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Where to stay in Reykjavik: The best places

The neighbourhoods that make up the centre are the best areas to stay in Reykjavík It is convenient to know them because they are different from each other and there are other cheaper options but well communicated with the centre that are also interesting to consider.

The best places to stay in Reykjavík

The best places to stay in Reykjavík are the three districts that make up the centre: Mioborg , which would be the very heart of the city, Vesturbaer and Hlíðar .

If you don’t mind being a bit further away from the centre and are looking for cheaper accommodation, areas such as Laugardalur, Háaleiti og Bústaðir, or Seltjarnarnes are also a good choice.

1.Miðborg – Centre/City

Mioborg corresponds to the centre of Iceland’s capital and is the area with the most bars and restaurants so the atmosphere is guaranteed.

It is normal for any tourist visiting the city for the first time to spend most of their time in Mioborg .

Here you will find the City Hall, the Parliament, the Cathedral, the National Gallery, the Saga Museum, the Hallgrímskirkja church, the spectacular Harpa building and many more.

The downtown area is small and compact so if you decide to sleep in Reykjavík you will have everything at hand.You can visit all the tourist attractions on foot, you will have a huge selection of restaurants and bars , and it is also where much of the nightlife of the city is concentrated.


Vesturbaer is a very charming neighbourhood with located just south west of Mioborg.It is a residential, elegant and quiet neighbourhood , which allows you to walk to the streets of the city centre. No wonder it is the most sought-after alternative to the centre to stay in Reykjavík.

To give you an idea the furthest part of Vesturbaer is about 25 – 30 minutes walk from the city centre .It is also possible to use public transport which allows you to get to the most central areas in a matter of minutes.

In the neighbourhood you will find the campus of the University of Iceland, the National Museum of Iceland , the Marine Museum, and one of the most popular swimming pools in the capital (Vestubaejarlaug).

If you are looking for a quieter area that is also close to the centre, Vesturbaer is a excellent choice for accommodation in Reykjavík .

– Accommodation in Vesturbaer


Hiloar is another interesting option to sleep in Reykjavík for those who want to stay near the city centre , within walking distance, but in a more quiet area .Like Vesturbaer this neighborhood borders Mioborg on its east side.

Although you won’t find many bars and restaurants in this area, the fact that it is only a few steps from the center makes it an alternative to consider.

– Accommodation in Hlioar

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Outside of what is considered the center, Laugardalur is an interesting neighborhood, especially if you are traveling in family and children It is a residential neighborhood not far from the center of the city and easily accessible by public transportation.

This district is a mix of residential and office areas, which offers such interesting attractions as the Reykjavík Zoo, the botanical garden, and a huge outdoor swimming pool very popular.

Lacks the charm and atmosphere of the city centre but given its proximity and the offer of activities for the family it is not out of place to consider it as an option to stay in Reykjavík if you do not find a hotel that fits your requirements/ budget in the more central areas.

– Accommodation in Laugardalur

5.Háaleiti og Bústaðir

If you are more interested in the Icelandic nature than in city life, this neighbourhood is the perfect place for you.In Háaleiti og Bústaðir you will find the Fossvogur Valley , a popular outdoor area with many trails to explore Another interesting attraction is the Kringlan , the most important shopping centre in Reykjavik.

– Accommodation in Háaleiti og Bústaðir


Seltjarnarnes is the last of our suggestions for sleeping in Reykjavík.It is actually a small town located just outside but at the same time very close to the centre of the Icelandic capital .

This town is located in a very beautiful area surrounded by sea . If you are visiting during the winter months hoping to see the aurora borealis , this is an ideal place to stay with the lighthouse Grotta nearby.It is without doubt one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Reykjavík.

The Grotta nature area also has a hiking trail that is perfect for summer walks by the sea.

– Accommodation in Seltjarnarnes

Do you know which are the best places to stay in Reykjavík and which are the most convenient?

What is the best area to stay in Reykjavík?

The best area to enjoy your stay in the beautiful and colourful capital of Iceland is the city centre , which also includes the harbour and the old town, located between the harbour and the lake Tjörnin.Here you can find first class hotels with clothes shops and typical restaurants, as well as the tourist attractions of Reykjavík, a young and modern city that combines its many cultural spaces, its famous thermal baths and its extensive and beautiful green spaces with a lively nightlife that puts within reach of its inhabitants and those who visit it a lot of entertainment venues and bars where you can enjoy the best atmosphere while you have a drink or dance to the music that sounds.

Among the essential monuments in the centre of this city are the National Gallery, the unique and famous Hallgrímskirkja church, the Town Hall, the Parliament, the Cathedral, the famous Saga Museum or the spectacular Harpa building.The historical centre, located here, can be visited on foot, as it is very accessible and easy to get around, while to get to know the rest of the centre you can take a bus, as the city is very well connected by this transport, or you can go on foot.

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The centre of Reykjavík, the best area to stay

If you spend a few days in Reykjavík, which means Smoky Bay The most practical thing is to stay in the centre of the city, a wide area that covers the old town and offers hotels from three to five stars, and get the Reykjavik Welcome Card, a pass available for one, two or three days that allows unlimited travel by city bus and access to six geothermal pools, museums and galleries.

In addition to the wide range of hotels, the city centre is home to fine cafes, fine restaurants, art galleries, museums, landmark buildings and clothing stores.

The streets with the most shops and souvenir stores are Laugavegur, Austurstrati and Skólvörðurstígur, three key points in Reykjavik where you should take a walk, Take a look at their shops and let yourself be seduced by their typical dishes, such as dried fish (Harðfiskur), whale meat, lobster soup or the typical skyr, a kind of low-fat but highly nutritious yogurt with exceptional flavours.The first, Laugavegur, is also the epicentre of nightlife in the Icelandic capital, which has venues such as Club Kiki, a lively discotheque.

In the heart of the historic centre is Austurvöllur Square, a small and busy green space presided over by a wide lawn where people usually sit down and even have a picnic when the weather is nice and where there is a party atmosphere around, as Nasa is located there, an impressive place that attracts crowds up to its three courts, where all kinds of music are played and there are usually live bands playing.The square faces the old parliament building from 1881 and the town hall, which was built as a floating palace on the north shore of Lake Tjörnin.This famous church is the tallest and most imposing building in Reykjavík and was opened just three decades ago, making it one of the most modern in the Icelandic capital.

The beautiful Lake Tjörnin, where you can feed the ducks, is worth seeing and is surrounded by restaurants and plenty of shops where you can do some shopping or take a souvenir of the city.Next to the lake is the National Gallery of Iceland, a museum with magnificent collections of contemporary art, located next to the University of Iceland, and 10 minutes from Lake Tjörnin is Vesturbæjarlaug, one of the city’s best-known public thermal pools, where it is worth taking a dip.

On the other hand, the port, located in the historical centre of the city, is a tourist area that houses the Viking Maritime Museum of Reykjavík, located in an old fish freezing plant.This peculiar museum is a tribute to the fishing and marine heritage of the city and exhibits different elements related to fishing. Next door is the Saga Museum, one of the most famous museums in the capital. This space tells the history of Iceland between the 8th and 18th centuries through 17 very realistic silicon characters that represent different aspects of the idiosyncrasy and lifestyle of the Icelanders.Nearby, also in the port, is the spectacular Harpa building, a huge concert hall with avant-garde architecture and a conference centre opened in 2011, which also has a hotel, luxury apartments and several restaurants.Harpa is the home of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera, and if we continue walking through the harbor we come to Sun Voyager, a famous sculpture from the 90’s, made of stainless steel, representing a Viking ship.

Hotels in the Center of Reykjavík

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