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Where to stay in Mykonos: The best places

In order to choose the right area to stay in Mykonos it’s important to know first how the different areas are and what kind of site you are looking for. It’s a small island but each location has a quite different profile, also the price scale of its hotels.

Located in the Cyclades archipelago, Mykonos is a small island of about 12000 inhabitants that belongs to Greece.

Tourism is the main economic engine of Mykonos, which receives millions of tourists, either as a stopover on cruise ships, route through the Greek islands or for vacation stays. Its capital is Mykonos, although the city is also known as Chora or Jora.

The island of Mykonos is famous for its paradisiacal white sand beaches, for its Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters, for its many hours of sunshine, for its nightly festivals and for its proximity to the island of Delos, an archaeological site of great importance to Greece.

All this in a little more than 80 square kilometers of extension, the transport of the island is reduced to an airport, several lines of bus, boat, ferry and taxis, enough to move around Mykonos and to move to the adjacent islands.</Both in the capital and in the villages on the island you will find hotels from large hotel chains, boutique hotels, family hotels, guesthouses, luxury hotels, hostels, apartments, guesthouses or resorts on the beachfront.

The best areas to stay in Mykonos

The island of Mykonos has several cities and towns, mostly on the coast, where you can find accommodation.

1.Mykonos city, a good base camp from which to explore the island

Mykonos, also called Jora or Chora, is the capital of the island.

In the capital you will enjoy a wide variety of Mediterranean food restaurants, dozens of cafes, bars and many shops for shopping.This area is the best communicated by public transport, as most of the buses that travel around the island leave from here.

Here there are several beaches, places with atmosphere and clubs where the nightlife never stops.It is an advantage if you are looking to party but it is a bad idea if you are looking for a quiet place.If you have included in your travel itinerary the visit to other nearby islands, you should know that the boats and ferries leave from the capital.

Although the flow of tourists is constant throughout the year, in the low season, especially in the winter months, it is possible to find accommodation in Mykonos at a good price. One night’s hotel accommodation booked in advance is around 70 euros, a very acceptable price for one of the most frequented Greek islands.

However, in the high season, in the summer months, prices double to 100 euros per night for an apartment or a hostel.If you’re looking for a hotel with more than 3 stars, be prepared to see prices around 200 euros a night.and beware, because rooms are quickly sold out.

Of course, if budget is not a problem, in Mykonos capital you’ll find beachfront resorts and luxury hotels.

– Accommodation in Chora

2.Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach, where to stay in Mykonos for those who are looking for nightlife

The party, the beach bars and the music are waiting for you in Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach.Paradise Beach is the area where there is the most concentration of nightclubs and discos in Mykonos.

Many internationally renowned DJs do their sessions in the clubs of the area, especially in high season or at the end of the year.Tourists who want to party choose Paradise Beach to stay in Mykonos, so it is clear that resting is difficult on this beach.

Here you will also find places where you can practice water sports such as snorkeling or diving, among others.If you are looking for nudist beaches, Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are a good place to start.Accommodation in low season in both beaches is around 80 euros for hostels and over 150 euros for hotels and resorts.

In high season all the prices go up and it becomes quite an expensive area in which to sleep in Mykonos.

Even so, if you book in advance, it is possible to find offers that can lower the price of accommodation.

– Accommodation in Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach

3. Onos, ideal for sleeping in Mykonos with the family

Onos is a town located in the west of the island and one of the most popular areas to stay in Mykonos because of its proximity to the capital and its quality beaches.

The hotels in the area offer the necessary services for a complete holiday and the area has many shops and restaurants, perfect for shopping and trying the local food at a good price.

Water sports such as surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving can also be practised here and it is well connected by bus.

Despite the high offer of accommodation in the area, at Onos rooms are quickly sold out in high season, so it is highly recommended that you book in advance if you are travelling to Mykonos in summer.

Apartments are predominantly the best priced ones and the ones chosen by families and groups of friends.1 night in an apartment in low season is around 50 euros, although the beach in winter is not the most popular option.

In high season an apartment costs around 150 euros and hotels go up a lot, without being luxury but with good customer service, with rooms for 250 euros a night.

– Accommodation in Onos

4.Platis Gialos, beach and relax

Platis Gialos is another beach highly recommended for summer holidays with family and for visitors who want to relax. The swell on this beach is not very noticeable, so it becomes one of the safest beaches to start water sports like kayaking.

The area is well connected by bus and on foot you can reach other beaches nearby. Here you will find playgrounds, many restaurants on the beachfront, souvenir shops and places to drink something at sunset. The nightlife is not as scandalous as in other areas of Mykonos and it is possible to rest without problems.

The problem with this area is that, as it is a beach, the hotel offer decreases considerably in the low season and many hotels close. Accommodation that is kept open, normally apartments and family villas, does not usually go below 90 euros per overnight stay.

In high season there is much more choice when it comes to accommodation in Mykonos, but bear in mind that in Platis Gialos the accommodation is quite exclusive.Most of the resorts and hotels are luxury and their prices are around 200 euros per night.

If you book in advance, you may find some apartments below that price for your summer holidays, but not much cheaper.

– Accommodation in Platis Gialos

5.Elia, another ideal beach to relax

Elia beach is white sand and crystal clear water, very popular with visitors looking for peace and quiet while sunbathing, one of the longest beaches in Mykonos and is well protected from the wind as it is situated between cliffs.

Here you will not find much offer for families, rather tourists come to relax and disconnect.There are few restaurants, but there are some that offer Greek dishes at good prices and with fresh ingredients.

This beach is divided into two areas, the nudist area and the non-nudist area.As it is a beach area, in low season most of the accommodation closes, leaving some apartments or family houses available. Prices are not very cheap in this area and a night in an apartment in low season is around 120 euros.

In high season Elia’s beach comes back to life and there is a lot of hotel offer. However, prices go up considerably and the cost per night can reach 300 euros.

– Accommodation in Elia

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6.Ano Mera, a small inland village with white houses

If you are tired of the beach or you prefer to get away from the tourists looking for sunbathing, the village of Ano Mera is what you are looking for. It is the only village located in the interior of the island, however you can reach the beach in a few minutes by car.The houses have a white façade, the streets are narrow and everything has a quite rural and homely air. It is not that it is a place where you can do a lot of tourism, but it is worth visiting its parishes and strolling through its streets.

In Ano Mera there is a good variety of restaurants and you can try the typical food of the Cyclades and of course that of Mykonos.If you have decided to rent a car, it is a good idea to stay in Ano Mera, as you will be able to go to the other interesting areas of Mykonos.

In Ano Mera there is not much offer of accommodation. The most abundant are apartments and family houses. In low season it is difficult to find a place to sleep if you do not look in advance, as everything is exhausted.Family houses cost around 60 euros a night in low season.

In high season there is more choice of apartments, but prices go up and reach 150 euros per night, even so, they are lower prices than in other areas of the island, if you are looking to save is an alternative to consider to stay in Mykonos.

– Accommodation in Ano Mera

7.Agios Stefanos, from the most popular areas where to stay in Mykonos with children

Agios Stefanos is, like Onos, a perfect beach for families.

On the promenade you will find several restaurants, shops and bars to have a soft drink or a beer. If you are looking for a party, you should know that the night life is not as varied as in Paradise Beach.

It is a beach well connected by bus and accessible by car. As in other beaches of the island, here you can start in several water sports like windsurfing or snorkeling.

Accommodation is varied at Agios Stefanos, from luxury hotels to family apartments. In low season most of the accommodation is closed and prices are reduced considerably, you can find apartments for 50 euros a night.

In high season everything goes up: the number of visitors, the availability of hotels and their prices.A hotel room in Mykonos is around 180 euros if you choose Agios Stefanos for your stay.

The advantage of this location is its port, one of the largest on the island and where cruises and boats to other islands call, just like in the capital.

– Accommodation at Agios Stefanos

8.Kalo Livadi, accommodation in Mykonos at a good price

At the opposite end of the capital, on the east coast, is Kalo Livadi, an ideal area to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle, as it is a less crowded beach than Platis Gialos or Elia.

This is due to two factors: it is quite far from the capital of Mykonos and the wind on this beach is always present.In spite of this, the white sand and transparent waters attract visitors who don’t mind travelling to other parts of the island for tourism.

However, it is not a party beach, so there are few discos and dance clubs.

As Kalo Livadi is far from the mass tourism, its prices are lower even in high season. It is the perfect bet if you are looking for a place to sleep in Mykonos at a good price.

In summer you can find apartments and hotels for 100 euros a night.In the low season most of the accommodations close and the prices go down quite a bit, reaching 50 euros per night, which is one of the cheapest on the island.

– Accommodation in Kalo Livadi


Accommodation in Mykonos is something that has to be looked at in detail.One of the best tips for staying in Mykonos is to look for and book your accommodation well in advance, no matter if it is high or low season.

In high season tourists come to the island in droves, so rooms in all types of accommodation are quickly sold out. In low season, although there is less influx of visitors, many hotels close, making it difficult to find a room.

With this in mind, you have seen that the prices in the accommodations of Mykonos in general are quite high. There are many luxury hotels and resorts like Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. To find more affordable options you can choose the area of Onos.If you want to save as much as possible and you don’t mind travelling by car or bus, Kalo Livadi is one of the cheapest places you can find to stay.

The best areas to stay in Mykonos

Mykonos (Mykonos or Míconos) is a small Greek island with a population of 13 thousand inhabitants, but which has become famous all over the world for its beaches and parties, in fact it is known as the Ibiza of Greece, for its electronic music clubs.As in other islands, the first question that arises is where to stay and is that each area has its advantages and its own atmosphere so the decision will depend on what you are looking for on your trip.

Mykonos is a versatile place that offers something for everyone.If you are looking for the famous night party that does not stop until dawn, the ideal is to stay in Paradise Beach or its surroundings.

For families the most recommended areas are Ornos and Platis Gialos; some areas with good beach, very quiet and with waters where children can swim safely.The gay community prefers to visit Elia , a soft sandy beach, one of the longest in Mykonos and with a very good atmosphere.

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The best places to stay in Mykonos

Mykonos city

The city of Mykonos is the capital and port of the island, considered by many to be the Greek Saint-Tropez. It never fails to seduce the crowds that flood the city every year thanks to its unique character. Its narrow whitewashed streets are full of white houses, with their tiny balconies, colorful windows and bougainvillea-lined courtyards.Numerous small churches and chapels, tiny hidden squares with their water wells, as well as a multitude of colourful shops are there to accentuate the picturesque surroundings, so a simple walk can become the most stimulating experience, so staying here is an excellent option.

In and around the main street, Matoyanni, the visitor will find the commercial centre of the city, full of shops, cafes and bars for all budgets and tastes.There are also other attractions such as Little Venice, a picturesque neighbourhood at the south-west end of the port, which is the most idyllic place in the city, especially in the afternoon when you can enjoy a wonderful sunset in one of the bars.

In the city centre you will find the largest number of bars and clubs that attract backpackers and celebrities.

Hotels in the city of Mykonos

Paradise Beach

One of the best destinations for the party will find it to the south, in the beaches of Paraga and Paradise, especially the last one is recognized worldwide for its parties, so it is a destination to go mainly with friends and with a lot of attitude to have fun until dawn.

Paradise Beach is one of the ten best known beaches in the world, originally made famous by the hippie generation in 1969 and is still the place to go if you are looking for a beach where “anything goes”, known for special events such as the Full Moon Party or the closing party in early September.The atmosphere is multicultural, predominantly young people in their twenties but where you can also find a mix of all ages.

Paradise Beach is one of the easiest beaches to get to, as it has the most frequent bus service from the city of Mykonos, including special buses for events.You can also access the beach by boat from Platys Gialos or Onos beaches, by taxi or by car or rental taxi.

Sun beds and parasols can be rented, and there is also an area that offers protection from the wind behind a bamboo fence.Boredom is not allowed so you can do all kinds of water activities: jet skis, water skiing, diving, parasailing, banana boat, snorkelling, canoeing and pedal boats.

Here you will find some of the best clubs.Cavo Paradiso, built on a rock overlooking Paradise Beach is a nightclub that has been attracting the most exclusive guests for over 20 years and also offers great parties at Paradise Beach is Tropicana.From Paradise Beach there is a path on the hill on the right that leads to Paraga Beach, about ten minutes walk, a good alternative if you want a little quieter atmosphere, without so many tourists but also with excellent partying.

Hotels in Paradise Beach


Mykonos is not only partying and sunbathing, it is also a place where families can spend a fun summer vacation.Ornos is one of the favorite places for family accommodation in Mykonos because of its relaxed atmosphere and facilities for children.The hotels have all the services you will need for your vacation, including swimming pools, children’s clubs, family restaurants and plenty of shopping opportunities. The beach in the bay where Ornos is located is ideal for children to play for hours, while parents relax on one of the wooden deck chairs that line the beach.

In addition to families, Ornos also attracts those who want to stay in a place where they can enjoy water sports.

Hotels in Onos

Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos beach is a large beach with hammocks and parasols for rent, protected from the wind by the surrounding hills and with some hotels and restaurants on the beachfront.It is a quiet beach, suitable for families, with several playgrounds and a shallow sandy beach ideal for children to play.

Hotels in Platis Gialos


Elia beach is a very busy beach and a favourite for many people, especially the gay community, to spend the day relaxing or socialising.It is a soft sandy beach, one of the longest in Mykonos and the best protected when the wind blows from the north.Although it is a predominantly gay beach, everyone can feel comfortable here. The left side of the beach is more of a mix of people, while the right side, nudist, is preferred by gay tourists.

Hotels in Elia

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