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Where to stay in Santorini: The Best Places and Hotels

Surely you think of Santorini and those landscapes with white walls and deep blue roofs come to mind.this wonderful island is one of the most popular destinations in Greece.if you are going to visit it you should know which are the best areas to stay in Santorini to make your visit a success.

The volcanic archipelago of Santorini consists of Santorini, the main island with about 16,000 inhabitants, Thirasia, a small island and Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni, Aspronisi and Christiana, four uninhabited islets.At the same time, it is part of the paradisiacal Cyclades islands, which receive thousands of visitors a year. Santorini has a semi-arid and Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and quite warm and windy summers.

Despite having a fairly pleasant climate all year round, activity in Santorini declines in winter, with less leisure and accommodation available in the low season but very prolific activity in the rest of the year.

Santorini has dreamy beaches, charming villages, beach bars everywhere and magical places waiting to be visited The island is small, so the distances are short between destinations.</You will find a ferry to go to the other islands and a bus to go from town to town, with a long timetable, but without night service. One of the most useful tips is to rent a motorbike, a car or a quad to travel around the island comfortably.

The best areas to stay in Santorini

The area you choose when choosing your accommodation in Santorini will depend on your budget and whether you prefer something more central or a quieter place.For luxury accommodation and with all services at hand, the best is to stay in Oia It is the most beautiful and popular, but also the most expensive.

Other options almost as good as Oia and without leaving the center are: Fira, Imerovigli and Firostefani. All with good bus combinations to move and many shops to shop.

For the most thrifty and who are looking for quiet areas to stay in Santorini, it is a good idea to look for the places far from the centre, like Karterados, Pyrgos, Perissa or Kamari.

Santorini is an expensive island in terms of accommodation.If you don’t have a big budget, don’t hesitate to stay in the inland or beach towns.

You don’t need to be in the most popular caldera areas to visit and enjoy the island.Santorini is small, only 18 km from end to end and about 5 km wide.Oia, the best place to stay in Santorini


Oia is one of the most idyllic places to stay in Santorini.However, staying here has a price.Oia is the most expensive area on the island.

In this town there are restaurants and cafes of all kinds, with menus at good prices and local you will also find many tourists (sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming, especially at sunset) looking to capture the perfect moment or buying in luxury shops in the area.

As far as public transport is concerned, there are buses that take you to Fira all day long, but many visitors prefer to rent a vehicle to move around the island.

To find affordable accommodation in Oia you would have to book many months in advance, because cheap hotels and apartments fill up quickly as it is the most popular destination on the island.

In low season the night of a hotel goes for 50 euros, but in high season all prices go up and a 2 star hotel goes for 100 euros a night.

As in Fira, the capital of Santorini, in Oia there are also many luxury hotels, real movie accommodations with infinity pools and the best views of the island.

If your dream is to stay in Oia but your budget doesn’t allow it, you can try Finikia, a small village that can be reached on foot from Oia.Its prices are much cheaper and it is a very quiet residential town with a traditional and homely look.

If you like sun and beach tourism, in a few minutes you can reach Oia and the adjacent black sand beaches.


Luxury accommodation

Andronis Luxury Suites : Sleeping in Santorini in the Andronis Luxury Suites will make you feel in the very same paradise.Although Oia can be one of the most expensive options to stay in Santorini, it is also the most exclusive and luxurious ; and the level of its hotels shows it. This 5 stars hotel is perfect to enjoy the islands: it has suites of charm, infinity pools completely private, jacuzzis , spas and more.Its restaurant -Lycabettus- not only offers a delicious menu: it has also been catalogued as the most beautiful on the planet.

Mid range accommodation

Santorini Secret Suites & Spa of Small Luxory Hotels of the World: In this hotel, guests will have 17 fabulous suites to stay in Santorini with all the comforts.The complex offers a spectacular view of the volcanic caldera, although some of the rooms have a direct view of the sea, as well as a private villa with appropriate spaces for relaxation If you decide to stay in this hotel, you will have a magnificent terrace, a spacious infinity pool and a jacuzzi just for you.

Low budget accommodation

Finikia Memories Hotel : Comfortable and affordable, what more could you ask for?Its minimalist decorative style has a touch of the area to remind you that you are on vacation in the Cyclades, the facilities are also a plus .In this option you will find restaurants, cafeterias, jacuzzis outdoors, terraces and the best place to see the sunset.

Find accommodation in Oia

2.Fira, the most practical option with the best nightlife

Fira, the capital, is one of the most recommended places to sleep in Santorini, a city with a wide range of hotels and numerous tourist attractions, car rental shops and restaurants with good prices.

The area is perfect for travelling to other parts of the island, as almost all bus lines depart from here.

The good thing is that you have everything to hand, even the beach and a postcard view, but the disadvantage of Fira is that it is very busy, both day and night, so make sure your hotel is well soundproofed and has no problem with noise if it is in the city.

Thanks to its extensive hotel catalogue, you will find accommodation at all prices. If you are looking for something cheap, there are small hotels from 60 euros per night in the mid-low season and from 80 euros in the high season.

It is worth considering staying in a family hotel.Their prices are cheaper and, although they do not offer luxury, they can surprise you very positively.

Of course, in this area there are many resorts, luxury hotels and boutique accommodation, with prices that exceed 600 euros per night.


Luxury accommodation

Lilium Santorini Villa : A elegant place to stay in Santorini .The complex is designed to give guests a dream holiday, and you can experience this first hand when you are immersed in the infinity pool – which, incidentally, offers a view of another world – or when you enjoy the aperitifs and cocktails served in the bar-restaurant. The rooms – modern and 100% equipped – show the charm of the area, as they overlook the Aegean Sea.

Mid range accommodation

Villa Irini Fira – Adults Only: Of all the hotels in Santorini, this stands out for its offer for adults only .The decoration is faithful to the Greek style and shows the predominance of white and blue. In addition to offering sea view and outdoor hot tubs, this option is surrounded by the best of Fira for visitors to walk and enjoy the good climate.You will be able to enjoy from restaurants with dishes worthy of a Master Chef to the most exclusive nightclubs in the city.

Economic accommodation

Dream Island Hotel : The ideal option for to sleep in Santorini in the heart of Fira .This 3 star accommodation has all the amenities you need to enjoy the Cyclades in all its splendour, from comfortable rooms to a patio with luxury hammocks for outdoor relaxation.Furthermore, it is only 20 minutes away from the most famous beach of the place -Perissa- and offers a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea.

Find accommodation at Fira

3.Imerovigli, a quiet area popular with couples and newlyweds

Between Oia and Fira is Imerovigli, which overlooks the Santorini boiler area.Imerovigli is connected by bus to the other cities of Santorini

Imerovigli is famous for being a romantic place and for the taste of couples and newlyweds of honeymoon

Here you will find several restaurants and bars, but they close at night because there is no nightlife, nor is it a very popular area for shopping, unlike Oia.It is basically a place to rest and enjoy its streets without ending up in a human traffic jam. In Imerovigli the accommodations are somewhat cheaper than in Oia or Fira, so if you are overwhelmed by large concentrations of tourists, have a tighter budget or prefer to spend on souvenirs, Imerovigli is a good choice when it comes to staying in Santorini.The hotels in the area are very quiet, in mid-low season a night in a hotel is about 40 euros and a pension can cost about 30 euros a night, but in high season the overnight stay in the same hotel rises to about 80 euros.


Luxury accommodation

Kapari Natural Resort: A real sanctuary built for rest! Few hotels in Santorini have the architectural style and views of the Caldera that this 5 star accommodation has. Do you need something to confirm this? Well, you’ll be happy to know that this hotel is in the National Geographic selection.The rooms -with state-of-the-art equipment- and its restaurant will give you an unforgettable summer day, together with the services it includes, such as infinity pools with views of the Aegean Sea and a memorable natural environment.

Mid range accommodation

On the Rocks of Small Luxory Hotels of the World: Ideal for sleeping in Santorini just 200 metres from the Caldera !Its privileged location will allow you to move wherever you want, as it is close to transport stops and the airport. Of course, this does not make it one of the best hotels in Santorini.On the Rock has rooms with terraces and patios overlooking the sea, and a restaurant with the best of Mediterranean cuisine.

Cheap accommodation

Athiri Santorini Hotel: An option for the whole family! The hotel has brand new rooms and apartments with a design that evokes the spirit of Santorini, including a private babysitting service, wifi connectivity and children’s areas. Accommodation includes a continental breakfast prepared with fresh organic ingredients and access to an amazing garden where you can relax or have a picnic and play with the children.

Find accommodation in Imerovigli

4.Firostefani, a perfect place to stay in Santorini for its location, tranquility and views

Firostefani is located between Fira and Imerovigli, close enough to both to walk from one city to another The views of the boiler are impressive and its streets are less crowded by tourists than those of Fira or Oia.

Its central location is especially attractive if you have your own vehicle to move around the island, although Firostefani has bus stops.

In this town there is little but good food, with local dishes and several cafes overlooking the sea, at night you can rest easy, as there is no hint of nightlife.

The prices of the accommodation in Firostefani are just as competitive as those in Imerovigli, even though there is less choice as it is a small high season a night’s accommodation can cost you about 80 or 90 euros in an apartment and about 150 euros in a hotel.

If you are looking for accommodation in Santorini in the area of Firostefani and you are travelling in the low season you should bear in mind that many accommodations close in the winter months and the area is left with little hotel offer.


Luxury accommodation

Splendour Resort Santorini : A 5 star alternative to stay in Santorini.As its name indicates, the resort offers extremely elegant rooms and suites that perfectly match the decoration of the resort.Although it maintains the elements of the Cyclades, it adds a touch of modernity, especially because of the high-end equipment. The hotel has six themed buildings with restaurants, smoking rooms, a two-level swimming pool and a bar that serves delicious-and colorful-cocktails. has its own private beach for you to enjoy the sun at your leisure

Mid range accommodation

Agali Houses : Sleeping in Santorini in an unbeatable location would be the ideal synonym for this accommodation.The complex itself resembles a village in the area: it has curved walls, the colours of Santorini and handmade murals, the icing on the cake is in its offer because this Mediterranean accommodation includes whirlpool baths, spa services, tours and an environment full of restaurants and cafes to live like a local.

Budget accommodation

Sunset Hotel : Don’t let its size fool you! Although it’s a small hotel to sleep in Santorini, it offers some magical sunsets and is only 700 metres from the centre.The hotel has comfortable rooms, wifi connection and a massage service on request. It also has a fabulous terrace where you can sit down to eat or refresh yourself with a couple of drinks. Do you need more to book at the Sunset Hotel ? ! is a pet-friendly hotel !

Find accommodation in Firostefani

5. Kamari, ideal for sleeping in Santorini because of its beach and cheap accommodation

Kamari is a town located on the opposite side of the Santorini caldera, in the beach area.

Kamari is famous for its huge beaches and is one of the most chosen destinations in Santorini by visitors who want affordable water sports, sun and volcanic stone beach tourism.

The night party is guaranteed, except in winter The city has a bus that goes to Fira and from there to any part of the island, that’s why many visitors prefer to rent a car to move around the island with more freedom without having to stop at Fira every time

Given its proximity to the airport, many hotels have the service of transport to the airport, so you can avoid the bus.

In general, the prices in this city are more economical , both in accommodation and services, as it has nothing to do with the cities of Oia or Fira in terms of tourist flow is concerned.

In this area there are plenty of resorts and apartments , good option for groups or couples.


Luxury accommodation

Santorini Kastelli Resort : There are many hotels in Santorini.After all, it is one of the most sought after tourist areas in the world . However, few accommodations offer you to immerse yourself – literally – in the summer.This five-star hotel does: it has sun loungers to recharge your batteries, rooms with practically private pools, four social pools and a movie spa. More active guests will be happy to know that the resort also has its own tennis court.

Mid range accommodation

Anassa Deluxe Suites: What could be better than staying in Santorini just 80 meters from Kamari Believe it or not, this 4 star hotel offers that and more.The pools are so crystal clear that you will never want to leave them and the accommodation offers a range of services that are on a par with a luxury hotel, and the treatment is exceptional!

Cheap accommodation

Hotel Sunshine : Colourful, picturesque and cheap!All rooms have a large balcony and a spectacular view of the sea and the beaches of the area. As for breakfast, the offer is varied! They offer American breakfast, but also continental style and sometimes dishes of international cuisine. The restaurant is on a terrace overlooking the sea and serves lunch, dinner and drinks typical of Greek cuisine.

Find accommodation in Kamari

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6.Akrotiri, views of the caldera and more affordable accommodation

Akrotiri is a village south of Santorini and is known for its archaeological site and red beach which is the result of volcanic activity and contrasts with the sea of blue waters.

Despite being in the area of the caldera of Santorini, it is a less crowded place and mainly attracts visitors passing through to see its ruins.

It is a perfect place to stay in Santorini for travelers who are looking for to disconnect . it helps that the accommodations in Akrotiri are very quiet and perfect for to relax .

The prices are a little bit lower than in other cities like Oia or Fira and in high season a one night room is around 75 Euro.Even here you can find luxury hotels at a very good price, with infinity pool and spa area.

If you have forgotten to book your accommodation in Santorini in advance and you don’t want to give up the view of the island’s caldera, try Akrotiri, the accommodations don’t sell out that fast.


Luxury Accommodation

Phos The Boutique : According to tourists, the best hotel to stay in Santorini! But why do they say that? Mainly because Akrotiri is a quiet area and – secondly – because of its facilities.The entire design of , this 5-star hotel, invites you to relax , from the villas and suites -and its large flat screen- to the breakfast dishes and a la carte lunch.

Mid-range accommodation

Hotel Goulielmos : A must see 500 metres from the Caldera Its rooms – overlooking the garden or the Aegean Sea – include breakfast which – according to critics – is a marvel, and it’s famous for organising dream weddings.But what else does this accommodation offer that the other hotels in Santorini don’t have? Serenity. As it is not one of the most sought after areas in Santorini, you will feel that you have the space for yourself.

Economy Accommodation

Kokkinos Villas : An option designed for a tight budget. The decoration of the hotel is picturesque and charming , and includes traditional elements of Greece, such as clay pots, rowing boats and the colors of the town: white and blue. Although it is small, it has a splendid view and is far from the hustle and bustle of the center. The privacy and relaxation are the pillars of this hotel. It even has small tables -almost- private so you can enjoy a glass of wine while admiring the horizon.

Find accommodation in Akrotiri

7.Megalohkori, a place to stay in Santorini for a totally local experience

Megalohkori is a small village situated north of Akrotiri, it is really a small town that can be visited in less than an hour.

Normally tourists visit Megalohkori as part of their itinerary and to see what a traditional Greek village is like, without the hustle and bustle of hundreds of people walking around.

When it comes to staying in Santorini, Megalohkori is a good choice if you want to be completely relaxed in a residential environment. There is very little hotel offer in high season and in low season it is almost non-existent, being limited to a few apartments, boutique and luxury hotels.

Despite the low availability of accommodation, prices are quite expensive throughout the year, ranging from 100 euros a night to 600 euros. In addition, it is recommended that if you decide to stay in Megalohkori, you have a vehicle to move around the island, as you will not be in this small town for long.


Luxury Accommodation

Vedema, a Luxory Collection Resort by Marriot: Vedema is perfect for those looking to stay in Santorini in a luxury location that also has its own history.This wonderful resort was built around a wine cellar that is four centuries old… The best part… The entire resort is surrounded by vineyards that give off an enchanting aroma… The Vereda Resort proves that minimalism can also take over the Aegean Sea… It offers spacious villas and 100 % equipped holiday apartments, swimming pools, private beach and restaurants that have won awards for their Mediterranean delights.

Mid range accommodation

Grand View Hotel Santorini: A 3 star hotel ideal for relaxation, the rooms and facilities have views of the cliffs and the spectacular blue waters of the Aegean Sea.In the solarium, there is a large and luxurious swimming pool from which you can admire all the surroundings and the hotel is very close to the tourist sites of interest , like the island of Therasia and the very centre of the village.For the comfort of the guests, the room reservation includes a buffet breakfast with fresh fruits, cheeses, pastries and exquisite desserts.

Find accommodation in Megalohkori

8.Karterados, sun and beach and tranquility

Karterados is located inland from Santorini, between Fira and the airport.

Therefore, it is a good alternative to sleep in Santorini if you want tranquility and economic prices Here you will not have sea views as in other cities of Santorini, but you can enjoy a very picturesque town with traditional Greek style and a church worthy of a postcard.

To sleep in Santorini in low season, in Karterados you will find hotels and guesthouses for 30 euros a night, of the cheapest prices of the whole island and with many comforts. In high season these same accommodations go up to about 50 or 60 euros a night, not bad for Santorini and to be located a few kilometers from Fira.

Of course, Karterados also has its luxury hotels very well equipped with swimming pool and relax area.


Luxury accommodation

Sea & Sand Villas: More than a hotel, it is a complex of tourist villas built to pay tribute to a select lifestyle.Although they are mainly reserved for special occasions such as weddings and other celebrations, they do offer accommodation for holidays, especially during the summer, and by staying here, rather than sleeping in Santorini, you will want to explore the whole area and enjoy the Monolithos beach at all times.It is right in the middle of Oia and Fira , so you can get to know Santorini completely.

Mid range accommodation

Villa Manos Hotel: Those who want to stay in Santorini at a good price – but at the same time be close to the sights – will be delighted with this option!Because the Villas Manos Hotel is less than 2 km away from Fira, the complex is made of stone and paved floors, as is the custom in this area, and has a large infinity pool surrounded by palm trees and a decoration that mixes traditional elements with a rustic style and vintage .

Cheap accommodation

Village: Waking up to the aroma of a good coffee and a lovely view is priceless… Or – it seems – it can be very cheap! This is what you get when you see hotels in Santorini like the Village.This accommodation is in the perfect spot: less than 3 km from Monolithos and almost in front of Karterados beach .

Find accommodation in Karterados

9.Pyrgos, cheap accommodation in Santorini and lots of relaxation

Pyrgos, inland town and old capital of Santorini, is a typical tourist town but it doesn’t have the crowding of visitors that other towns on the coast have as it is a residential area.

Pyrgos has many corners to discover and is a good option if you are tired of the beaches, the caldera and the cliffs, where you can walk through the Mediterranean style streets and visit the monastery, the castle or one of the perfectly preserved churches.

However, you will probably have to rent a vehicle to move freely to other cities or you will have to learn the bus schedule to not lose time.

As it is not near the nodes that attract more visitors, the prices of the accommodations are more affordable throughout the year.


Luxury accommodation

Skyfall Suites – Adults Only: Located in a quiet location surrounded by Byzantine churches and medieval structures .This 5 star hotel has rooms and suites which add a little more colour to the traditional décor of the region.Its infinity pool is on a par with the sky itself – or the Aegean Sea – and its spa offers all the treatments you need to relax and get away from it all. What else can be said about the Skyfall Suites?

Mid range accommodation

Alunia Incognito Suites – Adults Only: Another fantastic alternative to sleep in Santorini with your partner or spend your honeymoon.On the outside, it will remind you of the villages of the area – with its whitewashed walls and characteristic colours – but inside, luxury and minimalism take over the place.

Find accommodation in Pyrgos

10.Perissa, one of the best areas to stay in Santorini to enjoy the beach

Perissa is a town located on the east coast of Santorini, in the area of black sand beaches.

If you like the beach bars, in Perissa you have places to be bored, there are many gastronomic offerings in high season and prices in the area are affordable if we compare with Oia.The main attractions here are the beaches, the water sports , the water parks and the night party .

The prices of the accommodation in this part of Santorini are more affordable than in other areas and even than in Kamari.In high season you can easily find a hotel room for 45 euros a night.

In Perissa there are also resorts and luxury hotels but, as there is so much hotel offer, the prices are more competitive and they are not saturated as much as in Oia or Fira.


Luxury accommodation

Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa : This hotel will show you how wonderful it is to stay in Santorini just a few steps from the beach of Perissa .For an experience of another world, take a long nap in your room and book some of the spa treatments, then choose between enjoying the pool or diving into the sea to practice your favorite water sports.For lunch, you have several options: enjoy the luxury of their a la carte restaurant or try exotic dishes in any of the surrounding psarotaveras .

Mid range accommodation

Sellada Beach Hotel : Although it has that style so characteristic of the Cyclades archipelago, its surroundings are dominated by the modernity typical of a high level tourist area.It’s a small complex, but is right on the seafront of Crete and a couple of meters from the beach. Like all hotels in Santorini, it has a swimming pool area, hammocks, deckchairs and a fabulous view of the natural landscapes of the region.

Budget Accommodation

Daylight Hotel : Although there are more luxurious hotels in Santorini, the Daylight Hotel is perfect for taking a vacation without spending more than .Yes, the accommodation is much more traditional than the others, but it has a sea view, terraces and a wonderful garden to relax in the evenings and offers car and Vespa rentals, guided tours and airport transfers.

Best area to stay in Santorini

Santorini is a Greek archipelago formed by a volcanic explosion that marks its circular layout around the central caldera.the volcanic nature of the island of Santorini makes its beaches especially attractive and totally different from most beaches in the Mediterranean Sea.If you are thinking of visiting the island you are probably wondering where is the best place to stay and is that the island has more than 20 villages The hotels in Santorini are among the most beautiful and original in the world, preserving the architecture of the island and with impressive views of the caldera.

The most important thing to consider is that it is a small island , with about 13 thousand inhabitants, which can be traveled from north to south in less than 45 minutes by car.All along the island you will find good options and the important thing is that you know you will find highly touristic destinations like Fira – the capital of the city and the neuralgic center of the island – an area with good beaches and the best offer for partying; Oia , known for its spectacular cliffs that allow you to enjoy the sunset; Perissa , a totally touristy village with some of the best known beaches as its namesake; and Kamari , the main beach village of the island.

There are also other villages with a lot of charm but much less visited by tourists and therefore with quieter beaches but less offer to go out for a drink or to have fun.In this category we find Akrotiri , near the famous Red Beach; Firostefani with the typical architecture of Santorini; or Emporio , where the famous Vinsanto or Santorini Wine is produced.

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The main towns and areas to stay in Santorini

Located in the south of the Aegean Sea, about 200 kilometers southeast of the Greek mainland, is Santorini, one of the most famous islands in Greece.The oriental style houses, painted white with blue doors and windows, give the island a spectacular beauty and this beauty together with its lively nightlife has made Santorini one of the main tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.


In Fira, the capital of the island, you will find the nerve centre of Santorini, where all the main services are located, it has the most important shops, a good variety of hotels and also in its historical centre you will find the best nightlife, with many bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs.’, ‘

Three kilometers from Fira, Imerovigli is located on a plateau that offers a viewpoint over the caldera of the ancient volcano.Athinios, the main port of the island, is 10 kilometres from the Fira and is a lively town always full of foreigners, famous for its cliffs and spectacular scenery.

If you have the opportunity to stay in a hotel overlooking the caldera you will have one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Hotels in Fira


Oia, which is pronounced “Ia”, is another of the most important villages on the island, easily recognizable by its typical quadrangular houses, whitewashed walls and blue-painted dome roof.Those who decide to stay here will be close to its spectacular cliffs that allow you to enjoy the sunset, while tasting a drink. From this port is the pier for schooner cruises through the caldera, visiting the neighboring islands of Santorini, Thirassia and Nea Kameni, cone of the volcano.

In the north, around Oia, the most popular beaches are Ammoudi, a picturesque beach full of cafes and restaurants, and Armeni beach, with magnificent views of the island of Thirassia, which can be reached on foot by donkey from Oia.If we are looking for quieter beaches we can go to the magnificent black sand beach of Baxédes or the nudist beach of Kolumbo.also in Oia is Caldera, a small and very quiet beach of black sand and deep crystalline waters, which enjoys an unparalleled view of the volcano, and the beach of Gialos, an isolated beach only accessible by jeep.

In Oia, as in Fira, you can also live the experience of staying in a hotel, villa or suite overlooking the caldera.

Hotels in Oia


Another option for those looking to stay in the more touristy areas is Kamari, the main beach town on the island located on the other side of the caldera.It is an area with a good party and a lot of hotels in front of its huge beach, the largest on the island and where you can practice water sports.It is a lively little village, however, its modern buildings make it lose a little of the charm of the island’s villages.

In Kamari the hotels are not as expensive as in Oia and Fira, so it is a good option if we do not want a luxury holiday.

Hotels in Kamari


Another option to stay is in Perissa, a totally touristic village with some of the most famous beaches: its homonym with an impressive black sand beach and Perívolos, with volcanic sand, the most visited and recognized for its lively nightlife.

For families we recommend the beach of Monolithos, in the village of the same name, as the water is shallow compared to other beaches in Santorini and there are facilities, such as playgrounds, to keep the children entertained.

In Perissa, as with Kamari, we can find cheaper accommodation as it is on the opposite side of the caldera.

Hotels in Perissa


If you are looking to get away from the thousands of tourists visiting the island, the ideal thing to do is to stay in Akrotiri, with its spectacular white ingrown cliffs and its quiet white and red beaches, with their red volcanic stone cliffs forming a unique volcanic landscape.The access is a walk from the port of Akrotiri and Akrotiri has the most important archaeological site of the island

In Akrotiri we have the possibility to find hotels and apartments with a view to the boiler more economical than in the quoted Fira and Oia.

Hotels in Akrotiri

Firostefani and Emporio

Two kilometres north of Fira we find Firostefani, a small village that can be visited on foot.Ideal to walk through its streets full of buildings that distinguish Santorini, its whitewashed houses painted in bright colors, the views of the boiler are the other great attraction of the village.

Another option is Emporio, a village that retains its medieval air and even at the top has a castle.In the surrounding area there are vineyards that produce the famous Vinsanto or Santorini Wine.

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