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Best Places to Live in Sardinia: Unveiling the Top Picks

These places are the best neighborhoods to live in Sardinia:

  • Quartiere Castello: Located in Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia, Quartiere Castello is a historic neighborhood known for its narrow streets, medieval architecture, and stunning views of the sea. It offers a charming atmosphere with its old buildings, trendy cafes, and boutique shops.
  • Quartiere Villanova: Situated in Cagliari as well, Quartiere Villanova is a lively and vibrant neighborhood that combines traditional Sardinian charm with a modern twist. It features colorful buildings, bustling markets, and a variety of restaurants offering delicious local cuisine.
  • Stampace: Another neighborhood in Cagliari, Stampace is known for its bohemian vibe and artistic atmosphere. It is home to numerous art galleries, museums, and trendy bars. The streets are lined with charming squares and historical landmarks, making it a great place for art enthusiasts and history lovers.
  • Marina: Located in the heart of Alghero, a coastal town in Sardinia, Marina is a picturesque neighborhood with a charming seaside promenade. It offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, a vibrant nightlife scene, and a wide range of seafood restaurants. The area is also known for its beautiful beaches and water sports activities.
  • Centro Storico di Santa Teresa Gallura: Situated in the northern part of Sardinia, Centro Storico di Santa Teresa Gallura is a historic neighborhood that showcases the island’s rich history and cultural heritage. It features narrow alleys, ancient buildings, and a picturesque harbor. The neighborhood is known for its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and stunning views of the Strait of Bonifacio.

These neighborhoods offer a mix of history, culture, natural beauty, and modern amenities, making them some of the best places to live in Sardinia.

Where do most expats live in Sardinia?

Expats in Sardinia do not tend to live in large areas or gated communities, but rather they are interspersed throughout the island, seamlessly blending in with the local residents and immersing themselves in the vibrant Sardinian culture. While there isn’t a specific expat enclave, there are certain locations that are particularly popular among expatriates seeking to make Sardinia their home.

Olbia is a thriving city located on the northeastern coast of Sardinia. Its close proximity to the international airport and the bustling port makes it an attractive choice for expats. Olbia offers a range of amenities, including modern infrastructure, shopping centers, and a vibrant nightlife. The city is also known for its stunning beaches, such as Pittulongu and Porto Istana, which are just a short drive away.

Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia, is another popular destination for expats. Situated in the southern part of the island, Cagliari boasts a rich history, charming architecture, and a bustling city center. Expats can enjoy the picturesque views of the Gulf of Cagliari and explore the narrow streets of the historic Castello district. The city offers a wide range of cultural and recreational activities, including museums, theaters, and music festivals.

In the Gallura region, located in the northern part of Sardinia, expats can find a tranquil and scenic environment. This area is known for its crystal-clear waters, charming villages, and stunning landscapes. The popular tourist destination of Costa Smeralda, with its luxurious resorts and beautiful beaches, is also located in this region.

Overall, expats in Sardinia can choose from a variety of locations depending on their preferences, whether they seek a vibrant city life, a beachside retreat, or a quiet countryside setting. While there isn’t a concentrated expat community, the welcoming nature of the Sardinian people ensures that expatriates can easily integrate into the local culture and enjoy all that this beautiful island has to offer.

Where should I live in Sardinia?

Where should I live in Sardinia?

The best place to live in Sardinia depends on your personal preferences and priorities. If you value access to services and proximity to the beautiful sea, Cagliari, the capital city, is a great option. Cagliari offers a range of amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The city also boasts stunning beaches, such as Poetto, which is just a short drive away. In Cagliari, you can enjoy a bustling urban lifestyle while still being able to relax by the sea.

If you prefer a quieter and more traditional setting, the northern part of Sardinia offers a variety of charming villages that are perfect for living. These villages often have a strong sense of community and a slower pace of life. In the summer, they become popular destinations for tourists, which can provide opportunities for businesses and employment. Some of the most picturesque villages in the north include Alghero, Bosa, and Castelsardo.

Overall, Sardinia offers a range of options for those looking to live in the region. Whether you prefer the urban amenities of Cagliari or the charm of the northern villages, there is a place in Sardinia that can suit your needs and preferences.

What is the nicest area in Sardinia?

What is the nicest area in Sardinia?

Famous for its beaches and glitzy resorts, you’ll find effortless indulgence and outstanding beauty throughout the Costa Smeralda, one of the most popular holidaying regions of Sardinia. This picturesque area is known for its pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and stunning natural landscapes. The Costa Smeralda offers a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty, making it the nicest area in Sardinia.

This region is home to some of the most exclusive resorts in the Mediterranean, attracting celebrities, jet-setters, and luxury travelers from around the world. The coastline is dotted with glamorous marinas, upscale hotels, and high-end boutiques, creating a sophisticated and upscale atmosphere. Visitors can indulge in world-class dining experiences, relax on private beaches, and enjoy a wide range of water sports and outdoor activities.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a luxurious retreat, the Costa Smeralda has something to offer for everyone. From the vibrant nightlife of Porto Cervo to the secluded bays of Cala di Volpe, this region embodies the essence of luxury and elegance. With its breathtaking landscapes and unparalleled hospitality, the Costa Smeralda is undoubtedly the nicest area in Sardinia.

Is Sardinia a good place to live?

Is Sardinia a good place to live?

Sardinia is indeed a good place to live, and one of the reasons is that it is one of the world’s Blue Zones. This means that its residents have a longer life expectancy compared to the global average. In fact, Sardinia is in the company of other Blue Zones such as Okinawa, Japan and Nicoya, Costa Rica. This is a testament to the healthy lifestyle and favorable environmental factors that contribute to the well-being of the people living in Sardinia.

Aside from the health benefits, Sardinia also offers other advantages for those looking to make it their home. For example, there are tax advantages that come with moving to Sardinia. This can be particularly appealing for individuals or families looking to reduce their tax burden. Additionally, Sardinia’s natural beauty and rich culture make it an attractive place to live. From its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters to its ancient ruins and vibrant festivals, there is always something to explore and enjoy on the island.