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The best area to stay in Hue is the city center in its closest part to the Imperial City , the great attraction of Hue which is located on the other side of the Song Huong River.It is here where the concentrates the largest number of hotels in the city , like all downtown areas, you can see a lot of movement and noise during the day, but fortunately at night it is totally silent.If you are looking for restaurants, bars, or stores to go shopping, you will be able to find dozens of options without having to move around too much, which is important since Hue does not have a subway.

From this area of downtown it is possible to walk to the Imperial City , which is full of palaces and sanctuaries and is without a doubt the most famous attraction and image of the city of Hue The Imperial City is surrounded by a huge Citadel of the XIX Century , surrounded by a big moat and thick stone walls.The journey from the city center is about 30 minutes or less. Another interesting possibility is to get to the Imperial City from your hotel in the center of Hue by bicycle; it is a very nice tour of less than 15 minutes. The guided tours to visit the imperial tombs can be acquired surely in your hotel, or otherwise in the same center it is possible to find many agencies to obtain a guide for this tour.

In the map that shows the center of the city of Hue , you can find a selection of the best hotels to stay in .

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Hotels in Hue

Hotels in Hue, as in all Vietnam are quite cheap, we can find hotels from 3 euros to 30 euros.

If we do not care so much about the location of the hotel as the price we can always find interesting offers in Booking.


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