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Where to stay in Munich: The best places

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is the third largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg, it is one of the most touristic and unfortunately also one of the most expensive.

The best places to stay in Munich

As it happens in many cities the best place to sleep in Munich when you are travelling for tourism is the center area The problem: it is more expensive than other areas.

As the Bavarian capital is easily “walkable” and well served by public transport thanks to its extensive tram, metro and bus network, there are many neighbourhoods that are an excellent alternative to the centre.

1.The center of Munich – Altstadt (the Old Town)

Altstadt corresponds to the historical center of Munich .The Old Town stands out for its historical architecture, its pleasant streets, and its atmosphere.In this area you can find most of the historical attractions of the city so it is the best option to stay in Munich if you are visiting and you have only a few days.

If you choose it you have to be aware that in Altstadt everything is more expensive including the accommodation , but if the extra price is not a problem for you you will enjoy exploring its old streets, admiring its architecture, shopping, and the atmosphere of its bars and restaurants without the need to travel.

In this district you can visit the central square Marienplatz with its gothic architecture , the Frauenkirche cathedral , and the St. Peter\’s church among other attractions.

In summary, it is the most practical area to stay in Munich because you will have a stone\’s throw away from most of the tourist attractions, you will save yourself from having to use public transport, it is a very safe area and very well connected , and you will not lack in atmosphere.

On the other hand it is complicated to find accommodation under 90 euros .

– Accommodation in Altstadt


Maxvorstadt is the “cultureta” district of Munich.It is also located very close to the city\’s universities, making it a favorite among the students

Thanks to this, this neighborhood offers a good number of options for cheap accommodation , as well as a wide range of restaurants with different cuisines at affordable prices

It should also be noted that Königsplatz, the museum district in Munich, is located in the district.With its characteristic neoclassical architecture it is an excellent place to get lost in its museums.

The great Gate of Siegestor , with its unmistakable three arches, is one of the most iconic places in the neighborhood.Amalienpassage with its glamorous boutiques is also worth a visit, and at nightfall, around Schellingstraße there are plenty of lively restaurants, bars and cafés to dine and drink in.

Public transportation is easy to find in this neighborhood, but it is also easy to get to the Altstadt on is an interesting option for to sleep in Munich as you will find cheaper hotels and still be centrally located.

– Accommodation in Maxvorstadt


The famous Oktoberfest is held in Theresienwiese in Ludwigsvorstadt, so if you visit the city at this time this is the best neighborhood to stay in Munich.The neighborhood is also known as Little Istanbul . It is a very immigrant and multicultural neighborhood that is characterized by its restaurants and shops of the Middle East.

This district is located south of Munich’s central station and is easily accessible if you arrive in the city by train.Ludwigsvorstadt is well connected to Munich’s public transport system with many U-Bahns, S-Bahns and trams connecting the area, making it easy to travel around the city.

– Accommodation in Ludwigsvorstadt

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Isarvorstadt is a residential area also very close to the center It is much quieter than its neighbor Ludwigsvorstadt.It has a relaxed atmosphere , a lot of lively cafes, great restaurants, and a fun nightlife .

It is worth discovering the Gärtnerplatz where you will enjoy cozy bars and restaurants, and then attend a show at the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz .

The area is also well known as the epicentre of Munich’s gay scene .

In Isarvorstadt there is less accommodation on offer than in other districts, however you can find some hotels at more reasonable prices compared to the more touristy areas.

The fact that it is so close to the center also means that Isarvorstadt has excellent public transport connections and that many of Munich’s tourist attractions can be reached within 30 minutes.

– Accommodation in Isarvorstadt


Haidhausen, located east of the Isar River, is characterized by its urban layout of large boulevards that coexist with picturesque streets where you can discover old houses that have hardly been touched in centuries.

The neighborhood is well known for its vibrant nightlife and its nightclubs. Kultfabrik is a reference point for Munich’s nightlife with its many bars and nightclubs.another hot spot is the nearby Optimolwerke which also has its own nightlife, with a good offer of restaurants and bars.

Haidhausen is a great place to stay in Munich and experience life as a local , being only 20 minutes walk from Marienplatz.Furthermore it is possible to find accommodation at a good price

The closeness to the center, its prices, its nightlife offer, and that it is well connected by S-Bahn and U-Bahn make it a very interesting option for to stay in Munich.

– Accommodation in Haidhausen


Schwabing is a very lively middle and middle class alt a district with an atmosphere that combines the traditional Bavarian with the metropolitan modernity of a big city and with a very bohemian touch.

Leopoldstraße is a main street in the district which is famous for its attractive architecture, cafés and local shops, and together with Hohenzollernstraße which is bustling with life, form the two main streets where all the action takes place in the district.

Schwabing has good connections to the U-Bahn with stations all over the neighbourhood as well as tram connections. The district covers a large area but if you are in the areas closest to the centre you will reach Marienplatz by a pleasant walk through Englischer Garten Park

– Accommodation in Schwabing


Nymphenburg is one of the quietest districts of the capital of Bavaria, in this district is the famous Nymphenburg Palace , which is one of the main attractions of the city, and near it is the city’s botanical garden.

is the largest brewery in the city , with a capacity of more than 8,000 peopleThe Königlicher Hirschgarten is a must for a beer and a meal next to the Deer Park

It is further away from the city center but is well connected by trams through the public transport network. Because this is a less central area there are less hotels to choose . However the prices are interesting.

– Accommodation in Nymphenburg

Best place to stay in Munich

Without a doubt, the best place to stay in Munich is the city centre The most central point of the Bavarian capital is the Marienplatz , so the closer we are to the square the more central we are.

In the Munich center you can find everything interesting to visit in the city: The Marienplatz, where we can find the City Hall with its famous carillon and the oldest church in Munich (Peterskirche) from which we can enjoy the best view of the old town; the Cathedral, known as the Frauenkirche and renowned for its onion-shaped domes; Viktualienmarkt, the most picturesque market in the city; the City Museum with its collection of puppets and the Royal Palace (Residenz) with its interesting museums.

Munich’s city centre, our recommended area if you are looking to find out where to stay in Munich for a sightseeing tour, also offers a wide range of shops and restaurants, and is very well connected to the airport by train and to the rest of the city by underground and tram.

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Altstadt, the centre of Munich

Marienplatz is the nerve centre of the Bavarian capital Since its origins, this beautiful and elegant square has been the venue for important public events, celebrations and tournaments.Every day at 11, 12 and 5 p.m., this clock catches the eye of those on Marienplatz and moves visitors to the city to enjoy the spectacle of life-size figures emerging from inside the clock and dancing to a melody commemorating the event that took place in 1517 to celebrate the end of the plague.In front of the spectacular and admired Bavarian town hall is a small fountain, Fischbrünnen, designed in the mid-19th century and rebuilt after the Second World War.

Next to Marienplatz is the old town hall, dating from the 15th century and rebuilt several times, which houses in its tower the famous Toy Museum, one of the largest toy collections in Europe and America.In front of the old town hall there is a bronze statue of Juliet (from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”), where many couples are photographed, and a few meters away is Peterskirche, the church of St. Peter, from whose high tower, Alter Peter, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Marienplatz and the whole city.Practically next to the oldest church in Munich we find Viktualienmarkt, the most unique market in the city, where we can drink one of the infinite varieties of beer that there is, accompanied by the typical wurst (there is an endless variety of sausages, such as white Weisswurst).In the stalls that are located in the large area occupied by the Viktualienmarkt you can also buy flowers, exotic fruits, meat, fish, cheese, fish and other products.

If we cross again Marienplatz we find a few meters from it the most famous brewery in Munich, the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl or simply Hofbräuhaus.This brewery, whose origins date back to the end of the 16th century, has been the centre of public and political life in the city and has witnessed important historical events, such as the proclamation of the Soviet Republic of Munich or the 25-point programme of the Nazi party.Although it has several floors, the ground floor is the one that gathers most of the tourists, who enjoy the most typical beers of Munich, like the famous Augustiner, to the sound of the live music that sounds in the premises, which has precious frescos decorated with Bavarian and beer motifs.

Nearby, also in the old part of the Bavarian capital, is the Frauenkirche, Munich’s Cathedral. Located on Frauenplatz, this 15th century Catholic church is one of the city’s tourist attractions and stands out for its red brick architecture and late Gothic style.

500 meters from the Frauenkirche is the famous Odeonsplatz, a picturesque space that concentrates majestic buildings worth visiting, such as the Feldherrnhalle, a monument erected to honor the Bavarian army, whose architecture and sculptures recall the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence, the church of the Teatinos, which stands out for its yellow rococo style façade, and the Hofgarten, a pleasant garden from which you can access the spectacular English Garden, a green lung of more than 400 hectares that constitutes one of the largest urban parks in the world, inside which there is a Chinese pagoda, a Japanese tea house and a large artificial channel in which many people surf.Nearby is the spectacular Residenz, the former Royal Palace, which, with its 130 rooms and 10 courtyards, is the largest city palace in Germany and one of the best decorative museums in Europe.

Hotels in Altstadt

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