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Where to stay in Hvar

What is the best place to stay in Hvar?

If you are thinking of visiting the Croatian island of Hvar , in the Adriatic Sea, and you don’t know where to stay, it is important to know that there are four main cities on the island: Hvar (capital), Stari Grad, Vrboska and Jelsa.

In the capital of Hvar you will find not only the largest offer of hotels, but also the most lively nightlife, many monuments and historical buildings, and beautiful unspoilt bays just a short walk from the city center.therefore Hvar is a good choice both for families, couples or young people looking for the best holidays in the Adriatic.

Much quieter are the cities of Stari Grad and Vrboska .Stari Grad is the oldest town in Croatia, the blue of the deep bay touches the green field of Pharos, and thus offers one of the most beautiful landscapes.

Jelsa is located in the centre of the island, it is one of the towns that has historically offered its natural beauties to tourists, so it has everything necessary for a pleasant stay: a variety of hotels, restaurants, bars, discos and shops.

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Best places to stay in Hvar

Hvar (city)

Undoubtedly the biggest offer of hotels is in the capital of Hvar.A special delight of Hvar’s tourist offer is that you will stay close to the virgin bays that are close to the city, which can be reached by car, by bike or by a pleasant walk through the Mediterranean landscapes.if we add to these natural beauties the friendliness of the hosts, Hvar becomes an ideal holiday destination for couples and families.

Those who decide to stay here will be surrounded by culture, its magnificent main square is considered the most beautiful in Dalmatia, dominated by the imposing St. Stephen’s Cathedral and bordered by the palaces of Groda and the stone houses of Burag, but not only the square, where you walk you will find monuments and historical places worth knowing.Hvar is a jewel.

Hvar’s nightlife also attracts many young people from all over the world, but Hvar has a lot to offer during the day.At dawn it’s worth getting lost in the old stone streets, while at night the offers range from a cocktail party at Carpe Diem or a disco night at Fortica to sunrise.

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Stari Grad

Stari Grad is the oldest town in Croatia, even its name means “old town”.These fields were used to provide sustenance and protection to the bay and today they add an attractive quality to the island. In this area modern holiday resorts are combined with the old buildings of the city. Stari Grad bay has more than 40 beaches of sand, gravel and rocky coves, some of which can be reached only by boat, but its beauty is worth it.

It is the historical heart of the island of Hvar and due to its position in the center, for centuries Stari Grad was a port for sailors.The nightlife is not as lively as in the capital, but there are plenty of bars and pubs.

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A charming village where you can also find a good offer of hotels is in Vrboska.This area of Hvar is characterized by a beautiful island in the middle of the bay, which is connected with bridges, so it is called the Little Venice.

The village has been inhabited since the ancient times, it became a fishing village and now it is an interesting tourist destination full of charm with a typical Mediterranean architecture.It has buildings that mix the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, while the sacred spirit of the old religious buildings is combined with the modern luxury villas.

Vrboska is known for its beautiful gravel and sand beaches, the blue color of the sea and the unspoilt nature that is still preserved. It also has a nudist island in Zecevo. Near the beach there are restaurants, shops, bars and more.Fresh food from the surrounding countryside and fish, together with the spices and olive oil of the region, offer a unique gourmet experience.

The highlight of the island’s architectural heritage is the 16th century fortress of the Church of Santa Maria de Gracia, built by the local population for defence against the Turks.It is the most beautiful fortress in Croatia, but also one of the most attractive churches in Europe at that time. As if all this is not enough to stay in Vrboska, every day there are organized boat trips from here to the famous Zlatni Rat beach.

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The town Jelsa is situated in the center of the island Hvar, it has a good climate during the year which is partly due to the two mountains surrounding it: from the south side Vrh , Samotorac and Gozd, and from the north side the hill Biokovo protects it from the cold north winds.

The city has been used to receiving tourists for decades, organized tourism began with the foundation of the Hygiene Club Hvar, and the oldest hotel in Jelsa, The Hotel Jadran, dates back to 1911.The bays are suitable for swimming, and there are also pleasant gravel beaches surrounded by pine trees, which provide the necessary shade during the heat of the summer.

Many adventurers, ethnologists and archaeologists visit the island to investigate the herbs, minerals and ancient monuments that prevail in the Middle Ages.The cultural and historical treasure of Jelsa and the island of Hvar consists of numerous monuments located in churches, parks, caves in the countryside, in squares, etc.

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Sućuraj is a small, picturesque and tourist fishing port, the most eastern settlement on the island of Hvar and also the closest part to the mainland.Thanks to its position, the town has a coastline on both sides of the island. Those who decide to stay at Sućuraj spend the day swimming and sunbathing on one of the sandy or rocky beaches, all of which are close to the town.The sea is crystal clear and the temperature is pleasant for swimming from May to October.

There are several shops in the city and also restaurants and bars, plus you will find everything you need for any eventuality: hospital, ATM, pharmacies.

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