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Where to stay in Crete: The best places

Crete is the most distinctive island of Greece, thanks to which you can get to know the most customary and natural face of Greece.if you have organized a trip and need information about the best areas to stay in Crete, take note.we tell you all the details about each of them.

Bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean, Crete, the second largest island of Greece, is presented as one of the most evocative of the country.It is not only the cradle of the Minoan civilisation, of which it preserves numerous vestiges such as the palace of Knossos, but also the epic setting for countless legends, such as the one that tells how Zeus and Daedalus created the great Minotaur in these lands.

In addition, it carries a turbulent history behind it, in which Venetian, pirate or Turkish invasions play a major role, which gives it its own identity and makes it different from the rest of the Greek islands.

However, Crete is very popular for the idyllic beaches that dot its many kilometers of coastline, bathed in deep blue waters and framed by landscapes of the most evocative, which seem drawn from a fairy tale.

The natural surroundings that decorate its interior hide unusual treasures such as stone bridges open to the sea, marvellous lagoons and deep gorges like that of Samaria or the great white mountains.

But its list of attractions does not end with those mentioned above. It treasures large and modern cities like Chania or Heraklion (the capital), traditional fishing villages, some of them only accessible through the sea like Loutro, as well as wonderful Byzantine monasteries, cities and archaeological sites, which are valuable remains.

The best places to stay in Crete

Crete is the most different island of Greece, so it attracts those who are looking for unusual destinations, which are more and more.The eastern part is the most developed and therefore concentrates most of the tourist services and the Heraklion International Airport, the main gateway to the island.

Prices are cheaper than on other busy islands such as Santorini or Mykonos, which become more crowded, especially during the summer season.However, it is a large island with many possibilities, so prices vary greatly from one place to another.

Thus, the most expensive areas to stay in Crete are Chania, Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos, Malia, Elound or Paleochora.In contrast, the cheapest accommodation in Crete is concentrated in Rethymnon, Matala, Kissamos and Platanias.Chania


Chania, situated in the north-east of Crete, is the second most important city on the island after the capital Heraklion, and despite having suffered bombing during the Second World War, it has the honour of being one of the most beautiful cities on Crete.

Its streets preserve the Greek essence of yesteryear and the mark of the Venetians, the Ottomans and the Jews who inhabited it, making it a magical place.

It is decorated with a charming Venetian port, which dates from the 14th century and includes seven shipyards. It is surrounded by narrow streets with small shops, typical taverns, traditional markets and Venetian-style buildings that give it its authenticity.

It also has a valuable architectural heritage, including the churches of St. Francis and St. Nicholas, the Ottoman mosque of the Jenizards, the Christian church Aglio Nikolaos, and the cathedral, the Firkas Fortress, which houses the Naval Museum.

It is also an excellent starting point to reach other highly acclaimed sites such as the Balos Island, the Gramvousa Island, the idyllic beaches of Samaria Gorge and Elafonisi or the Samaria Gorge National Park, a natural jewel that stands out for its geographical location, between the White Mountains and Mount Volakias, and for being the longest gorge in Europe with a length of 16 km.

It is one of the best areas to stay in Crete for those who want to know the western part of the island, be near the main natural attractions or combine the enjoyment of the beaches with history and culture.

It is divided into four neighbourhoods, the offer being very generous in all of them, although it is true that it is concentrated around the harbour. In this area, the average price of a 4 star hotel ranges from 90 to 100 euros per night.



This city is located in the north of Crete, halfway between Chania and Heraklion.Of Minoan origin, it has already aroused the interest of pirates such as Barbarossa, who plundered it, and the Venetians, who dominated it. In fact, their influence is still very present in the buildings that decorate it, especially the Fortress.

However, the most valuable architectural treasures are gathered in the coquettish old area, being especially significant the Loggia, the Rimondi fountain, the church of San Francesco or the Neratzes mosque.

It is presided over by a beautiful port overlooking the sea, where small boats and sailing ships dock, decorated with a wide range of bars, classic taverns and restaurants serving traditional Greek specialties.

It is an area to consider for sleeping on Crete if you want to know the Venetian legacy on the island, swim in one of the most valued beaches of Crete or escape from the great masses.

The accommodation offer is quite interesting and the prices are a little bit cheaper than in other more crowded cities. Here you can stay in a 4 star hotel for about 60 euros or 65 euros per night.



Besides being the capital of Crete, it is the largest city on the island and the fourth largest in the country. The port that decorates it is the main gateway and the economic engine of the island. With such characteristics, it is not surprising that it is one of the favorite places to stay in Crete for many travelers.

Modern and bustling, this great city is full of attractions, among which are the spectacular Minoan palace of Knossos, the fortress of Koules, the Venetian walls, the cathedral Agios Minas or the Archaeological Museum, which brings together one of the best collections of the Minoan period in Crete.

The museum offer is very wide and includes a good number, thanks to which the devotees of history and culture can be compensated, being especially outstanding the Natural History Museum, the Naval Museum, the Military Museum or the Visual Arts Museum.In addition, it has a lively nightlife.

As we have mentioned, it is the gateway to the island, so it is very busy, although many travelers take advantage of their passage to sleep in the city and discover its charms, so the supply of accommodation is quite generous.

The prices are higher than elsewhere, although it depends on the season and the area. For example, in the port part it is unlikely to find a 4 star hotel for less than 100 euro a night.However, in the vicinity of the centre that same hotel costs around the 80 EUR.


4.Agios Nikolaos

Capital of Lasithi, is located in the east of Crete, in the north of the Gulf of Mirabello and about 65 km from the capital of the island.Some say that Athena and Artemis bathed in its waters; others believe that it has no bottom, as it is connected to evil spirits.

Without doubt, the wonderful port that adorns it contributes to its beauty, and it is lined with a lively promenade full of bars, shops and restaurants serving traditional Crete dishes.

Like the rest of Cretan’s enclaves, it boasts incredible beaches, the most outstanding being Almyros, which is about three kilometres from the centre, and Voulisma.

It also has several interesting museums, which give the opportunity to combine the enjoyment of the waves with cultural activities, such as the Archaeological , which holds a rich Minoan collection, and the Folklore , which will take you into the popular culture of the island.

It is one of the main tourist centers of Crete, so it is one of the favorite places of many travelers to sleep in Crete. It has modern vacation resorts, hotels of all categories, especially 3 stars, and apartments.

Prices are one more expensive than in other places, in fact, one of 4 stars costs an average of 100 euros per night.



This city is located east of Agios Nikolaos, being the easternmost of the Cretan geography.Its charm lies in the fact that it faces the Aegean Sea completely and is embraced by large mountains, among which there are lush valleys and arid plains, forming one of the most sui generis landscapes of Crete.

It has a very interesting monumental heritage, in which the Venetian Castle stands out, which outlines its skyline, the Kapsa Monastery or the Toplos Monastery, one of the most important on the island.It also houses some museums such as the Culture and Archaeology Museums.

As if this were not enough, it has the largest palm tree forest in Europe, which extends around the beautiful Vai Beach, where you can also enjoy the waves and a variety of sea sports.

It has a beautiful port that connects to Piraeus and other islands, whose promenade has a wide range of bars, shops, cafes, discos and restaurants that give a lot of animation.

If you are looking for different places to stay in Crete, this is one of the most recommendable ones.Here a hotel of 3 stars costs between 50 and 55 euros.



This town is about 70 km from the capital, in the south of Crete.It has enjoyed great popularity since the 1970s, when it was chosen by the hippie community to live and enjoy its beauty, largely due to its wonderful beach, which has an unusual crescent-shaped silhouette, and the pleasant Mediterranean climate that reigns throughout the year.

Today it continues to preserve the hippie trail and a relaxed atmosphere, making it an excellent area to reserve accommodation in Crete, especially for those looking for fresh locations.

In the surroundings there are, besides the sandstone caves that served as home to the hippies and the quiet Komos beach, the Minoan settlement of Agia Triada, the ruins of the palace of Festos and the house of Gortina, which treasures the plates that collect laws of the same name of the site, whose peculiarity is that they are written in Doric dialect.

The accommodations that can be found here are of medium category and simple, which makes it one of the most economic areas to stay in Crete. In fact, it is possible to sleep in a hotel of 3 stars for about 40


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It is located near Malia and Stalida, less than 30 km from the capital.

It is not surprising, if we take into account that it has more than 26 km of coastline dotted with the most beautiful beaches, which are a real attraction for lovers of the waves and the sea.

It also has a wide and varied range of nightlife, which gives a party until the early hours of the morning, attracting the most jarred travelers, especially British.Although it also has other attractions that guarantee fun as a golf course, water parks and thematic and, of course, many beaches. It is an interesting area to stay in Crete for those seeking to sleep in tourist places or combine the enjoyment of the beach and sea sports with the party.

As it is a highly touristic area, the concentration of hotels is high, with a predominance of all-inclusive hotel complexes, holiday apartments and medium-high class apartments.The prices are higher than other areas, the average for a 4 star hotel being 100 euros.



This coastal town is located about 35 km from the capital, in the east of the island.It is one of the favourite places to enjoy the nightlife, as it is full of discos, bars and pubs that offer endless parties and sessions with the most popular DJs until late at night.

In fact, it is considered by many to be one of the most relevant destinations in Europe, and there are those who insist on comparing it with other party cities par excellence such as Ibiza or Mykonos.

As an added attraction, it has six incredible beaches, which offer the opportunity to recover strength between parties or practice many water sports.

However, it also has a beautiful old town and the Minoan palace of Malia, the third most important after Knossos and Phaistos, which is an appointment with the history of civilizations and culture of Greece.

It is the favourite destination for young travellers and those who come for fun to stay in Crete.The accommodation options are very varied, and most of them are located along the coast, facing the sea. Prices are high, especially in the summer season. A 4-star hotel costs on average between 110 and 120 euros per night.



Located in the beautiful Elounda Bay, thirty kilometers north of Agios Nikolaos, it includes a kind of villages spread along the east coast of Crete.It is pierced by rocky landscapes, which give it great beauty, and dotted with wonderful beaches and coves, some of them remote, which guarantee the enjoyment of the waves and the disconnection.

These characteristics have made it a destination chosen by couples and families to stay in Crete.

It is also a good starting point for excursions to other famous places such as the island of Spinalonga, which, besides being the largest leper colony from 1903 to 195, has interesting remains of a Venetian-style castle and several churches of the same style such as Analipsi or Agios Georgios de Katevati.

It is also worth visiting the charming village of Plaka, decorated with a beautiful port, dotted with typical taverns where you can taste traditional Greek dishes such as Tzatziki and Moussaka.

Luxury hotels and resorts predominate, including all kinds of amenities and services, so, as you would expect, prices are high. To give you an idea, a simple 3-star hotel is not worth less than $100 a night.


Belongs to the Prefecture of Chanie, it is located between the Elafonisi beach and the town of Sougia, facing the Libyan Sea. It is crossed by eleven kilometers of coast, dominated by two huge beaches: one in the western area of pebbles and the other in the east, of fine sand.

The traditional Greek environment, its beautiful streets decorated with white houses, the small typical taverns and the lively bars are also part of its list of attractions.

It is a very interesting area to sleep in Crete for those who are looking for a traditional and intimate setting, which allows them to have contact with the locals, enjoy the beach and the nightlife.

The offer of hotels is quite interesting, and you will find many on the beachfront. As for the prices, there is something for every pocket. However, a hotel of 4 stars is around 100 euros per night.



Also known as Kastelli, is located in the west of Crete, between the city of Chania and the peninsula of Gramvousa.It is not one of the most touristic, so it is an option to consider to stay in Crete for those who claim tranquility.

has a beautiful beach, ideal to enjoy the sea and water sports, chaired by a tidy port, which remain docked in the most traditional boats that give it much charm.In the surroundings, the offer of bars, taverns and restaurants is very interesting.

Among its streets you will find the Archaeological Museum, which houses a complete collection of remains from the Hellenistic and Roman period, as well as valuable mosaics.

The surroundings also have some charms such as the island of Gramvousa and the island of Balos, one of the natural jewels of Greece, dotted with beaches and paradisiacal spaces.

Quiet and relaxed, it offers the perfect opportunity for families and couples to enjoy a relaxing Greek retreat, away from the crowds of other parts of the island.Here a hotel of 4 stars costs between 50 and 60 euros.



This town in the west part of Chania, facing the sea, is one of the most touristic of this part of the island.It is one of the most popular enclaves in Crete for tourists who travel with package tours, as it has wonderful beaches, which invite you to dive and practice a lot of sea sports such as diving, sailing or snorkeling.

It offers everything you can expect from a popular tourist destination in terms of leisure.

What is the best place to stay in Crete?

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the second largest in the Mediterranean, after Cyprus, with a population of over 600,000.It is an island that offers very varied landscapes, both traditional and little developed villages, as well as large complexes with tourist infrastructures; thanks to the great adaptability to tourism that Crete presents, you will be able to choose from many experiences: from exploring the vestiges of the Minoan civilization – the oldest in the world – to doing all kinds of activities with your family.The city also offers, if you wish, the possibility to party 24 hours a day, everyone can find their place in Crete

There are many options to stay in Crete, if you are looking for a festive atmosphere, the town of Malia is famous for its vibrant nightlife and partying.However, if you prefer a more relaxed stay, Elounda and Agios Nikolas are new resorts that house the most luxurious hotels on the island as well as restaurants and bars.The capital, Heraklion , and the picturesque Chania , are cities where history and culture can be breathed in the atmosphere.

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Best places to stay in Crete


Heraklion is the most populated city and capital of the island, with a population of almost 200,000.It is a city full of history, in which we can find all kinds of buildings with different architectural styles, such as Byzantine churches, Venetian and Turkish palaces, fountains and neoclassical buildings. In 2004, several football matches were held in the city’s stadium for the Athens Olympics, a fact that was a washout for the city, which beautified its streets by concealing telephone cables and electrical networks.If you decide to stay in Heraklion, you will be able to stroll through the various pedestrian streets full of shops, bars and restaurants, which, in autumn and summer, are coloured with saffron and daffodils that contrast with the typical white of Greek houses and churches.

The palace of Knossos will be a must for all those history lovers who have stayed in Heraklion with the aim of learning more about the Minoan civilization, as well as the Venetian church of Santa Caterina del Sinai, which exhibits all kinds of Byzantine icons inside.The city also has an extensive network of museums that art lovers should not miss, including the Natural History Museum of Crete and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

Hotels and apartments in Heraklion

Chania / La Canea

Chania, also popularly known as La Canea, is the second most important city in Crete.

If you choose to spend a few days in Chania, you will be able to walk around the port and the promenade, full of bars and restaurants, or go shopping in the old part of town, full of small shops, taverns and its famous market.You can visit all kinds of historical buildings such as the Venetian arsenals, which are still intact, and the Mosque of the Jenizars, being able to decipher in every corner a little more of the history of this charming city.

Hotels and apartments in Chania


Located 34 km east of the capital is Malia.The city, whose main economic engines are trade and tourism, is one of the most popular destinations on the island, especially among British tourists.If you decide to spend a few days in the city, you can enjoy all kinds of bars and clubs dancing and drinking while listening to the most renowned DJ’s on the international scene.

In addition to the party, you can enjoy each of its six beaches where you can relax between parties, and where you can practice all kinds of water sports.In addition, in Malia, you will also find various cultural attractions to visit, such as the old town, where you can stroll through its cobbled streets, full of small shops, churches and taverns serving tzatziki and moussaka.

Hotels and apartments in Malia


If what you like most is to lie on the sand of a paradisiacal beach to sunbathe, Rethymno is the perfect place to stay; founded in the Minoan period, it is said to have the best beaches in all of Crete.The different hotels in the city offer all kinds of activities that you can combine as much as you like with the relaxed pace of life in the city, Rethymno is also a perfect place for family tourism, away from the crowds and full of activities for children such as water parks for fun and family restaurants.

Trekking enthusiasts will be able to take all kinds of excursions in the central mountain system, from where we can take beautiful photographs while stretching our legs.

Hotels and apartments in Rethymno


Elounda is a small fishing village on the coast of Northern Crete, it is a popular destination for couples who want to relax.If you decide to stay in Elounda, you can enjoy the tranquillity that reigns in the city and in which the traditional festival and modern life are mixed.

Elounda is part of the municipality of Agios Nikolaos, which is located 12 km from the city.halfway between Agios Nikolaos and Elounda we find a small mountain from which you can see the entire bay of Mirabello on a clear day, so choosing it as accommodation is common among those who wish to enjoy photography.

Many of the hotels in Agios Nikolaos are child friendly, perfect for families with children who want to spend a pleasant stay in a quiet town, where you can stroll through the main streets full of souvenir shops and taverns.

Near Agios Nikolaos we find Lake Voulismeni, which is why many people settle in Elounda, the lake attracts hundreds of tourists every day and is said to be bottomless… will you dare to check it out?

Hotels and apartments in Elounda

Find out which are the best areas to stay in Budapest before you book your accommodation The most popular areas are Buda, Liptóváros, Belváros, and Terézváros but there are others that are also very good options as they are central and cheaper.

Budapest is one of the European capitals that besides having a accommodation relatively cheap has one of the best relations quality price If you book in advance a good three-star hotel in the center of the city can leave around the 50 euros , and one of four stars around 80 euros .

– Hotels in Budapest

The best areas to stay in Budapest

The river Danube crosses the city and divides it into two big areas: Buda, the medieval part, and Pest, the more modern part. The best areas to stay in Budapest are Buda if you want to be close to tourist attractions, and the more central districts of Pest (Liptóváros and Belváros, and Terézváros), if you want to be close to everything and in an area with a lot of life.

1.Buda (District I and adjacent areas): The medieval area

Buda is the historical area and is characterized by its medieval architecture .It covers several districts, Varnegyed (District I) being the most popular among tourists.

District I also known as the Castle District, comprises the hill where the main tourist attractions are located Most visitors who stay at Buda do so in this place.

This area is ideal for to sleep in Budapest for those who prefer to be close to the main monuments of the city, such as the Royal Palace, the Matthias Church, the Fisherman’s Bastion, etc.

Buda is an area that comes to life during the day because of the huge influx of tourists, but at night is a fairly quiet district .There is no shortage of good restaurants, bars and some of the city’s trendiest clubs, but the action is on the other side of the Danube.

– Hotels in Buda

2. Liptóváros and Belváros (District V): Budapest’s downtown

This district in Pest is the most central, lively, and commercial part of the city.It is the preferred and most demanded area to stay in Budapest by the majority of tourists.

In this district there are well known tourist attractions such as the Hungarian Parliament, the most beautiful and spectacular building of the city, or the St. Stephen’s Basilica.

You can also find the most popular shopping streets of Budapest such as Vaci Ucta where you can find the main international luxury brands.

District V is divided into two main areas: Belváros and Liptóváros Belváros is the oldest, central, commercial, tourist and lively area of Budapest, while Liptóváros is a neighbourhood with 17th century buildings that hosts many government offices, such as the Parliament.

It is an elegant area ideal for dining out and drinking, especially in the area of St. Stephen’s Basilica and surroundings.

The accommodation is generally somewhat more expensive than in the other districts, and most of its hotels are medium and high end.Terézváros (District VI): The most elegant and cultural part of Budapest


Terézváros is one of the most elegant districts of Budapest and the one with the most cultural life .In this district you can find most of the theatres of the city like the Budapest Opera House.

The district extends from Liptóváros to the Heroes Square following the Andrassy Avenue.Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with its 2.5 km long is the most elegant street in the city, and it is home to the top international luxury brands.

Terézváros is one of the best districts to stay in Budapest .

Terézváros is one of the best districts to stay in Budapest

– Hotels in Terézváros

4.Erzsébetváros (District VII): The Jewish Quarter

The district of Erzsébetváros, which is adjacent to Liptóváros and also runs parallel to Av.During the Second World War, it was the place where the ghettos were established.

Today it is still the centre of Jewish community life and it is home to the Great Synagogue, the second largest in the world.

Although it is much less elegant than Terézváros, it is a neighbourhood that is in the process of gentrification.In recent years it has improved a lot and is clearly on the rise.

still has an alternative atmosphere that attracts many, and is full of small bars and of its main attractions is its lively nightlife .

If you are looking for a cheap hotel Erzsébetváros is a good option for to sleep in Budapest The hotels in this area are generally cheaper than those in Buda, Belváros and Liptóváros, and Terézváros.

The areas near Belváros and the streets closest to Andrássy Avenue are the most recommended in the neighborhood.

– Hotels in Erzsébetváros

5.Józsefváros'(District VIII): An alternative for tighter budgets

Józsefváros is a district with high immigration rates and a reputation of being unsafe and dirty .Although it is true that it has some areas that are not recommended, others are very central, safe, and an option to consider for to stay in Budapest .

Basically the neighbourhood can be divided into two parts, one recommended that would be the one that touches with Belváros in the surroundings of the National Museum , and another one much less recommended that would be the most interior zones of the neighbourhood.

It is a neighborhood to consider especially if you find accommodation in the area around the National Museum as it is an area composed of Art-nouveau buildings, safe, clean, and very central from which you can walk everywhere.

In addition, Józsefváros has one of the widest offers of cheap accommodation in Budapest , and probably the best value for money in the city.

– Hotels in Józsefváros

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