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Where to stay in Salzburg: The best places

The most sought-after areas to stay in Salzburg are the Altstadt and Nonntal areas, which make up the old town and are home to many of its tourist attractions, as well as other areas of interest for their proximity and prices that you should consider.

Salzburg is known as the classical music capital of the world, because it is the birthplace of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and also because it hosts the most important music festival in the world.Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a beautiful European city, well worth a visit.

Due to its cultural tradition, medieval and baroque architecture, castles, palaces, churches, as well as the surrounding mountains and lakes, and its many years of history, Salzburg is a unique gem.

This Alpine city is relatively small and can be easily visited on foot, so no matter which quarter you choose, you will have no problem moving around.

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The best places to stay in Salzburg

Here are the best places to stay in Salzburg


Altstadt, the Old Town, is the most popular and central area of the city and boasts a wealth of architecture and history.

In addition to the fact that this district is home to a large number of tourist attractions, it offers a wide range of bars, restaurants and shopping facilities.

The area is characterised by its well-preserved baroque architecture, including 14th century churches and townhouses, which are now home to luxury businesses such as cafes and souvenir shops, and many architectural wonders in its narrow streets that should be visited at leisure.

The best thing about this neighborhood is that it offers you the opportunity to see the evolution of its architecture from the 12th century to the present day.

If you are a classical music lover and have been lucky enough to get tickets to one of the concerts at Mozart’s House, such as “The Marriage of Figaro” or “Don Juan”, then this is the place for you.But if you haven\’t been so lucky, the district can offer you other popular attractions, such as Mozart’s birthplace and the Salzburg Museum.

Altstadt has a high concentration of restaurants, and many of them boast of having won famous Michelin stars. A stop at the famous Tomaselli Café, where Mozart tasted hot chocolate, is a must.

During the day you can taste the exquisite pretzels and a good cup of coffee in any of the cafes, while at night you can enjoy the nightlife in the traditional bars, the Irish influenced taverns with live music and the discos.The whole neighbourhood is within walking distance, so you can enjoy everything without using public transport.

The area provides some of the best hotels in the city, but it also has offers for every budget, so staying in Salzburg, and even more so in this neighbourhood, will not be a problem.



Located north of Salzburg, this neighbourhood is residential and is continuously expanding.The southern most part of Schallmoos is within walking distance of Old Town, so you can reach the city centre in just fifteen minutes.

Traditionally, this was not a popular sleeping area in Salzburg due to the high concentration of immigrants and railway lines, but over the years the district has improved a lot and has become one of the booming areas of the city.

Although Schallmoos does not have the great attraction of Altstadt, the northern area of Kapuzinerberg offers a melancholy atmosphere, thanks to its parks and monuments, as well as the villas of Robinighof and Rauchenbichlerhof and the Baron-Schwarz park.

Schallmoos is an excellent choice for shopping, as the neighbourhood has developed a lot on a commercial level, and also offers a wide range of affordable restaurants.This neighbourhood does not have a large number of places to stay in Salzburg, although its hotels are much more modern than those in other areas and offer good value for money. The main advantage of the area is its proximity to the train and bus station.


This is a modern, well-kept, central neighbourhood that has been rebuilt three times after the bombing during the Second World War.

It is a residential neighbourhood that is not far from the main tourist attractions and you can reach Altstadt in a 15 minute walk.

One of the most popular places to make tourist stops is the Mirabell Palace with its gardens, which date from the 17th century.

If your goal is to be near the main station (Hauptbahnhof), it is a good option to stay in Salzburg, as it is one of the easiest to find cheap accommodation in Salzburg.



Located to the west of the historic centre, but not far from it, is the residential neighbourhood par excellence of the working class of Salzburg that offers the highest quality of life to its inhabitants.The area’s landscape is characterised by old villas and offers an exquisite selection of good restaurants and charming shops.

Although this area is a little removed from the main tourist attractions that Altstadt has to offer, it is a good place to immerse yourself in the local culture of the city.

One of the places of tourist interest is St. Maximilian’s Church which dates from the 14th century, as well as Hangar-7, where the collection of airplanes of Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull, is exhibited.

The most popular shopping destinations are the Maxglaner Hauptstrasse and the Europark Shopping Center.Maxglan’s nightlife is embellished by the Salzburg Casino, where you can have fun and try your luck.

This neighborhood is a little far from the historical center, but it is close to the airport and has convenient public transportation.Bearing this in mind, and although it offers little accommodation it is cheaper than other areas, it may be an option to consider for accommodation in Salzburg.



Another good place to stay in Salzburg is the Nonnberg district.Located south of Salzburg’s historic city centre, just a short distance from it is the Salzburg Fortress, or Hohensalzburg, on top of a hill with a fantastic view of the old city,

This area includes the University of Salzburg, the Erhard Church and Nonnberg Abbey, which contains 12th century frescoes as well as Gothic-era artifacts.

A culinary walk is the must in this neighborhood.the area, once home to rich 17th century merchants, is capable of satisfying any palate.there you will find famous restaurants and taverns, where you can taste not only local but also international dishes.

From Nonntal you can reach the center in a ten minute walk.Accommodation in Salzburg in this neighbourhood is an excellent option both because of its proximity to the Altstadt and because of the range of accommodation available, from luxury to more economical.It is a very beautiful, but expensive residential area, and is not one of the areas chosen by most first-time tourists, as it is a little far from the centre of the city.The landscape has an abundance of green areas, which were once agricultural settlements.

This peaceful neighborhood is known for housing the Leopoldskron Palace, famous for its appearance in the film The Sound of Music, next to the large pond.

If you decide to stay in this neighbourhood for a few days you can get to the centre either by public transport or on foot, which takes ten minutes by car, while a walk takes about thirty minutes.

Sleeping in Salzburg in this area is expensive, especially if you want to stay in the palace.

What is the best area to sleep in Salzburg?

Salzburg is a charming city, surrounded by mountains that stretch on both sides of the river Salzach. The best area to stay to be close to everything that has to be visited and enjoy all its charm is in the historical center or Aldstadt. Here, we find narrow streets, sumptuous palaces and we can walk around peacefully seeing such illustrious buildings as Nonnberg Abbey or St. Peter’s. A special point of interest is the baroque cathedral.Walking to the wonderful Residenzplatz and the Goldgasse pedestrian street where the house where Mozart was born is located and where there is a great gastronomic offer, its restaurants, cafes, or bars are very popular.

A little further away from the centre is , the Hohensalzburg fortress , which is situated on a hill and offers a beautiful view of Salzburg and is famous for its music festivals.

A day trip to the mountain Untersberg is a short distance away from the city and you can take a funicular to the top and enjoy the beautiful view of the region.

On the map showing the best place to stay in Salzburg you will find a selection of the best hotels to stay in The hotels in Salzburg, as in the whole of Austria, are expensive and the alternative to find cheap accommodation is apartments or hostels.

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Altstadt (Old Town), the best area to stay in Salzburg

The Old Town of Salzburg or Altstadt as it is known locally, is one of the most scenic areas of the city, and where most of the best attractions in the city are located.The streets of Altstadt are lined with beautiful historical buildings and the history of the city can be felt on every corner.The area of Altstadt has even been named World Patromonio.

The Salzburg Cathedral built in the 17th century usually figures first on the list of places tourists choose to visit since it is also the place where Mozart was baptized, and where he played the organ for the last time.The impressive building is beautiful inside and out, and has truly unique architectural details that make it a unique tourist site. Other historic places to visit and soak up local history are the Abbey of Nonnberg , St. Peter’s Abbey, and several local churches.All of these buildings give a little insight into the past of this beautiful city and can be reached on foot when staying in the old town. Probably one of the most impressive attractions in the area is the Castle Hohensalzburg , which is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe.The castle, although technically located in the area of the Altstadt , is a little further away than most of the attractions because it is located on the top of a hill. Also, wherever you stay in Altstadt , it should not take you more than 20 minutes to walk to the entrance of the castle.

Another popular attraction in the area is the square Residenz , where the most beautiful fountain in Salzburg, known by the same name, is located.There is always activity on this square, whether it is a street performance, or public broadcasts of important sporting or musical events. Fans of the film “The Sound of Music” will undoubtedly recognize this place as a film location. Residenz

For Mozart fans, there is no doubt that the area of the Altstadt is the best place to stay. Goldgasse is a small pedestrian street where Mozart’s birthplace is located at number 9. You can also visit Mozart’s second family residence at Markatplatz, which today houses the museum that exhibits his pianoforte and other personal objects.

If you’re looking to get as close as possible to the city’s main attractions and travel back in time as you walk down the same streets Mozart walked, Altstadt is definitely the area you’ll want to stay in during your stay in Salzburg.

Hotels in the Old Town of Salzburg

Other districts to stay in Salzburg


The district ElizabethVorstaldt is a fairly central area, just outside the Altstadt .Tourists often choose this area to stay close to the historical centre without having to pay the fees for the more central hotels.

The area is close enough to Alstadt to reach the main attractions on foot, e.g. Mozart’s birthplace is only 15 minutes walk from Elizabeth-Vorstaldt and the Mirabell Palace and gardens are only 10 minutes away (for those who appreciate natural beauty, this attraction can be an interesting and romantic outing).

Hotels in Elisabeth-Vorstadt


Maxglan is the most residential district of Salzburg, and a very sought after place to live.For tourists looking for a place to stay in Salzburg, Maxglan offers a wide range of opportunities for shopping for high-end items and is within walking distance of the luxury hotels in the Old Town area.A walk from the Maxglan to the Altstadt involves passing by several luxury boutiques and shops, an ideal tour for those who like to treat themselves when visiting a new place.

While the area does not have much to offer to those looking for tourist attractions, there are a few places that tourists often enjoy visiting, such as the local church, the local parish church of St. Maximilian dates back to the 14th century and is a beautiful baroque style building with a lot of history to be discovered.Don’t miss Hangar-7 in Maxglan, which is a building belonging to the owner of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, and was built to house his private aircraft collection.

So Maxglan is a good place to stay for those who want to get away from it all, and at the same time, in a high-end area.The central attractions of Salzburg can still be easily reached on foot or by public transport, and there are still a couple of things that will keep you entertained in the area of the Maxglan .

Maxglan Hotels

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