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Galway is a port city located in the West of Ireland, in the province of Connacht and is considered one of the cities to visit by any tourist who wishes to know the history of Ireland, as well as an important part of its culture and idiosyncrasy.One of the aspects for which the city is famous is the warmth of its inhabitants , always willing to have a good time, drink some beers and do their best to make their tourists feel comfortable.

The best area to stay in Galway is the city centre. The area around Eyre Square has a great offer of hotels, besides the main artery of the city and all its colourful pubs and restaurants.The impressive nightlife is just one of the main features of Galway, so staying close to the city’s largest concentration of bars is important.

The city’s bus station is very close, so it is possible to get there directly on foot if you arrive in the city by that means.Other main attractions in the city, such as the medieval walls or the Galway Art Centre are also in the centre and are easily accessible on foot. Furthermore, the beautiful Galway Pier is in this area, so you can take a walk there to see a bit of the port side of the city, as well as go to the beach, if the weather helps, and enjoy the Irish sea breeze.

On the map showing Galway city centre you will find a selection of the best hotels to stay in .

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The City Centre, the best area to stay in Galway

On the rocky shores of Western Ireland, where the river Corrib joins the Atlantic Ocean, the city centre of Galway offers a mix of traditional culture of the region with food, music, architecture, and much more.The heart of the city, Eyre , is the best area to stay for the wide range of food and entertainment options it offers.This 18th century square is an enjoyable green space with sculptures, while in the lively streets surrounding it you can access traditional Irish pubs, folk music performances, souvenir shops, museums and art galleries.

The city centre of Galway is easily walkable and picturesque.The stone facades of the buildings in this area give a sense of the history and longevity of the city, with some areas even dating back to medieval times. You can delve into the history and culture of the region at the City Museum in Galway and the Castle in Lynch . To get an idea of what the great Catholic tradition of the region represents, visit St Nicholas Church and the Cathedral in Galway .Take your time on the Salmon Weir Bridge to marvel at the skill and precision of the local fishermen who gather their catch from the bridge.

The town centre is a charming base for exploring the nature and magnificent landscapes of Western Ireland, including coastal cliffs, wastelands, wetlands, and mountains.You can visit the tourist offices in the centre of Galway to request a guide to maximise your picnic or book a tour to the Aran Islands .

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Other areas to stay in Galway


Across the bay Galway , Swimmers and sun worshippers will find a break in Salthill .This town of Galway is the best area to stay if you are looking to enjoy the landscape of the west coast. Salthill is located along the coast and has an extensive promenade (2 km), locally known as ” the prom ” (which means “the graduation”) The promenade offers panoramic views from all perspectives.The promenade offers panoramic views from all perspectives, from there it is possible to enjoy views of the bay of Galway and the landscape of the city centre.

During the hottest months, enjoy a day at the beaches of the bay of Galway The National Aquarium Atlantaquaria in Ireland receives visitors all year round. Salthill is home to many local restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops.From Salthill you have good access to the entertainment in the city centre of Galway , as it is located within a short distance (10 minutes by car, 20 minutes by public bus).

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