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Where to stay in zagreb

What is the best area to stay in Zagreb?

Zagreb is a beautiful, ancient city that offers many attractions for all tastes.For those who prefer it, there is a tram that connects the main tourist spots such as the largest cathedral in Croatia or the magnificent Art Pavilion.

If you are thinking of visiting Zagreb the best area to stay is the city centre .In this area you can go to the main square of the city: Ban Jelacic , and walk around Tkalciceva Street where most of the interesting restaurants, bars and clubs are concentrated around it.

If you prefer tranquillity and nature you can find the charming park Zrinjeva within walking distance, or even go for a walk along the banks of the river Sava .

One of the things you can’t miss is to go to the charming and old city center of the Dolac market , it is an open air market very appreciated by the citizens of Zagreb, there you can buy various products or just enjoy its vibrant colors.

On the map showing the old town of Zagreb you will find a selection of the best downtown hotels to stay in .

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The city center, the best area to stay in Zagreb

Located on the Sava River coast with cultural activities and entertainment in abundance, Zagreb is a charming choice for a weekend getaway.The epicentre of the city is the pedestrian street Tkalčićeva , lined with small shops and restaurants. The upper part of the centre houses the Zagreb Cathedral and St Mark’s Church. The main square, known locally as Ban Jelačić , is in the lower part of the city centre, where tourists will also find many shops, parks and museums.

The center of the city is quite small, which makes the main places of interest accessible by a short walk. tourists will enjoy the market of Dolac with local flavor, shopping on the Street I lica , and the peculiar fun that means visiting the Museum of Broken Relations.To get a beautiful view of the city from above, visit the place called Eyes of Zagreb. The city center is surrounded by a green U-shaped area, known as the horseshoe Lenuzzi or the Green Horseshoe.Zagreb’s cuisine is multifaceted and of high quality, with both local and international options.

The city center is easily accessible, as it is only a 25 minute drive from Zagreb International Airport.

Hotels in Zagreb Center

Other areas to stay in Zagreb


For travelers interested in nature or sports, Maksimir is the best area to stay in Zagreb.The Maksimir district has an incredible park with open fields, streams, lakes, and native wildlife, only 15 minutes drive (25 minutes by bus) from the city center.the Maksimir Park is the oldest park in Zagreb and also houses the Zagreb Zoo.

The adjacent Maksimir Stadium is the home of Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia’s best football team. The city centre of this district is situated around the street of Maksimirska ; there you will find many accommodation options as well as shops and restaurants.

Hotels in Maksimir

Novi Zagreb

South of the river Sava is the district of Novi Zagreb (i.e. new Zagreb) This is a good area to stay and from where you can see the expansive development that the capital of Croatia has had.Although originally more residential, Novi Zagreb has been revitalized with new entertainment and cultural attractions, such as the Zagreb Arena with its shopping centre and entertainment complex.

The Museum of Modern Art and the abundance of parks attract tourists to this district.Located 20 minutes by car from the city centre, Novi Zagreb provides a modern perspective of the city, while offering easy access to its roots in the city centre.

Hotels in Novi Zagreb

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