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Where to stay in Kefalonia

What are the best places to sleep on Kefalonia?

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and, without doubt, the most beautiful of them… Its sapphire-coloured water has been a privileged witness in history, and is the well-known home of Ulysses… We hope that in his case it will not take ten years to reach the island! Cephalonia is the perfect place, a paradise full of geraniums and bougainvilleas shining around the Greek houses painted in their traditional white colour.

The golden beaches of Kefalonia are a delight for all those who decide to stay on the island. Argostoli is the capital, the soul of the party and a place that will allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of Kefalonia and see the world of its inhabitants.No doubt, but, some of the favorite destinations of the tourists are Sami and Lasso , relaxed villages where you can enjoy a beautiful beach holiday resting in the sea, in the swimming pool and enjoying nightlife.However, the most popular resort is Skala , a lively town that combines activities for couples and families. For a quieter stay, the picturesque village of Fiskardo would be ideal.Kefalonia is small, and wherever you stay you will be close to everywhere, so in a couple of weeks you can take a trip around the island and discover its wonders.

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The best tourist destinations on Kefalonia


Argostoli is the bustling and lively capital of the island of Kefalonia.The main square comes alive at night, and often locals and tourists share a few beers in the various cafes, bars and gyros – the Greek Kebab – where people usually sit on the terraces, enjoying the atmosphere and talking, talking and talking.

Argostoli has all the amenities you could possibly need, all kinds of shops and charming boutiques. Those who decide to stay in the capital can enjoy a stay in a hotel in the city, or rent an apartment in the centre.The largest hotels are located near the port, surrounded by traditional taverns and modern cafes on the seafront, and the Lassi beach is just a few minutes away by car, so you can combine the best of both worlds on a Greek holiday – even if you decide to stay outside the city, a day trip to the capital is a must!

Hotels in Argostoli


Lassi is a paradise, the ideal place for those who are looking for a traditional beach holiday and at the same time a quiet atmosphere.

The village is not a destination often chosen by couples, but most hotels offer excellent services to cater for families, with swimming pools, playgrounds adapted for children and childcare facilities.It is a tourist centre par excellence, has all sorts of amenities and is a great base from which to explore all of Kefalonia.

The hotels and self-catering apartments are just a few steps away from the main avenue of bars and restaurants, where there are also huge and beautiful spaces to enjoy the summer evenings.The two beaches of Kefalonia are also ideal for all kinds of water sports.

Hotels in Lassi


Sami is a very popular city, with two ports full of boats in operation.The area around the ports is a hive of activity: locals go in search of the day’s catch, tourists drink coffee in the taverns and don’t miss out on details of what’s going on around them.

There is one important point to note: the town of Sami has no beach, yet Antisamos beach is very close by for those who decide to escape for a quiet day away from the hustle and bustle of the town.Without a doubt, those gourmets who are always looking to stay where there is the best cuisine should choose it, as Sami’s seafood restaurants are absolutely phenomenal, and the most famous in Greece. It is also a prime location to stay in in case they are interested in exploring the nearby island of Ithaca, the most idyllic of the Greek islands.

Hotels in Sami


Skala is the most developed tourist center of the island, offering a wide range of hotels, some of them developed specifically for families and children, and others for adults looking for a more relaxed vacation, however, Skala has all the amenities that couples and families may require for a good vacation.

For those who are looking to settle in to a place with a lively and vibrant nightlife, Skala has a wide range of bars, discos and karaoke bars, as well as good restaurants and traditional Greek taverns – for those who prefer tranquility to the lively Greek fiesta.Still modern, the city shows its history with pride, with its temples and theatres blending with the new and newly built facilities, so it is a wonder to stay within its walls.

Hotels in Skala


Fiskardo is a small but well-formed port city, full of cafes and taverns where locals and tourists often sit and watch the world go by.The hotels here are smaller and more intimate than in the rest of Kefalonia, but still have all the modern conveniences you might need, as well as huge swimming pools. There is only one small pebble beach in Fiskardo, very nice for a walk or a little swim, but in less than fifteen minutes you can reach the nearby beaches of the other towns.

Slightly older couples and those looking for romantic places to stay usually choose Fiskardo, where everything moves and is done at a slower and more leisurely pace.

The port is a fun place to see famous people, and it is common to see familiar faces mooring their luxury yachts and enjoying a good lunch.

Hotels in Fiskardo

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