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Best Beaches of Santorini

Santorini offers some of the best beaches in the Aegean Sea Most of the beaches on Santorini have the famous black volcanic sand and deep blue waters that any visitor to the island will remember.Everywhere you visit, you will see spectacular rock formations. Here is a list of the 6 best beaches of Santorini that represent unique environmental jewels.

Santorini Beaches – Tips and Advice

  • Santorini beaches are composed of volcanic sand and pebbles.Very unique and beautiful to look at, but not the best beaches in Greece with idyllic white sand.
  • The best beach hotels in Santorini are in Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos.
  • Visitors should not come to Santorini mainly for the beaches, they should come for the volcano, boat trips, incredible views, wine, excursions, nightlife and excellent food.
  • Swimming in the crystal blue water is refreshing and wonderful.

The 6 Best Beaches in Santorini

My favorite beaches in Santorini are Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos.The high quality beach resorts are abundant (although there are very few hotels located directly on the beach, most of the resorts are located in front of a small road from the sea).

Santorini is not known for its beaches.they are good, but not great, so don’t expect those idyllic stretches of sand you’ve seen in the pictures from Greece.(That said, many people love Santorini’s beaches and find their sand and natural surroundings more memorable than “just another sandy beach”).

Most of Santorini’s beaches are made up of dark volcanic sand that gets very hot in the midday sun.Beach sandals or water shoes are recommended for moving around in the sand.

But what the beaches lack in typical sand splendour they make up for in stunning views and scenery.the cliffs that loom around some of the beaches and the very nature of the sand create a surreal environment for swimming and sunbathing.

Maybe it’s just in my head, but I think the sea water around Santorini is the clearest and most refreshing water I’ve ever swum in.

It’s easy to get by car or bus from Fira (the main town of Santorini) to the beaches (Kamari is the closest), so as much as I love the beaches, I still recommend staying at Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli or Oia like these.the towns have the amazing views of the caldera (volcano) that make Santorini so unique.

(An additional bus trip is needed to go from Firostefani, Imerovigli or Oia to the beaches, as it requires changing buses in Fira.Renting a car is the best way to explore the island, especially if you are not staying at Fira.)

If you are looking for nightlife, it is best to base yourself at Fira, as this is where all the clubs in Santorini are located.but the beaches of Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos have restaurants/bars that stay busy until late at night.but for the clubs, that is Fira.

1.Kamari Beach

The most exclusive and touristy of the beach towns, the road along the beach is a fun and relaxing place to walk at night, there are many places to eat and drink, Kamari has a very fun atmosphere and is one of the most familiar towns in Santorini, close to the airport (but not so close that you have to worry about the noise), it is the closest of any of the beaches (with hotels) to Fira and the caldera.If I had to stay in a coastal town it would be Kamari.recommended beach hotels in Kamari: Santorini Kastelli Resort (luxury) – Tamarix Del Mar Suites (luxury) – Sigalas (moderate)

2.Perissa Beach

Perissa and Perivolos beaches are essentially one long beach that caters to the backpacker crowd and the party scene (beach style, not clubs), but still has a wide range of accommodation and restaurants.The beach becomes increasingly quiet as it moves south towards a third beach, Agios Georgios (it is much further from Perissa or Perivolos to Fira than from Kamari to Fira). Recommended beach hotels in Perissa: Hotel Aqua Blue (moderate) – Hotel Meltemi Village (moderate) – Hotel Sellada Beach (moderate)

3.Perivolos Beach

At some point as you move south, the name changes from Perissa to Perivolos (and then to Agios Georgios), but the sand and atmosphere are essentially the same. The density of hotels and restaurants decreases and it is possible to have long stretches of beach to yourself.Recommended beach hotels in Perivolos: Smaragdi Hotel (moderate) – Sea Sound White Katikies (moderate) – Sea View Hotel (moderate)

4.Monolithos Beach

Monolithos beach (a few kilometers north of Kamari) has the most beautiful sand and the most family-friendly beach in Santorini (unlike other beaches, you can make sand castles here).Very quiet with a small collection of hotels and restaurants.the shallow slope of the seabed makes it better for children than the steep descents in Perissa and Kamari.there is a small children’s play area in the sand.the atmosphere is nice but don’t expect much action.if you have a rental car it’s worth an afternoon, but most people would probably describe it as “dead”.

Recommended hotel: Memories Beach Hotel

6.Ammoudi Bay

The best place to swim in Santorini, but it is not a beach.take the road from Oia to Ammoudi harbour (where the restaurants are), turn left and walk along the water’s edge for 5 minutes.(You can also drive and park near the restaurants.) Then jump off the rocks into the beautiful blue water. There is a small island where you can swim and which has glorious views of the caldera. Walking along the edge of the sea can be difficult in some places and there have been reports of falling rocks.Recommended hotels in Oia (near Ammoudi): Esperas (luxury) – Villas Fanari (luxury) – Art Maisons Oia Castle Hotel (luxury)

Visit this fantastic island and don’t miss the opportunity to stay in the best cheap hotels in Santorini

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