay offers hotels to suit all budgets and there’s a good selection of spectacular resorts with wooden houses and large pools in the Pranang and East Railay areas.These are luxury hotels and the prices go up a bit if you are on a trip for a couple, it is a very intimate and romantic place. These accommodations are also perfect for families. The Tonsai area is where most of the cheapest accommodations for backpackers are concentrated.

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Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is situated on the west coast of Thailand and is divided into two main islands, the most popular being Ko Lanta Yai, commonly known as Koh Lanta.The smallest island is Ko Lanta Noi.

It has nine splendid white sand beaches and turquoise waters, surrounded by more than 70 islands full of vegetation, with coral reefs, mangroves and a great marine fauna.The main diving beaches are Hin Daneng, Hin Muang and Ko Ha.

Ban Saladan is the main city and has a small port where the Krabi, Pukhet and Koh Phi Phi ferries run.on the west coast are the most famous beaches: Klong Dao, Para-Ae and Klong Khong.We recommend that you try the local cuisine, which is full of spices and seafood.

If you want to stay in Koh Lanta you’ll find many resorts and spas on the seafront, with incredible views.But if you know you will be out all day, diving and want something more modest, we recommend that you stay in the famous guest houses.

Koh Phi Phi Islands

It is a small archipelago of 4 islands, of which only one is inhabited, protected by a National Park.

It is an incredible natural paradise, with enormous cliffs, crystalline waters and white sand. With the passage of time have been very crowded but it is also a real Eden. In addition, the film ‘The Beach’ by Leonardo Dicaprio, catapulted as one of the main destinations around the world.

The Phi Phi Islands are considered the most beautiful islands in the world, with an abundant coral reef and marine fauna that attracts thousands of divers throughout the year.

There are more than 80 hotels on the Koh Phi Phi Islands, depending on your needs you can stay in luxury resorts with small independent bungalow-style houses surrounded by lush vegetation and spectacular facilities.Many newly married couples decide to travel to Thailand and stay here to enjoy these amazing hotels and we recommend that you book well in advance as it is a top tourist destination.

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