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6 hotels in santorini with private in room swimming pool

Santorini offers the ideal environment for a honeymoon or a special romantic celebration with your partner in a hotel with a private pool in the room.

Astarte Suites

The Astarte Suites hotel is the one that, in our opinion, has the best private swimming pool in Santorini. The private swimming pool in the Astarte Suite combines the best that Santorini has to offer with an infinity pool and views of the

Astro Palace Hotel & Suites

The Astro Palace hotel is a 5 star hotel that combines the tranquility and rest you dream of, with an idyllic location just a few steps from Fira, the capital of Santorini.Rooms with jacuzzi or private pool, views of the boiler, spa, and close to the nightlife and shopping area of Fira, make the Astro Palace a reference of luxury in Santorini.

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Sophia Luxury Suites

Located in Imerovigli, the Hotel Sophia Luxury Suites offers us another unparalleled luxury experience in Santorini. spectacular views of the Aegean Sea, traditional architecture combined with the most modern design, private pools inside the rooms, make this place a magical space where to celebrate a honeymoon or any special celebration with our partner.

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Chromata, The Leading Hotels of the World

Also located in the picturesque Imerovigli, the hotel Chromata Santorini offers the most impressive views of the boiler.How about enjoying daily massages or beauty treatments, and a romantic candlelit dinner at the Chroma Up-Style Restaurant, located next to the infinity edge pool with magnificent sea views?

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Iliovasilema Hotel & Suites

To find hotels with private swimming pool is not common, it is more common to find jacuzzis in the interior or in the exterior of the room.

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Aspaki by Art Maisons

If we want to enjoy the luxury of our private swimming pool in Oia, one of the wonders of Santorini, the hotel Aspaki is our election.

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We hope you liked our selection of hotels in Santorini with private pool .


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