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Where to stay in Cornwall

What is the best area to stay in Cornwall?

The ancient Celtic kingdom of Cornwall may at first evoke fantastic visions of long sandy beaches and untamed waves of the Atlantic Ocean, but in reality this magical place is much more than beaches and surfing.With its spectacular rocky shores, protected fishing ports, wild places and green meadows, Cornwall is a land where goblins run, and where you can hear in the pubs the ancient legends of smugglers that are still told by the elders.If you decide to take a holiday and visit this small corner of the UK you will discover a world full of wonderful secrets, and you will realize that this place offers many reasons to captivate families, couples, lonely travelers and adrenaline lovers.

Families and surfers alike often seek out the tranquillity of the North Coast area, where they will find small coastal villages such as Newquay , with its water sports and lively nightlife, and Padstow , with its quiet coves and stylish air.The southern coastal areas evoke a whole range of sensations, with the small fishing ports of Looe and Polperro , fishing villages for those wishing to discover more traditional Cornish, and further west the subtropical oasis of St. Ives , which boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

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Best places to stay in Cornwall


Newquay was originally a small fishing village, but has recently grown to become one of the most popular resorts in the UK.It has eleven splendid sandy beaches, which stretch for meters and meters, and that makes many surfers make Newquay their home throughout the summer season.Fistral beach attracts lovers of extreme sports-rock climbing, rappelling, coastering-to the masses.However, if you prefer to try less risky activities, Newquay also offers plenty of boat trips and all sorts of water sports.

Away from the beach there is not much activity during the day, but the nightlife is very lively and there are restaurants and cafes around every corner.Near Watergate Bay, for example, there is the Fifteen restaurant, owned by TV chef Jamie Oliver, where you can taste a variety of delicious dishes.There are establishments for all tastes and budgets, from select wine bars to lively nightclubs, as well as places to listen to live music and discos for the more savage.There are also plenty of festivals held during the summer, and a vibrant variety of music throughout the year… so if you’re looking for a frenetic and varied nightlife, Newquay is, without a doubt, your ideal place.

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Padstow is very different from Newquay; it has a more elegant, quieter British air.This charming fishing port is surrounded by seven wonderful golden sandy beaches, so Padstow, with its rugged coastline, quiet coves and fabulously clear waters, is also a perfect place for all kinds of water sports and activities.

Those who love cycling will be pleased to know that it is the home of the Camel Cycle Trail, but perhaps its greatest tourist attraction and the reason why people choose to stay in Padstow is its restaurants.It is completely full of first class restaurants, so if enjoying good food is an important element in choosing a holiday destination, Padstow could be the perfect place.

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On the south coast we find Looe, a small and traditional village.

In Looe you can find a wide variety of accommodation for all budgets: from rural hotels to small guest houses, bed & breakfast and rental apartments. It is also an option to be considered if you are looking for a place to practice deep sea fishing, as many fishing trips are scheduled from the port: you can participate in the local mackerel fishing, or if you are looking for something more exciting, opt for one of the trips organized to hunt blue sharks.

Although fishing is the predominant activity in Looe, there are many other things that can make you decide to stay in this small fishing village: the monkey sanctuary, a museum full of local smuggled objects, and the remains of the railway heritage of the area… along with a lot of places to stop for a drink or a meal and enjoy the fishing of the day.

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If decide to lodge in Polperro will feel as if would have backwards in time. East charming village from fishermen are finds in the coast southeast from Cornwall, and is the source from many tales famous from smuggling local. With your spectacular views from the surroundings and from sea, Polperro is one of the villages more picturesque of Cornwall and by it attracts to thousands from visitors each year. For of course, also offers some beaches beautiful and sites emblematic, as the famous cave Willy Wilcox, that was says that was one of the sites frequented by the smugglers for hide their goods.

It is completely full of small fishermen’s cottages, which cling to the steep slopes that lead to the small port of the village. There are plenty of places to eat, drink and relax, many craft and candy shops, artists’ galleries and art and music festivals, so it is an ideal choice for those who want to combine peace and relaxation with culture and art.

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St. Ives

St. Ives is one of Cornwall’s most popular tourist destinations, boasting a timeless appeal and being suitable for visitors of all ages. It is an oasis full of lush vegetation, very colourful and surrounded by one of the most beautiful golden sandy beaches in the region, which of course also accommodates surfers who want to try their waves.

If your thing is to choose your destinations for their local cuisine, in this town you will find plenty of traditional pubs, cafes and plenty of restaurants of all styles and categories.St. Ives is the place for those who are looking for a sophisticated holiday with lots of beach, but at the same time want to learn about art and culture.

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