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Where to stay in Cyprus

Where is the best place to stay in Cyprus?

The Republic of Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean Sea, between Turkey, Syria and Greece, an area with a great historical and mythological tradition.It is an area with a great historical and mythological tradition and offers a very complete tourism. magnificent archaeological ruins of ancient civilizations, modern cities, beaches with turquoise waters and a rich offer of leisure.

It is an ideal destination to spend a vacation with family or friends. Many types of visits can be planned, some more cultural, others for rest on its beautiful beaches and even as a destination for partying and walking. So, Cyprus combines the main ingredients for a perfect holiday for all tastes and ages.

If you travel to Cyprus with the desire to discover its history you must stay Nicosia A capital that combines tradition and modernity and has many ruins and important tourist sites.In Ayia Napa , the Golden Coast of Cyprus, you can enjoy the excellent beaches and the lively nightlife, it is one of the most visited areas by young people who come with the desire to have fun, if you want to know the rich gastronomy and wines of the land, visit Limassol and rest on its beautiful beaches.Or if you prefer to soak up mythology, travel to Paphos and discover the ruins of Nea Paphos ,

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Best places to stay in Cyprus


Located in the north of Cyprus, the capital of the island is one of the most popular tourist centres in the world for its history and cultural attractions.

It is a very curious city because of its geopolitical history, with Turkish flags on one side and slender minarets on the other side, with Greek flags next to the church steeples.

We recommend a walk through the old town of Nicosia to see the many churches and monasteries of past centuries and their great architectural beauty, such as the Convent of Agios Iraklidios, the Monastery of Machaira, the Cathedral of Agios Ioannis and the Church of Santos Vamavyvy Hilarion.The most visited are the geographic or jewelry museum and the Hrisaliniotissa handicraft center, where you can observe the work of local artisans. This city is home to important mosques, the most popular in the northern area is the Selimiye Mosque, with its beautiful minarets.In the southern part of the city you will find the Arablar Mosque

If you want to stay in Nicosia you will find a wide variety of accommodation, if your budget allows you to choose between different hotels and 5 star hotels of the highest quality, if you are looking for a more economical accommodation you will find many hostels and guest houses at very affordable prices.

Accommodation in Nicosia

Ayia Napa

Located near Larnaca, is one of the main tourist areas of Cyprus, its golden sandy beaches, water sports, restaurants and lively nightlife have made it like Ibiza or the Cyprus Tariff

Ayia Napa is an old fishing village and one of the most visited places is the Marine Park.For the little ones in the house there is also the largest water park in Europe, the Water World, and the monastery of Ayia Napa, built in marble in the 16th century.

The Gold Coast of Cyprus has some very impressive beaches, the most famous of which are Nissi Beach, Pantahou Beach and Landa Beach.There are many discos, pubs and the main international DJ’s visit these places every year. If you want to party on the island, this is your site.

You will find it very easy to find accommodation in this part of the island, it is prepared with all kinds of hotels, different stars, hostels, pensions and even houses for rent if you travel with friends or large families.We recommend you to book in advance because it is a very popular destination among tourists from all over the world.

Accommodation in Ayia Napa


This city is located along the southern coast of Cyprus and is the largest after Nicosia.The good wine connoisseur knows that Limassol is one of the best wine regions in Europe, where an excellent wine is produced.the area of the Troodos Mountains has perfect climatic conditions to produce wine and many visitors consider an enotourist trip.

Limassol is a city of contrasts where many cultures converge.In recent years it is very common to see people from all over the world, especially Russians, and one of the great tourist attractions of the city is its castle, built by the Byzantines in the tenth century and where he married Ricardo Corazón de León, now a museum that houses important archaeological collections of the Middle Ages.One of the best tips is to get lost in the streets of the historical center and visit the museums of Folklore, Archaeology, and learn a little more about the rich history of Cyprus.

One of the most lively areas is the Port, which is divided between the old and modern areas, where you can enjoy wonderful views while tasting a glass of local wine or enjoying the good food of the country.At nightfall, if you are in the mood for a good time, you will find many places with music and a festive atmosphere.

We recommend that you visit the beautiful beaches that stretch along almost 15 kilometres of the Mediterranean coast.Here you will find a large number of hotels and apartments for rent, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of eucalyptus forests, olive groves and vineyards.

Accommodation in Limassol


Paphos is located on the west coast of Cyprus and is included in the official list of Cultural and Natural Heritage Treasures of UNESCO.It is a town with a great mythological tradition, place of birth and worship of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Paphos is a small maritime town that was once the ancient capital of Cyprus.In the historical centre you will find the most famous monasteries, such as St. Neophyte and Chrysorrogiatissa, as well as important places of pilgrimage.the ruins of Nea Paphos, situated by the sea, are the most famous and a tourist spot not to be must also visit the Tombs of the Kings, similar to the Egyptian ones and carved into beautiful pillars in solid rock.

The port area attracts many visitors throughout the year and is the liveliest area of the city, where you will find a wide range of restaurants and bars and the beach area has many high quality hotels with all kinds of amenities.

You can spend days of cultural visits and relax on the beautiful beaches, but if you prefer to stay in a more modest place, you will also find a large number of hostels with more economical prices

Accommodation in Paphos

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