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Best area to stay in Da Lat

Da Lat is a wonderful city, considered as one of the most tourist destinations in Vietnam .Unlike the tropical climate that has the vast majority of Vietnamese territory, Da Lat has a temperate climate, and a constant fog that covers its valleys throughout the year, giving it the name of the “City of Eternal Spring” .Founded in the late 1890’s it is characterized as an unusually young city compared to, for example, Ho Chi Minh City or other cities in Vietnam.

The city center is the best area to stay during a visit to Da Lat .This area of the city has a great variety of hotels at very good prices, and you can also find many restaurants with traditional Vietnamese food, as well as many cafes and stalls selling soya milk and “pho”, the famous Vietnamese soup.All airport transfers end in this area, making your arrival trip easier and more convenient, and it is also conveniently located for transfers to the main attractions of the city, such as the Buddhist Pagoda , the Palace of Emperor Bao Dai or the famous Elephant Falls .The famous Da Lat Night Market is located in this area, so it is possible to reach it quickly on foot.

In the map that shows the center of Da Lat are located a selection of the best hotels where to stay .

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The city center, the best area to stay in Da Lat

The scenic Da Lat , located around the lake Hồ Xuân Hương and surrounded by mountains that seem to cradle it, is a beautiful escape for nature lovers.The city centre is the perfect area for those looking for easy access to its main tourist attractions, with a very romantic character, except for the small business district which looks more modern. Numerous green spaces with impressive mountain views combine with French colonial architecture, to make this area a very picturesque base for exploring the charms of the surroundings.Along the spacious and tree-lined center of Da Lat , there are numerous typical cafes and restaurants.

Most of the main tourist attractions of Da Lat are located inside or just outside the city center.’, ‘The Summer Palace Bao Dai , home of the last emperor of Vietnam, is a key visit to learn about the history and cultural greatness of the country. Hang Nga Guesthouse and Art Gallery , also known as “Crazy House” for its eclectic tree trunk shape, attracts all those who like aesthetics.The Elephant Mountain to the south and the Langbiang Mountain to the north are ideal for a day’s trekking, both offering breathtaking views of the region.The pink-colored church known as Domaine de Marie and its colorful gardens give an insight into the spirituality of the Vietnamese and the French-Vietnamese architecture. The green spaces known as Valley of Love and the Flower Park Da Lat contribute to the poetic and romantic qualities of the city.The Truc Lam Temple shares the serenity of Vietnamese Buddhism with tourists.

All of these important attractions are accessible on foot or are within easy driving distance of the city center.The city centre itself is very walkable, although it is also possible to choose to ride a motorcycle to explore the centre and its surroundings (there are many motorcycle rental shops).

Hotels in Da Lat Center

Other areas to stay in Da Lat

Tuyen Lam Lake

Only 5 km (20 minutes drive) from the city center of Da Lat is the beautiful Tuyen Lam Lake .Within the city limits of Da Lat , this lakeside area is a great place to stay in this region of Vietnam.Tourists staying in this area will enjoy nature hiking, wildlife watching, camping, fishing, mountaineering and other outdoor sports and recreation.This area also offers privileged access to the Buddhist temple Truc Lam and its spectacular gardens, while its proximity to the city center Da Lat , offers plenty of options in terms of restaurants and cultural activities.

Hotels in Tuyen Lam Lake

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