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Where to stay in athens

What is the best area to stay in Athens?

We all have in mind the image of the Acropolis of Athens on the hill, well, this image is taken from one of the hotel terraces shown on the map, what better for our stay in Athens than having breakfast or dinner on a terrace overlooking the Acropolis!

If you want to enjoy the best views of the Acropolis we recommend you to stay in the hotels in the Pláka area : all five star hotels offer spectacular views and we can also enjoy great views of the Acropolis in the cheaper hotels such as the A for Athens and The Athens Gate Hotel.

All hotels shown on the map are located in the district of Pláka, the best area where stay in Athens In addition to the proximity to the Acropolis, it concentrates more tourist attractions, a vibrant nightlife and a wide range of restaurants and shops of all kinds.

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The Pláka quarter, the best area to stay in Athens

As we have advanced, the Pláka quarter, the oldest quarter in Athens, is the favourite of many travellers visiting the Greek capital.Known as “the neighbourhood of the gods” for its proximity to the Acropolis (located about 300 metres away), Pláka is full of narrow and picturesque streets, full of shops, restaurants and terraces that delight the visitor. It is a very lively neighbourhood that preserves its ancestral air and its excellent location makes it ideal for visiting historical places in the city, such as the emblematic and iconic Acropolis, the Lysicrates Lantern, the Roman Agora or the Museum of Popular Instruments.

The best known and most important place in all of Greece is the Acropolis, located 156 meters above sea level, from where it dominates every corner of the Hellenic city and can be seen from any point in the capital.The Acropolis of Athens contains some of the best known monuments of classical Greece, such as the Parthenon, the Erechthion and the Temple of Athena Noe, the main and most beautiful building of this spectacular architectural complex is the Parthenon, built between 477 and 432 BC. Another of the essential elements of the Acropolis is the Erecteion, an Ionic temple built on the most sacred site of the Acropolis, where the goddess Athena made the first olive tree in the Greek lands to flower.The roof of the southern gallery of this building is supported by the Caryatids, six columns with a female appearance, while the small Ionian-style Temple of Athena Noe was erected to commemorate the victory of the Greeks over the Persians at the Battle of Salamis.

In addition to the famous Hellenic jewel, the Pláka quarter has many remains that make it special, such as the Lantern of Lysicrates, a beautiful sculpture built by Lysicrates, a rich Athenian citizen, in homage to the first prize he had won that year at the theatre of Dionysus with a men’s choir.the Roman Agora, an ancient public square in the city used as a market and meeting place, and the Museum of Popular Instruments, where almost 1 is on display.200 unique instruments representative of over 5,000 years of Greek musical history, such as shepherds’ flutes made of goatskin or lyres with wooden boxes, are also worth a visit.

Hotels in the Centre of Athens

Other areas to sleep in Athens

In addition to Pláka, the Greek capital has other neighbourhoods that are a good option for accommodation during your stay in Athens.Adjacent to Pláka is Monastiraki, a neighborhood that takes its name from a small monastery that presides over its main square, around which there are numerous bazaars, street markets and taverns where you can taste the typical and delicious Greek cuisine, which includes the traditional gyros, kebabs with yogurt or delicious salads.

The Monastiraki market looks similar to the souks, an area of narrow streets full of small shops where you can haggle, and the neighbourhood’s metro station is one of the oldest in the city’s metro network and displays the various archaeological finds that appeared in the area during the construction of the station.

This neighborhood also contains the remains of Hadrian’s Library, known as the Library of a Hundred Columns, and built in 132 by the Roman Emperor to house his collection of books, as well as two mosques, Tsistaraki and Fethiyé (the latter was built by the Ottomans in the 15th century on the occasion of Mehmet the Conqueror’s visit to the city).

In the heart of Athens is Kolonaki , one of the most luxurious and elegant neighborhoods of the Greek capital, ideal for walking and having a drink in any of its modern terraces, as well as for shopping in its elegant boutiques and designer shops.

Another interesting area to stay is Anafiotika , located northeast of the Acropolis.It is a quiet and charming area, thanks to its popular low houses, painted white and blue, which are located on the hillside and form a maze of steep streets.Most of them were built in the last decades of the 19th century by masons from Anafi Island (hence the name) and in this peculiar neighbourhood you will find the church of Agios Georgios and the church of Agios Simeon, a temple from the middle of the 19th century.

Find out about the best places to stay in Athens The city centre is the favourite choice for most tourists, but this area is made up of several very different neighbourhoods that you should visit and there are other alternatives to consider, whether you prefer more elegant options or are looking for cheaper ones.

The best areas to stay in Athens

The most popular areas for to stay in Athens are in the city centre, the most popular are Plaka, Sintagma and Monastiraki and there are also some other very good areas, also very central, with a lot of atmosphere, and with significantly lower hotel prices.

1.Sintagma, the most central area where to stay in Athens

Sintagma Square is the heart of Athens is the most central area of the city You can go on foot to all the most important tourist attractions in Athens It is perfectly connected with public transport to any point of the city, and with the airport by both metro and bus.

It is a totally safe and clean area In the surroundings of this square there is a huge commercial offer, and an abundance of bars and restaurants, and the neighborhoods of Kolonaki and Plaka are very close

The hotels in this area are not cheap but the economic effort is worth it, it is one of the best areas to stay in Athens

– Hotels in Sintagma Square

2.Monastiraki, to sleep in Athens near the tourist attractions

Monastiraki is one of the most central points of the Greek capital.In this neighborhood, located on the slope of the Acropolis , are some of the most important tourist attractions of the city as the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora, Hadrian’s Library, or the Tower of the Winds.

From Monastiraki you can reach Syntagma in 10-15 minutes walking, and in 20 minutes (if you don’t stop at the little shops on the way) at the entrance of the Acropolis near the metro station with the same name.

It is one of the liveliest areas of the city and has a good offer of hotels, restaurants, bars and many shops. it is undoubtedly one of the best places for to sleep in Athens if you want to be near the most popular tourist attractions of the city.

– Hotels in Monastiraki

3.Plaka, the best areas to stay in Athens

Plaka is the most touristic neighborhood in Athens .Like Monastiraki it is on the slope of the Acropolis, in fact they are neighboring neighborhoods, it is the best place to do tourism and is the most sought after place to stay in Athens

It is close to all the most important things to see, it is a very well kept, clean and safe neighborhood, it is one of the best places to go out for dinner, and it has very good public transport connections.However the negative side is the large number of tourists you will find in every corner of the neighborhood.

The hotels in Plaka are among the most expensive in the city and it is very likely that if you do not book well in advance is virtually impossible to find a room free in high season.

– Hotels in Plaka

4.Psiri, affordable accommodation and good nightlife

Psiri is a very picturesque neighbourhood in the centre of the city very close to the Monastiraki Square. It has a very distinct local atmosphere. It is not as touristy as Plaka but has a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere which attracts many people.It is a neighborhood that is in the process of renovation, with old houses full of graffiti next to other new or renovated buildings.

is very popular for its restaurants and bars that are very fashionable.In addition, in this neighborhood you will find traditional old taverns , many with live music, and where both locals and tourists gather to enjoy an excellent atmosphere and food.

It is a very good option for to stay in Athens as you can reach on foot Syntagma, the Acropolis, the National Museum of Archaeology, and other tourist spots of the Greek capital.

– Hotels in Psiri

5.Omonia and Exarcheia, economic and central area

The Omonia square and Exarcheia district is an area that once had a very bad reputation and in recent times has improved considerably. The Plaza Omonia during the day is a totally safe area and very busy.

At night there is still a certain feeling of insecurity It is an area with high rates of immigration which at night attracts drug dealers, drug addicts and prostitutes.

From Omonia Square to the south, towards the central market and Monastiraki Square, the area improves significantly, there are many bars and restaurants that are quite lively at night, and there are no significant security problems. The hotels in the area are significantly cheaper than those in other more popular areas.

It should be noted that the security levels have improved a lot recently and there is absolutely no insecurity during the day.On the other hand, it is an area quite central and very well communicated by metro .

– Hotels in Omonia and Exarcheia

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6.Metaxourgeio, cheap accommodation in Athens

Metaxourgeio is next to Omonia one of the places chosen by those looking for more affordable prices without giving up being in a downtown area .

Metaxourgeio is a relatively central area from which you can explore Athens without using public transport, and which is well connected to the metro.

It is not one of the most splendid areas of the city, however is more recommendable than Omonia Like the latter, it has greatly improved its urban environment and safety.

During the day there are no safety issues and at night you just need to be careful, if you are looking for cheap accommodation this is an option to consider for sleeping in Athens Around the metro station there is a good selection of hotels

– Hotels in Metaxourgeio

7.Piraeus, far from the center

Piraeus is the port of Athens. It is located 40 minutes from the center You can reach it by tram from Syntagma Square or by subway if you have your hotel elsewhere in the city It is ideal if you are looking for an alternative to the city and its transportation, or you have to take a ferry to the Greek islands

It is an area that has its charm with its small streets and natural harbors.It consists of three ports: the cargo and passenger port, a marina, and the Mikrolimano, a charming fishing port.

Piraeus is a good and classy area. It is one of the favorite places of the Athenians to eat good fish and seafood, and also has a very good nightlife.

– Hotels in Piraeus

8.Kolonaki, an exclusive area to stay in Athens

Located between Sintagma and Lykavittos Hill, Kolonaki is the most elegant and exclusive neighborhood of the Greek capital .it is where you can find the most luxurious shops and boutiques.

There are also plenty of cafes where people sit to watch and be seen, and it’s one of the best areas to go out for a drink if you like refined environments with an elitist touch.

This area is a very good option for to stay in Athens It is relatively close to everything, it is one of the safest, cleanest, and most pleasant areas of the city, and you will not find its streets invaded by hordes of tourists.

In contrast, it is one of the areas where accommodation is plus expensive .There is very little economic accommodation on offer and the vast majority of its hotels are mid-high or high range .

– Hotels in Kolonaki

Accommodation in Athens

Athens has a fairly compact historical centre that can be visited on foot and is made up of several districts.

As it is such a touristic city it has a good offer of accommodation, however in high season the demand is very high and the hotels in the centre of Athens increase their prices a lot and the places are quickly sold out.

A good alternative to save on accommodation is to find a hotel that is a little further away from the more touristy and central areas and that has access to the metro. The price difference is really significant .

In the more central districts it is very difficult to find a decent and minimally comfortable hotel for less than 60 euros per night e. A three star hotel in the centre of Athens and in high season without having booked in advance can easily go for more than 100 euros per night .

– Hotel offers in Athens

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