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Mecca of international tourism for its climate and its paradisiacal beaches, the lively city of Pattaya receives millions of visitors annually.Situated on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, it has become a popular site mainly because of its lively nightlife, and although it seemed to attract a very determined type of tourists – looking for parties and discos -, lately the city has been renovated and has managed to become an attractive site for all kinds of people, and more and more families are visiting the city, staying in less crowded areas and visiting the amusement parks with the children.Pattaya will offer you beaches, sacred places to visit, museums, art galleries, theme parks, zoos, wineries and of course a vibrant nightlife.

Without a doubt, the area where we recommend you to stay in Pattaya is the area around the road that goes to the beach  known as Beach Road Area.The beach road is where the whole main tourist area is located, and it is also close to the city centre, which means that most of the tourist attractions are just a few minutes walk away. In this area you will find hotel packages suitable for all budgets, international restaurants, all kinds of shops, pubs , bars, discos and a large number of organized leisure activities. It is one of the safest places in the city, and one of the most popular areas in Pattaya.

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Beach Road Area, the best area to stay in Pattaya

Beach Road Area is the favorite accommodation of those traveling to Pattaya, as the area is full of things to see and activities to do.Beach Road Area includes the whole area around the main road that crosses the whole city to the beach front, so you will be just a few seconds away from a good swim, and if you choose well, you will be able to sleep with a view to the sea. At the same time, the area is very close to the city center, where you will be able to enjoy the lively life together with the rest of the tourists and the locals.Beach Road Area is by far one of the safest areas of the city, with excellent transport connections to other parts of Pattaya and to the airport.

If you decide to stay in this area, one of the first things to see is the beautiful beach of Pattaya, which runs the length of the city centre.You can also enjoy open air concerts, art exhibitions and monologues, and even Thai boxing arena along the whole beach: don’t miss it, it’s very exciting to watch, and there are one or two bouts almost every night. The beach has very clean white sand, and is a good place for swimming and water sports – you have the option to rent equipment and take lessons in water skiing, sailing, fishing, diving, windsurfing and many other activities.It is worth mentioning that it can be a very busy area during rush hour, but if you want more peace and quiet, you can walk around a bit, and in a short time you will reach some of the quietest and most peaceful beaches.

If you are tired of the sun and the dips you can take the opportunity to visit some wonderful places in the area.Chaloemphrakiat Park has meters and meters of very well maintained green areas.It was created to celebrate the King’s birthday in 1988 and will allow you to get some of the most spectacular views of the city, as well as explore the magnificent species of flowers and plants in the area… don’t forget to take your camera! You can also visit the Anek Kuson Sala, an art gallery that gives exquisite examples of Chinese art and architecture.It was also built to celebrate the King’s birthday, and you can see all kinds of antiques from China: terracotta soldiers, horses, ancient paintings, ceramics, and even an emperor’s golden throne.If you’re traveling with children, don’t miss Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, which is sure to blow your mind.

Beach Road Area is also a great place for entertainment.south of the road, on a stretch that’s hard to miss-lit with many colorful neon lights-you’ll find the most popular tourist attraction, filled with restaurants, hotels, shops, bars and beachfront clubs.Here you can taste seafood from Asia, America and Thailand, and get carried away by the music in various theme bars, concert halls and clubs, and at the end of Beach Road begins Walking Street, a street that attracts crowds of tourists and locals, mainly for its vibrant nightlife.Here you will find more places than you can visit in one night: restaurants, live music bars, pubs , go-go bars, discos… If this is not your style of partying, you will also find bowling alleys, cinemas, theatres, paintballs , skate parks , shooting parks, golf courses and video game centres.You can also enjoy the upbeat shows at the Katoey Cabaret or Alcazar Cabaret, some of the most popular attractions in the area.

For the shopping fanatic, the Beach Road Area has plenty to choose from with plenty of shopping malls, flea markets, supermarkets and countless individual shops stretching along the beach.Central Festival, Mike Shopping Mall and the Royal Garden Square are places that will allow you to buy absolutely everything from the latest designer clothes to cheap souvenirs for a souvenir of the city.You will be able to try all kinds of Thai cuisine, but also European, Chinese, Japanese, Indian… there is no need to book hostels or hotels in advance, as there is a wide variety of places to stay, from the most basic rooms to some of the most luxurious hotels in the country.

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