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Hotels overlooking the seine in paris

Without a doubt, the river Seine gives a great charm to the city of Paris. Do you want to make your visit to Paris memorable? Then we recommend you to stay in the 2 hotels that have the best view of the Seine : the Off Paris Seine , located on the same river, and the Hotel Le Notre Dame Saint Michel , which besides its view of the river Siena has the best view of Notre Dame.

Off Paris Seine

Enjoy a wonderful view of the Seine River… from the river itself! staying at the Hotel Off Paris Seine, with a different concept, you can live the experience in the first hotel and bar in Paris on such an emblematic river, with views of the right bank as well as the left.

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Hotel Le Notre Dame Saint Michel

With a breathtaking view of the Seine and the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame, in this boutique hotel with bar on the river, you will not want to miss the best of Paris.The Hotel Le No-tre Dame Saint Michel allows you to enjoy a modern atmosphere and equipped with all the comforts you need, you can have an unforgettable visit to Paris.

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Do not miss the magic experience of living your visit to Paris with a view of the Seine River.


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