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Where to stay in Copenhagen: The best places

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most fashionable destinations The Danish capital offers a wealth of things to see and do, making it a perfect choice for both a weekend break and a small holiday.In this article we recommend you the best areas to stay in Copenhagen ,and don’t miss the opportunity of to visit Copenhagen , because this green, cosmopolitan and cheerful city will leave you a good taste in your mouth.There are few better plans than enjoying a hot Moka in a café overlooking the bucolic Nyhavn promenade, having a picnic in Rosenborg Castle Park or having a great time at the century-old attractions in the Tivoli Gardens.

However, travelling to one of the most fashionable destinations, has its price and even more if it is one of the Nordic countries.

The best areas to stay in Copenhagen

The time spent getting to know the city may make us prefer to stay in the centre and pay a little more; however it is also highly recommended to enjoy the quiet surroundings north or south of the canal, good areas to stay in Copenhagen as they have a good public transport network.

If your budget allows for it, we recommend you to book your accommodation at the centrally located Indre , but if you prefer cheaper options in quiet neighbourhoods you should not miss out on Vesterbro, Ostebro or Frederiksberg , if you want a young and modern atmosphere, Christianshavn and Norrebro are your best options.Indre, the city centre

The centre of Copenhagen, the Indre By, is the oldest and one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods because its streets are full of passers-by and tourists at any time of the year.Choosing Indre to stay in Copenhagen will mean that you do not have to travel far to get a look at its essential corners.

Moreover, staying here you will not need to use public transport because everything will be a “pleasant walk” away. is also a very lively and safe area , like the whole city, with plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops .You will not lack anything, so it is worth paying more if you have little time in the city and the necessary means.

As it is the most tourist area, the Indre By is well supplied in terms of quantity of accommodation. is the most comfortable neighborhood for any traveler.However, such comfort comes at a price: it is almost impossible to find hotels for less than 100 euros the night

– Accommodation in Indre


The Vesterbro district is located near the central train station , between the streets of Vesterbrogade, Istedgade and Sønder.This area offers a wide range of accommodation at a very reasonable price .

In addition, this district has the best offer of bars and clubs for all ages and budgets so it is recommended for to stay in Copenhagen for groups of friends or young couples who are looking for the most active face of the Danish capital.

You can also do your shopping in Istedgade Street , the most important shopping area in the neighbourhood, where you can find shops with fashion and accessories.

– Accommodation in Vesterbro


If you are looking for some peace and quiet after the busy city centre of Copenhagen and the lively Vesterbro district, a walk through the neighbouring area of Frederiksberg with its beautiful villas and extensive parks is always worthwhile .

To the north of Vesterbro is the city of Frederiksberg .Its main tourist attraction is the Frederiksberg Palace and the gardens that surround it, but don’t forget to take a look at the City Hall or enjoy the many green areas

Frederiksberg is considered a residential area of upper-middle class , so there is not a great offer of accommodation for tourists but you can find options at a lower price than in other areas of the capital.

The good transport network with the rest of the city makes it very recommendable to sleep in Copenhagen for profiles of travellers with children who want to enjoy a holiday with calm and tranquillity .

– Hotels in Frederiksberg


The most bucolic Copenhagen is a stone’s throw from the centre, with a good public transport network to reach the main tourist spots in the city.The Christianshavn area, east of the Inderhavnen, is popularly known as “little Amsterdam” for its cobbled streets, canals and colourful houses cheerful.

Imagine having a hot coffee watching the boats go by on the Inderhavnen canal, the modern architecture of the Opera House or the charm of the Vor Frelsers Kirke church.The young atmosphere mixes with an architecture that transports us to other places in Europe, without a doubt, an accommodation option for couples who want to enjoy the city without rushing.

This district also hosts Christiania , a free city founded by a hippie community which is one of the places you can not miss.Walk around it, experience its curious atmosphere, and have fun at one of the free open-air concerts.

– Accommodation at Christianshavn


Don’t you want to get too far away from the old town?The Østerbro is an excellent choice for accommodation in Copenhagen, it is a elegant residential area situated in the north of the centre with green areas, designer shops and boulevards to stroll along.A walk is rewarding, because in this neighbourhood you will find the famous statue of The Little Mermaid inspired by Andersen’s story.

The best thing about the Østerbro is the relaxed atmosphere at any time of the year, you will find few tourists filling the streets (except the roads to The Little Mermaid. However, there is very little accommodation on offer on and they tend to have prices even higher than Indre.

In this sense, also you will not find a great offer of restaurants, night clubs or shops in the latest fashion; it is a respectable area where upper-middle class families reside.

– Accommodation in Osterbro


The Nørrebro district is a melting pot of different cultures . Most of the inhabitants are bohemian artists and university students , but also a good part of the residents are of foreign origin.This multicultural environment is ideal for those ‘low cost’ travellers who want to see the less touristy side of Copenhagen.

Some residents are suspicious of the Nørrebro as they consider that foreigners – mainly immigrants from Muslim countries – have invaded this part of Copenhagen and brought insecurity to its streets.However, other residents are in love with the multicultural character of the Nørrebro.

The main street on the Nørrebro is Nørrebrogade, where most of the shops in the area are concentrated. If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Copenhagen or urgently need a place to sleep, start your search in this neighbourhood. However, it is advisable to avoid the station area and Mimersparken ; which are considered by the locals to be the most conflictive.

– Accommodation in Norrebro

Accommodation in Copenhagen

Northern Europe has higher prices than other cities and the Danish capital is no exception to the rule.

Your excellent public transport network will allow you to move from one point to another in the city without problems and quickly, so you do not have to worry about staying in the center.

A double room in a hotel in downtown Copenhagen can cost about 135 euros per overnight stay, increasing its price even more when looking for a higher category or views.So if you find a good accommodation offer that is far away from Indre – the centre of Copenhagen – or another of its more touristy neighbourhoods, you can bet on it.

Flexibility in location and anticipation will be your best resources to find affordable accommodation.

– Accommodation in Copenhagen

Cheap accommodation in Copenhagen

Although the city is expensive, it is also possible to find cheap accommodation in Copenhagen.Single rooms in the most basic pensions are from 60 Euro .

– Cheap accommodation in Copenhagen

Apartments for rent in Copenhagen

Renting an apartment is also an interesting option to stay in Copenhagen .Given the high cost of this city, it can be a way to reduce costs and have more space, or for the same price, to stay in a more central area.

– Apartments for rent in Copenhagen

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