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Where to stay in corsica

What is the best place to stay in Corsica?

The so-called ‘Island of Beauty’ is situated between the south-east of the Côte d’Azur and the north of Sardinia.

On this island you will enjoy impressive natural scenery, heavenly beaches, spectacular neighbouring islands and charming cities with a great historical and cultural heritage.

Ajaccio is the capital and hometown of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and has a large number of architectural attractions and one of the best beach areas in the Sanguinarias Islands.One of the main touristic places is Calvi , which combines a peculiar mountainous landscape with spectacular beaches.

In Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio you can also enjoy long days under the sun and wonderful crystal clear waters.from both points you can visit the Lavezzi Islands , a natural paradise that you can’t miss.You will also have to pass by Bonifacio to admire its curious houses hanging over a cliff and enjoy the postcard scenery.and in Propriano you can relax on its beautiful beaches in a more intimate atmosphere.

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Best places to stay in Corsica


The capital of Corsica is located on the west coast of the island and there are no direct flights from Spain, so you will have to stop over in Paris or in a city on the Côte d’Azur and then take a ferry.

Ajaccio is a picturesque French town situated in a small bay on the Mediterranean coast, with a background of snowy mountains until late spring.It was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and almost every corner of it is reminiscent of the emperor. Along the coast is the main road where you will find a lively area with many shops, cafes and restaurants, leading to the Piazza Letizia, named after Napoleon’s mother, where the house where he was born and spent the first nine years of his life is located.Today it is the National Museum of the Casa Bonaparte, but unfortunately in 1973 the house was destroyed in a fire and few objects were left. The imperial city is full of monuments and museums along its streets. We recommend you to visit the Fesch Museum, the Imperial Chapel built in 1857, the Napoleonic Museum and the Marc Petit Museum of Fine Arts.

We also recommend you to visit one of the most beautiful natural sites of Ajaccio, the Sanguinarias Islands.The tour ends on one of the most beautiful beaches of the region and the most famous among surfers, the beach of Capo di Feno. This excursion is organized in summer from the port of Tino Rossi.

The main beaches of Ajaccio are located on the road of the Sanguinarias.If you’re looking for a family beach, head for the beach of Barbicajas, if you prefer a wilder beach with crystal-clear waters you’ll have to go to the beach of Scudo and if you want to practice water sports, the beach of Tahiti.

In Ajaccio you’ll find a wide variety of accommodation, with a wide range of hotels located in privileged places of the city, facing the sea or near the main monuments.If you prefer to stay at your own pace there are also many gîtes or B&B.

Hotels in Ajaccio


It is a small town in the north-west of Corsica and one of the main tourist spots.The beautiful citadel is located on top of a rocky promontory, while the port extends through a 5 km beach and a 32 hectare pine forest, forming a beautiful bay.

The citadel of Calvi, with its walls is one of the most beautiful places in the city.We recommend that you get lost in its narrow streets and discover the charm of the place, if you reach the highest point of the citadel you will find the main monuments, such as the church of Santa María la Mayor, the cathedral of San Pedro Bautista and the old governors’ palace, as well as enjoying unbeatable views of the bay.It is a place with a lot of atmosphere, with the docks decorated with palm trees, numerous restaurants, spectacular yachts…after a day of tourism it is worth taking a break and relaxing with a glass of wine while contemplating the sunset.

If you are looking for a beach, we recommend you visit La Pinède Beach, the most famous beach in Calvi, which has all kinds of services, restaurants, sailing or diving schools and even tennis courts.In the port area there are 5 kilometres of beautiful beaches but without doubt this one stands out for its beauty and landscape.

You will have no problem finding accommodation in Calvi, from modest 2 star hotels to the luxury of 5 star hotels, some located in the historic centre and others very close to the beaches and with views of the bay of Calvi.

Hotels in Calvi

Porto Vecchio

This city was built in 1539 and is located in the south of the island, a place of contrast with spectacular beaches and mountainous areas, forming a beautiful mosaic and is the main attraction among tourists.

The citadel of Porto Vechhio is very beautiful and we recommend to go on foot to enjoy the numerous bastions, the Sainte-Croix chapel, the Saint ean Baptiste church and the 16th century Genoese gate.In the Piazza della Repubblica you will find many restaurants and terraces that give you a great atmosphere, you can’t miss the port where you can sail to the Lavezzi Islands and the beautiful bay of Porto Vecchio, known and admired for its natural environment, but without doubt the best of this area of the island are its beaches.

We recommend the beach of Polambaggia, bordered by the beach of Santa Guilia.In the north is the Cala Rossa, very small but with impressive views of the bay and the beach of Ciprianu, one of the most beautiful of Corsica located in front of the natural reserve of the Cerbicale islands.this city offers a wide range of hotels as it is one of the most visited tourist sites.there are many luxury hotels near the beach of Santa Guilia and Palombaggia.

Hotels in Porto Vecchio


Bonifacio is located in the southern part of the island in a privileged position, on top of a white limestone promontory, with a spectacular landscape.

It is very pleasant to take a walk through the medieval old town where you can admire the distribution of the high houses with their immense stairs at the entrance. We recommend you to visit the Bastion of l’Entendard, the Church of Saint-Dominique, the Publicu Palace and the oldest building of Bonifacio, the Church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure.

One of the best excursions is the visit to the Staircase of the King of Aragon, formed by 187 stairs in an excavated cliff, you will be able to contemplate the blue of the turquoise waters and you will arrive at the fresh water well of St. Barthelemy.Don’t miss this natural paradise where you will find many coves and turquoise waters. If you are a diving lover you can make your dives in the Marine Park of Bocas de Bonifacio.a whole experience.

If you want to stay in Bonifacio you will find all kinds of accommodation.In the old town there are numerous hotels, apartments, B&B and if you are travelling with a group of friends or a large family there are beautiful rural houses.

Hotels in Bonifacio


It is situated in the Gulf of Valinco, in the south-west of Corsica.the natural environment that surrounds it is the main tourist this place nature and above all the sea.there are numerous beaches of great beauty.We recommend you to visit the coves of Arena Bianca, the beaches of Mancino, Sampiero, Marinco, Lido and outside the gulf the one of Capu Lauroso.

If you want to stay in Propriano you will find a wide range of accommodation, from luxury hotels, country houses, B&B’s and aparthotels to a large number of spectacular resorts in the Olmeto area, 10 kilometres from Propriano, surrounded by greenery and with stunning sea views.

Hotels in Propriano

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