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Best place to sleep in Zadar

About 20 minutes from the airport, is the best place to stay in Zadar: its Historical Center .

To begin your tour you can go around the Paseo Marítimo and at one point you will find one of its greatest charms: the Marine Organ, an architectural object that offers a beautiful musical recital by pushing the waves. Next door is the Saludo al Sol, with a circular floor that is powered by solar energy and at dusk shows a beautiful play with colored lights.

Another emblematic place to visit is the Church of St. Donatus, this church is the largest pre-Romanesque building in Croatia, and next to it The Roman Forum, some particular Roman ruins that seem to spring up randomly from the ground.Nearby you will find the Archaeological Museum of Zadar, a small museum with a lot of interesting things to exhibit.

Throughout the Historical Centre you can move around on foot, as you can even go out a little bit and go shopping at the City Galleria shopping centre and still be close to the area.A typical place to visit early in the morning is the local farmers’ market Trznica Zadar, where you can buy fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and even homemade olive oil. Among the options for eating are the restaurants Bruschetta, 2Ribara, and Zadar Jadera. If you like the nightlife the most popular bars are Lounge & Bar Ledana, Posh Pub, and The Garden Lounge.

On the map showing the area of the historical center of Zadar you can find a selection of the best hotels and apartments to stay in The hotel offer in Zadar is very small and the apartment offer is much wider, a cheaper option of accommodation especially in summer, the high tourist season in Zadar.

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Where to sleep near Zadar

If we are driving through Croatia and we want to sleep near Zadar, we have many options, from small and pleasant fishing villages, to places known for their nightlife, like the island of Pag.

  • Biograd na Moru: 45 km away from Zadar, on the way to Split, we find this outstanding summer holiday destination.

Hotels in Biograd na Moru

  • Pag: 50 km north of Zadar is the island of Pag, known for its clubs and nightlife, which aspires to be the Ibiza or Mykonos of Croatia.

Hotels in Pag

  • Petrcane: if you want to stay in a small Croatian fishing village to integrate into the authentic Croatia, Petrcane is a good option.Located only 15 minutes north of Zadar it is an ideal place to rest for a night.

Hotels in Petrcane

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